Army of Hesse-Kassel 1814

Headquarter (Korps) Commander, HQ base with 3 Divisional officers & ADC’s.

Regiment – Garde (2×5, 1×6 Btns.) w/Prussian organization of 2 line & 1 fusilier btns. Regiment Kurfurst (2×6, 1×6 Btns.).  Regiment Kurprinz (2×6, 1×6 Btns.). Regiment Landgraf (2×6, 1×6 Btns.).  Regiment von Solms (2×6, 1×6 Btns.). Jager Btn. (1×6).  Converged Grenadier Btns. “von Haller” & “von Schmidt” (2×6). Landwehr Btns. “Niederhessen” & “Oberhessen” (2×6).

Leib-Dragoner Regt (4 figs).  Garde du Korps (2 figs).

Horse battery and 3x foot batteries.Rear view of the deployed army of Hesse-Kasel 1814.Headquarter staff and base. Landwehr btns. on road. Garde du Korps and Leib-Dragoner Regts along with Jagers and horse artillery battery.Line Regiments besides the road with Divisional officer on road. Landwehr btns. marching in column on road following their fearless commander. Line Regiments in massed columns. Artillery in position to support. Another view….the Line regiments advance besides the artillery.Line columns advance with this side view. Regiment Garde positioned on the woods edge.As the Leib-Dragoner regtiment passes by….the converged grenadier btns. advance and passes the building (local inn maybe?).

Army was painted during the mid 80’s after finding a surplus of Prussian late war miniatures in storage.

Visit WR’s Napoleonic Game Rules: Videos & Files section tab for additional information on this army, including uniforms plates and army organization.




2 thoughts on “Army of Hesse-Kassel 1814

    • Purchased back in the late 70’s from Minifig England (on family vacation trip). They came from the excess Prussian infantry miniatures when I painted up my three Korps of 25mm 1813-15 Prussians. Painted the Hesse Kassel Division back in the 80’s.
      Michael aka WR

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