Army of Sardinia 1814

My Army of Sardinia 1814 was painted several years ago. It includes:

A headquarters staff of Corp commander, several divisional officers and ADC’s plus a pioneers (1×3) battalion.

Cavalry has the Garde di Corp (4 sgns.), the Dragoon di Roi (4 sgns.), heavy cavalry regiments of Piemonte (4 sgns.) & Savoia (4 sgns.). The Chevau-leger Regiment (8 sgns.) completes the cavalry forces.

Infantry regiments include: Garde Grenadiers (2×8 btns.), La Regina (2×6), Sandegna (2×6), Piedmonte (2×6) & Savoia (2×6) regiments. Additional units of Marine Btn. (1×6), Light Btn. (1×6), Converged grenadiers (2×6 btns.), Cacciatori delle Alpi (1×6) & Genoese Carabiniers (1×6) complete the infantry.

Artillery has a 12 pdr battery, positional 6 pdr battery, a kavalry 6 pdr battery and 3x brigade 6 pdr batteries. A frontal photo overview showing the entire deployed army.A rearview photo….
 View from the right flank. All arms in service….converged grenadiers besides the building, Garde-Grenadiers on road, massed line infantry behind the artillery. The Marine btn. (red coats) follow the Sardinian Light btn. A kavalry battery unlimbers behind the screening Genoese Carabiniers while the Pioneers & Chevau-legers support.Massed infantry (LtoR…La Regina, Savoia, Sandegna and Piedmonte regts) with artillery unlimbered ready to bombard the enemy formations. Corps commander and HQ look on.The serried ranks of cavalry…front rank has Piemonte and Garde di Corps (flag). 2nd rank has Savoia and Dragoons di Roi.The massed Garde-Grenadiers march down the road..awaiting the orders from their leaders. Chevau-legers ride besides them as the converged grenadier btns. look on.

Update (8/31/2011):

Recent reinforcements for my Army of Sardinia 1814. Found some old miniatures in the lead mound. So, looking around for possible additions to my painted collection…I descided to paint the remaining Line regiments of Sardinia.

Still untested on the tabletop…we have the Aosta IR. (2×6), Casale IR. (2×6), Cuneo IR. (2×6) and Montferrat IR. (2×6). A converged chasseurs Btn. and #3 converged grenadiers (2×6 each). Artillery reinforcements included 2x 6 pdr Brigade batteries, a positional 6 pdr battery and a small mountain howitzer.Converged chasseurs skirmishers out front, then Aosta IR on road with artillery batteries and Casale IR for the front line. Second line (L to R) has Cuneo IR, converged grenadiers #3 and Monferrat IR.Hopefully, like their fellow Sardinian tabletop veterans, these new regiments, and batteries, will shine on their first appearance under the dice.

Sardinian uniform sites: Collection Sardinia and Sardinia uniforms

Organization article on Savoy-Piedmont-Sardinia: Organization of Army

Visit WR’s Napoleonic Game Rules: Videos & Files section tab for additional information on this army, including uniforms plates and army organization.




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