HMGS-PSW Summer Offensive Mini Con – Doubles Game

Our 25/28mm Napoleonic gaming group elected to play a “doubles game” at the HMGS-PSW Summer Offensive mini con in Anaheim CA (June 25th).

Match ups were English (Paul) vs. Michael’s (WR) Austrians and Franco-Saxon (Dan) vs. 1815 Minor powers of Waterloo (Bob). Picture below shows the four armies with the English/Austrian game at top and France-Saxon vs. Waterloo allies in foreground of the 10×5 foot table. Terrain from the collection of WR.English vs. Austrians at start setup. Each doubles-game and player side has three “commands” of various sizes and type of units. Each player had 1000 total points, arranged into three commands. For the initial game set up….one command (players choice) started on the tabletop up to 18″ forward of the rear base edge. A second command marched in from the rear edge. Once all the units of the second command arrived on the tabletop…a 4D was rolled for delay of the last command reserve.France-Saxon vs. Waterloo period allies (Nassau and Brunswick) starting setup.As the English form their battle line with open order skirmishers and cavalry in support, the Austrians position themselves for battle. Austrian positional artillery deploy on hill as commanders look on.All the Austrians have arrived….the reserve Austrian hussars and uhlans form the rear. The English and Austrian main infantry lines close the distances as skirmishers engage. The lurking English cavalry give cause to the Austrian commanders to form several squares.A desperate musketry battle besides the chapel. Both sides pounded each other….then the English flanked the Austrian line and English cavalry advance to charge home. Austrian skirmishers look on with concern.English trumpeters sound the charge….Austrian skirmishers beat their retirement as the Austrian brigade battery falls into morale disorder. Austrian squares disdain the English.…..but wait….Austrian commander has summoned his cavalry to counter-charge. Cavalry saber on saber action.Lead by their commander, the Austrian cavalry win the cavalry fight….then continue to ride down a RHA battery. Note the English cavalry commander was cut down in the cavalry melee. In the rear…the English reserve infantry have arrived and deploy.After the glorious cavalry action…the business of the artillery & infantry to decide the battle starts…the weaken Austrian cavalry cheer their wary infantry forward while maneuvering to flank the English line. Who wants to pick a fight with highlanders?The musketry roars on….both sides taking losses and in disarray. With the Austrian cavalry at 60% loss….they are ineffective at finishing out the battle. View of the left flank….View of the right….both sides are worn out. This battle heading for a draw….with a slight advantage for the English infantry.The English view just before the Austrians slowly retired….to give distance from the English musketry. Battle over on this table flank….on the other flank the Franco-Saxons are pushing the minor states of Nassau and Brunswick after a long engagement.Several photos taken while the stubborn English held against the Austrians.Group has met for a monthly napoleonic 25/28mm gaming since the mid 70’s. If in the Southern California area….drop in a line for the next scheduled game. Additional game information on play and rules is located on the NapTV tab.


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