Aero Hobbies Game Day: French vs. Russian Napoleonics

Early in June, WR travelled to Adam’s Aero Hobbies (Santa Monica CA) Game day for a pick up massed cavalry game of 25/28mm Napoleonics.

Forces involved: French infantry and Saxon cavalry from the collection of Dan. Russians, the French cavalry, and terrain from the collection of WR. Table size 6×4 feet. Check out the Nap TV tab for details on rules used.

French Army: French infantry Division, French reserve cavalry (1x cuirassier and dragoon Divisions) and a light cavalry Division….in short…massed cavalry faced off by the Russians.

Russian Army: Russians had a Russian infantry Division, a kuirassier Division, a dragoon & light cavalry Division along with the cossacks.

Game start setup….Russians on left, French on right side of photo. This game was going to be fast paced with all the cavalry present.Turn #1 completed. Both sides had surged forward towards their opposite number. Infantry along the center road, heavy cavalry at top of photo and light cavalry in foreground. Russians draw 1st blood on Saxon hussar regiment.Massed Saxon and French cavalry canter forward. Saxon hussars leading, followed by French hussar regt. then two French provisional chasseurs ‘a cheval regts.French infantry advance in columns and, seeing advancing Russian cavalry, form squares in foreground. Another view after turn #1 completed. Infantry advancing in center while the Russian kuirassier Division advances in foreground. Russian infantry columns poke their way forward in the orchards.Turn #2: First clashes on the French left/Russian right flanks. Russian cavalry ride forward and prepare to charge home against the Saxon/French cavalry besides the woods.Turn #2 overview: Russians have advanced both their cavalry flanks. Russian kuirassiers have ridden forward and prepare to charge against the French dragoon Division on left while the infantry and artillery position themselves in the farmstead woods and fields.Turn #2 view from the French left flank. French infantry battalions position themselves as the artillery unlimbers.Turn #2 view from the French right flank. Massed heavy cavalry posed to charge home. Infantry in squares await the winner of this developing brawl. Five Russian kuirassier regts. vs. four French dragoons and two cuirassier regts.Turn #2 completed. All the back and forth cavalry actions….leaves a sole Russian hussar regt. on the field of honor. French light cavalry have retired to the rear. French infantry stand with confidence against the Russian hussars but eye the approaching Russian artillery with concern.Meanwhile, on the other flank, the swirling heavy cavalry brawl ended up with the battered Russian kuirassier holding their ground, facing the French infantry in square formations. Stalemate…as more French cuirassier move into position. Russian cavalry commander was killed in the fighting wist leading his kuirassiers.End of Turn #2 French right flank view. French dragoon in disorderly retirement.Turn #3. French artillery unlimbered to support their infantry. Skirmishers to the front.Turn #3. The battered Russian kuirassier pull back…thus allowing the French infantry to advance supported by the Saxon and French cuirassiers. Unlimbered Russian horse artillery blast away at the advancing French infantry while cossacks skirmish.Turn #3 with center table view.Turn #4 and 5. Russian right flank cavalry has regrouped and advance to apply pressure in the French squares…..Russian foot artillery fire away at the French.Turn #4 and 5. French right flank slowly advances…the battered Russian kuirassiers slowly give ground. Saxon Kuirassiers lead the French heavy cavalry.Turn #4 and 5. French left flank view shows the Russians pressuring the French infantry. Lots of artillery firing by both sides.But….with the Russian left flank slowly withdrawing (Kuirassiers), the Russians present a forceful rearguard look on turn #6 then retire for another day. Dan is handled the victory.

Game length was 7 turns in total, played in 3 hours, using the following forces:

French had 186 miniatures (representing 18,600 men), 56 cannon and 2150 points

Russians had 184 miniatures (18,400 men), 60 cannon and 2042 points.



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