Army (Division) of Berg

My Army or Division of Berg.

Divisional Commander with 4x Line regiments (each 2×6 miniature battalion organization), a Berg town/national guard btn, 1st and 2nd Chevau-leger cavalry regiments. A foot 8# and horse 4# artillery battery complete the Division. Frontal overhead view:Rear view of the Berg Division.Frontal view showing Berg officer commander, 1st Chevau-leger regt, 3rd Line regt., 1st Line Regt. (on road) and the 4# horse battery.1st and 2nd Chevau-leger regts. with 1st (w/red standard) and 3rd Line behind the cavalry.Berg artillery batteries with 2nd and 4th Berg Line regts. in massed columns. The lone sapper company miniature stands behind the batteries.My Berg army was painted in winter of 1985. A favorite of mine to play small Divisional tabletop actions. Check out the Nap TV section for details and examples of play on the local Los Angeles CA group rules.

Visit WR’s Napoleonic Game Rules: Videos & Files section tab for additional information on this army, including uniforms plates and army organization.




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