July Game (1807 French vs. Russians)

WR travels south again to visit Bob’s game garage. Joining with Ty, Dan and Bob, the four gamers enjoyed a hypothetical French vs. Russian battle using 1807 unit organization. Bob and Dan both wanted to join their recently painted French 1807 period infantry against a similar period organized army. The Russians, under Ty and WR command, matched themselves against the best of France.

Forces involved: Russians used 1807 organization. Two wing styled commands; right flank commanded by Ty & left flank commanded by WR. Each wing command composed of two Divisional columns; each of 5-6 infantry regiments (15 to 18 battalions) of 3-4 musketeer regiments, a grenadier regiment and a jaeger regiment , 2-3 positional artillery batteries and attached command of heavy, dragoon, or light cavalry regiments with a dash of cossacks. Four Divisional columns in total with all rated as veterans of the winter battles. Approximately 600 tabletop miniatures, or 60,000 scaled Russians, point costed at 4,750 points. Note: Till WR paints his 1805-07 period Russians…Ty and I used our 1812 uniformed Russians with 1807 OB.

French arrived with two corps. Bob’s right flank corps had two French infantry divisions, each containing several French line or legere regiments (10 battalions). For cavalry, Bob had the corps light cavalry brigade (3 regiments of chasseurs or hussars), a cuirassier division of 5 regiments and his guard cavalry division. Dan’s left flank corps had two French infantry divisions, Saxon 1807 infantry division (5 regiments and converged grenadier battalions) plus attached Saxon cavalry brigade. French forces were veterans of the Grande Armee march across europe. Approximately 470 tabletop miniatures, or 47,000 Frenchmen / Saxons, point costed at 4,750 points.

Weather was good with a frost in the air. Fought on Bob’s 16′ x 6′ table in his gaming garage. Game start was 9 am….ending near 6 pm.

Game AAR:  Bob and Dan discuss initial French deployment using our block system while Ty checks the Russian order of battle. French army on table left, Russian army arranged on table right. Side note…check out the recent block movement videos and usage rules posted under my Nap TV section to understand this portion of our games.After the second game turn, both armies had advanced upon each other. Miniatures are deployed to the tabletop (per block system rules) and the battle takes form with the powerful Russian right advancing on Dan’s left flank. WR with his left flank Russians attempts to arrest the French right flank advance with cavalry.Ty’s Russian right flank bears down on Dan’s French left flank. Close photo inspection shows the 1807 infantry musketeer regimental organization (using our 1812 uniformed Russians)….3 battalions with a grenadier battalion and two musketeer battalions. Cossack screening, mixed cavalry and infantry formations.French left flank view of the Russian masses as they approach….French battalion squares are formed to defend against the cavalry. Artillery rushes to the front lines to engage the approaching Russian mass.French right advance looks impressive….lovely French battalions march under their tricolor flags while the Russian screening light cavalry marks time for the plodding Russian musketeer battalions to form line of battle.Another French view as the Russian line of battle forms up….with their limited reserves backing. The Russians hope their hard-hitting right flank overwhelms the French left before French masses punch through the Russian ranks. Bob’s French look excellent!General battle overview. Russians on right, French on left. WR readies his Russian heavy cavalry to charge home (center of table) to upset the French maneuvering.For the Tsar and Glory!… Russian heavy cavalry sound the charge against the central French battalions and 12# battery while massed, drum beating, Russian columns crash into the woods to come to grips with the French defenders. For the Tsar!As the battered but successful Russian heavy cavalry retire to reform their ranks….the brawl in the wood elevates to close ranged musketry duels and a little push and shove….Beaten back, the Russian grenadiers retire to reform their ranks as the Russian heavy cavalry protect their flank. Still individual musketeer battalions battle and contest the woods against the French columns. Dan’s “hand of  god” will not save the French left flank from Ty’s upcoming Russian massed attacks.Before the battle views shifts to Ty’s grand attack…Bob is tormented by WR’s Russian positional artillery batteries. The Tsar’s artillery earned their praise with constant bombardment of the advancing French columns while supporting the Russian musketeers.Ty’s grand attack charges home. Massed cavalry mixed with Russian infantry columns proceed to crush the French front line or squares.The musketry battle continues in the woods. Russian battalions advance to contest control.Bob summons his heavy cavalry reserves….French cuirassier Division and the guard cavalry. WR is now very nervous….if that mass of heavy cavalry comes forward…can the Russians left hold firm before Russians roll up the French left? Russian battalions square up…but facing the French heavies cause Russian ADC’s to “ride hard” to the right column to “hurry”.French left flank disorder…..crumbling lines and squares. Saxon hussars, with leadership, attempt to stem the onrushing Russians with a galant counter-charge.Inspired with leadership, the galant Saxon hussars repulse waves of Russian cavalry…but at heavy cost. Russian massed columns close in upon the disorder French ranks.Sensing their left is soon to be broken, French columns retire from the woods as rearguard battalions hold back the Russian infantry.The French right Corps receives word from the left flank Corps….”One division crushed…retiring with rearguard. With this terrible news, Bob turns his magnificent guard cavalry and infantry to retire from the battlefield.Infantry marching to safety….the rearguard French guard cavalry face off for the last actions of the battle. Still game for fight, the Russian heavy cavalry along with hussars charge the French rearguard. Honors for both sides….the armies separate themselves to fight another day.Thanks Bob, Ty and Dan for an enjoyable afternoon.


2 thoughts on “July Game (1807 French vs. Russians)

    • Thank you BB.
      Keeps the “rabbit” busy. Gaming has been in the “blood” since my youthful day. Hard to think some of the miniatures show in the photos were painted before my two “grown” children were born.
      I especially enjoyed your blog post on the 17th Legere band. I await their march out blog post to the tabletop. Conversions with the new miniature ranges must be a joy.

      P.S I have you “bookmarked” for future posts.

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