Napoleonic Rules: Block Movement system videos

Finished up some basic Nap TV rule videos covering the usage of wooden blocks for tabletop command manuevers, hidden initial deployment, rear area command movements, and decoys. They can be found in the Napoleonic game rules, video & files tab along with other subject material.

Block movement written primer (.pdf) link under Nap TV tab.

Block 1: Overview video

Block 2: Movement…Battle vs. Strategic modes

Block 3: Placement & Markers

Block 4: Scouting reports

Block 5: Deployment of miniatures

Sample Game with Block Deployment

Visibility & Scouting Charts (.pdf)

Tabletop Block Movement Primer (.pdf)



2 thoughts on “Napoleonic Rules: Block Movement system videos

    • Very true Randy. Thanks for the comment and your effort to review the material. Being a one “rabbit” show, the running of the camera, looking at h/w notes and “thinking the material on the “fly” sometimes shows….or in this case heard. Back to “video 101 school” for the WR….when I can lay my hands on a HD video camera for the next series (and retakes). Cheers from the warren. WR

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