Clash of Empires (COE) Republican Rome vs. Seleucid

The WR reporting on an enjoyable Clash of Empires (COE) game, featuring Republican (Polybian) vs. Later Seleucid armies.

David invited several ancient gamers over to his Long Beach (CA) house for an afternoon of COE. David arranged and displayed some of his ancient armies for the players. Taken from the COE ruleset….the tabletop game was Republican Rome (Polybian) vs. the ever popular Later Seleucid. Romans played by Doug and David (the Roman DD’s) vs. “Terrible” Tim and WR for the Seleucid side.

Starting positions: Republican Romans right flank view. Roman lines have Leves (skirmishers) and one unit of Balearic slingers out front. Then main battle line has Hastati (4), Principes (3) and two Triarii units (one in 2nd line near rough ground).Republican Romans left flank view, with slingers, Allied Italian infantry, the “famous” Roman cavalry (2), and Hastati unit. Terrain notes: Green patches and two level hill were rough ground, stream was uneven ground, and single layer hills just a line of sight issue. Miniatures from the collection of David except for wooden movement trays from WR.For the “good guys”, since WR was playing Later Seleucids…their left flank view with skirmishers to front, Settler phalanx, Silver shields phalanx (2), then the Imitation Legionaries and Scythed chariot near hill. Levy Settler Phalanx back up the main battle line. The foreground has Eastern archers and Highlanders besides the stream.Later Seleucid right flank view….with Levy bowmen behind hill, Cataphracts, Levy spearmen, another Settler Levy phalanx behind cataphracts. Lastly, two units of Thracian infantry with rhomphaia and a Companion cavalry (off picture).Opening movements….the armies march towards each other….”Doug the Roman” thinks his fate as Seleucid pikes advance.Well, never send a teenager slinger to do a man’s job. Slingers flee from a roman “shout out” charge. The Seleucid levy bowmen (played today with Indians) check their rules….do we test ML for the fleeing slingers? Can we run home now? Sorry, no check for skirmishers fleeing. “Hold your position” says Terrible Tim as the Seleucid general.Meanwhile, WR’s Eastern archers are being “javelin’d” to death on the left flank as the Romans close to tickle themselves on the pointy pikes.Action mid table…Republican romans on left…Levy bowmen on hill, Imitation legionaries and scythed chariot await orders.The Seleucid Cataphracts swing out….prep (sharpen) their xystons and charge! Romans are surprised that the horses can carry all that weighty armor. The levy bowmen cheer! The Allied Italian infantry flee from the flank charge.Actually, It is the big Seleucid charge to contact….Settler pikes and scythed chariot forward! Cataphracts charge home against the Roman Triarii above the hill position.Crash……Cataphracts vs. Triarii…..slingers look on.This is going to hurt”…muttered a unknown quoted Roman while facing the scythed chariot. “We didn’t have training for this”…..(un-drilled hastati)Ouch…..after the dust settles (and one crashed scythed chariot), the romans are fleeing. The pike (sarissa) push battle is on.  The Romans are looking a bit nervous….the dreaded ML test is coming. The dice are tossed….and the picture says it all. Even the Roman commander is fleeing to the roman baths to soak off a bad day.Roman try to save the battle, a strong Roman right flank push meets lowered Seleucid pikes (sarissa)….more roman pain and loss of a sub commander.The Seleucid right flank is pushing or chasing Roman cavalry. Found out that Thracian infantry armed with rhomphaia are real roman can-openers. Levy spearman look on…glad to avoid any combat as the cataphracts break the roman cohort.Head Roman David fights on after rallying himself….the true roman way with gladius (measuring stick).Cataphracts run down their enemies…crash into some tasty Allied Italian infantry….then get flanked.But….with Allied Italian infantry fresh on the xyston, the cataphracts win the fight on kills after their armor saves.That folds the Romans…..battle ends with the romans running for their bath water.Another great COE game at David’s, generally held the 1st weekend of the month, in Long Beach CA. Thanks David, Doug and Tim.

If any interest to join us for the next game…drop a note to WR. Miniatures are not a requirement to join in the action.



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