Hanoverian Army 1813-1815 & KGL

Continuing with the army of the month theme….this month I present my Hanoverian Army of 1813-1815 and some King’s German Legion (KGL) regiments.


Cavalry: 1st and 2nd heavy dragoons (2×5 miniatures), 1st and 2nd light dragoons (2×6), and the 3rd KGL hussars (1×6).

Infantry: 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th KGL line battalions (6×7). 1st and 2nd KGL light battalions (2×7) with a converged KGL sharpshooter unit (1×3).

Artillery: KGL 6 pdr HA, 9 pdr FA, 6 pdr FA, each of 6 cannon basing.


Cavalry: Luneburg (Estorff’s), Bremen-Verden, and Duke of Cumberland hussars (3×5).

Infantry: Bremen, Bennigen, Calenburg, Hildesheim, Langrehr (Hoya), and Lauenburg field battalions 6×6). Grubenhagen and Lueneburg light field battalions. Militia battalions Bremervorde, Hameln, Hildesheim, Gifhorn, Osnabruck, Peine, Quackenbruck, and Salzgiter (8×6). Feld Jager corp von Kielmannsegge and Freicorp Czernischeff (2×3) complete the army.

Artillery: 9 pdr FA,  2x 6 pdrs FA with 3 pioneers and engineer officer. Army HQ base with several staff officers.

General overview of entire Hanoverian & KGL collection. KGL regiments left of road, Hanoverians on the right.KGL pass in review….or left side view.Hanoverians from the right side view. KGL battalions in double linear lines, with KGL artillery batteries unlimbered. Front line has (L to R) 6th, 5th and 1st KGL line battalions. Second line has 2nd, 7th then 4th KGL battalions. KGL 1st light btn., in the right foreground, deployed as skirmishers.
Behind the KGL lines, the KGL cavalry is formed up to support their infantry. 1st KGL light dragoons, 2nd KGL light dragoons and the KGL 3rd hussars make up the light cavalry. To their right the 1st and 2nd KGL heavy dragoons. The KGL horse 6 pdr battery is unlimbered and read to open fire. (Note: KGL lt. dragoons are ex-Mexican cavalry with some conversion work)Center view. KGL on left, Hanoverians on right of road. 2nd KGL lights with support from their legion’s 1st and 4th battalions. On the Hanoverian side we have Feld Jager corp von Kielmannsegge, then Lueneburg light field btn. Main line has 9 pdr FA, Langrehr (Hoya), and last rank formed by Hildesheim field btn.Hanoverian battalions..(L to R) Lueneburg and Grubenhagen light field btns in open order formation. Next we have Langrehr (Hoya), Bennigen (white shako), and Calenburg field btns. Second line has Hildesheim, Lauenburg, and Bremen field btns.Hanoverian light cavalry…1st rank Lueneburg or Estorff’s, Bremen-Verden then the wargamer’s favorite…Duke of Cumberland’s hussars. Hanoverian militia battalions position themselves on the hill at left.Eight Hanoverian militia battalions line up on the hill with the Freicorp Czernischeff and converged KGL sharpshooters in front.Hanoverian HQ and staff with a pioneer unit on the road. Engineer officer and artilleryman besides them. 1st and 2nd KGL heavy dragoons parade behind the HQ staff base.A final view of the serried ranks…KGL on the left of road and Hanoverian on the right.Miniatures painted during the mid 80’s. Mostly 25mm Minifigs, Garrison and Hinchcliffe.

Visit WR’s Napoleonic Game Rules: Videos & Files section tab for additional information on this army, including uniforms plates and army organization.

Looks like my blending miniature basing into my tabletop board terrain project is working.



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