COE Late Hoplite Greeks vs. Achaemenid Persian

WR travelled south to David’s for a fun Clash of Empires (COE) 25/28mm ancients game.

David and Doug for Achaemenid Persians. Tim & WR (Michael) for the Late Hoplite Greeks. Persian miniatures and Greek cavalry from David’s collection, Greek Infantry from WR’s collection. David’s wargame garage with 16′ x 6′ table and his terrain.

Set up photos and videos Greek & Persian armies : Persian right flank at top of photo, Greek left flank at bottom. Two Persian cavalry and two small Greek hoplite blocks (flank guard) just off left edge. View set up video link for game set and unit description.Center view of game set up. Persians on top, Greeks at bottom. Green felt is rough ground.Right view of Persian left flank and Greek right flank. The Greek light cavalry kept in the game long enough before being crushed by the Persian light cavalry. During the game, the Thracians and Cretan archers, using the tactical rough ground, held the Persian light cavalry at bay.The main Greek line supported by the Thracians (right flank) and peltasts (left flank).Overall view of the game set up and starting positions of the main lines.Opening archery…the Persian arrow clouds tormented the Greek hoplites positioned on the left flank. All day they stood their thinning ranks as the Persian light cavalry horse archers danced before their spear reach.The Persian light chariots approach….Hoplite line view on HopliteCam , the Greek javelinmen toss their javelins….and with amazement the chariots fail their loss morale and turn tail back to their infantry. Greek omen from the gods?Battle overview after second turn movement. Greek javelinmen charged into the skirmishing Persian archers, the light chariots retire behind the Persian main line. The Greek allied cavalry…the Thessalians, charge home against the Persian imperial levy cavalry.Greeks are inspired… javelinmen smote the Persian archers while, after losses from archery, the Thessalians crushed the imperial levy cavalry, chasing the routing remanent to the rear.Another turn. The main Greek hoplite battle line approaches the Persians. Persian archery starts to fall on the greek hoplites. Persian chariots have rallied….but if the Greek javelinmen are tough….then that dense long spear of hoplites are even tougher. Some of the tough Greek guys…..Greek left or Persian right flanks on another turn. Persian light cavalry dances about… showering the Greeks with arrows.The Greeks march under the black arrow rain. Arriving at “spear point” range…they size up their opponents.Didn’t take long, the Greek Polemarch commands….long spears points lowered on both sides….the orders are barked out and the charge forward. The Great King looks on, cheering on his loyal army.Sounds from the left rear….Persians look over their left shoudler….Greek Thessalian cavalry, much reduced from their combat with the imperial levy cavalry, have roared into the fight, flanking the Persian infantry. The spear stab and sword hacking is on. Persian leftmost spara-spear-bowmen block crumbles and routs with heavy losses.Except for the left….the Persians hold the 1st turn of fighting.Second turn of the brawl…the push and shoving slowly going in the Greeks favor. The Persian imperial levy infantry break from the combat…no Greek pursuit. Great King cheering his infantry….but grows concerned. Time to pull a “Alexander retirement” maybe?Finally, the elite Greek hoplites find their footing in the combat and overthrow their opponents. the Polemarch looks on with his veteran eyes. Greeks have won and broken the Persian infantry battle line before them.Persians try to pressure the Greek extended left flank. With arrows still tormenting the thinning Greek hoplite infantry, a Persian light cavalry charges the weaken Greek peltasts to break into the Greek rear.The stationary Greek left flank….the “pin (arrow) cushions”. Hoplites and peltasts blocks started at 22 miniatures each.Center and left flank overall view. The main Greek line moves to finnish the battle. Persian infantry see their Great King….and rout of their leftmost infantry. The victorious Thessalian cavalry get carried away and charge the Persian light chariots. Opps…the hoplites failed to reach the light chariots flank….the Thessalians get crushed (1 miniature remained).Greeks roll over the remaining Persian infantry.The leftmost “arrow cushion” hoplite breaks….reduced to 7 miniatures from 22. They will rally later to join the Greek victory.With no flanks….horse archers abound… time to form “square”. WR doubts he will ever see this formation again….but today the opportunity presents itself.After finishing off the Thessalian cavalry, the Persian light chariots try to be sneaky….maneuvuer behind some Greek hoplites to save the battle.Greeks hoplites perform a reform (die roll)…successful test and turn about facing the chariots. Greek javelinmen approach, toss their javelins and destroy (rout from loss) the light chariots.End of game last archery shots…the peltasts succumb to arrows, their flank defending job done. The Persian cavalry rode off the battlefield with their Great King.The rules….

Next month the first Greek & Persia supplement comes out from Great Escape Games (GEG). Looking forward to a refight using the new supplement.

Thanks David for hosting the game. Thanks Doug and Tim joining the WR in learning the COE game, having great conversion and comradeship.



3 thoughts on “COE Late Hoplite Greeks vs. Achaemenid Persian

  1. Great battle report and the miniatures look lovely as always. Would love to have a go at Ancient battles one day. However, the thought of painting hundreds of ancients in 28mm scale fills me with dread. Just about managing to plough through my Napoleonic 28mm miniatures, but it’s taking forever! What’s the secret? Did you guy’s go down the Army Painter route or use the old fashioned approach?

    • BB
      I wanted to say….”ancient chinese secret”….but in the real world just collecting – painting since the early years of youth. I don’t know the Army painter method or “dip”….never used. Just the old fashioned method of paint brush, light inking lines and limited shading from my viewpoint. On occasion, Ebay or similar site has miniatures painted to a good “basic” degree….then I improve upon the paintwork. I seek a “good basic” wargaming look which a knowledgeable player can ID the unit. The total “heavy shading” 28mm action is beyond my painting time…but several in the group have artist touch. Small group of ancient players here in So California which join together….5-6 have collections numbering in the hundreds to thousands, in various classical periods. Recently, these players covered two local Cons with several tabletop games last weekend. Stopped counting my 25/28mm ancients when I went over 6k painted years ago. Then there is my French Rev./Napoleonic armies numbering in the thousands and covering all major/minor powers.

  2. Thanks WGR,

    Wise words indeed. Thanks for the common sense answer and approach to getting the troops on the table. Patience is a virtue I guess and collecting over the years will certainly have it’s own rewards. I think I’ve just wanted to get my troops on the table now and not having to wait years for the results. Rushing paint jobs is certainly not a habit I want to get back into (like back in the Games Workshop/Warhammer days).

    Thanks again and looking forward to your future posts as always,

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