Portuguese Army 1810-1814

Army of the Month stars my Portuguese army 1810-1814.

The Portuguese army is one of my larger “minor powers armies” in the collection. The army roster has:

Army Headquarters, Beresford, 3 Divisional commanders, D’Alorna and 2 ADC’s.

Line Regiments (each of 2×6 btns.): 1st (1st Lisbon), 2nd (Lagos), 3rd (Olivenza), 4th (Freire), 5th (1st Elvas), 7th (Setubal), 8th (Evora), 9th (Viena), 10th (2nd Lisbon), 11th (1st Almeida), 12th (Chavas), 13th (Peniche), 14th (Tavira), 15th (2nd Olivenza), 16th (Vera Telles), 21st (Valenza), 23rd (2nd Almeida).

Lights or Cacadores (each of 1×5 btn.): 1st (Castelo Branco), 2nd (Moura), 3rd (Trancoso), 4th (Penamacor), 5th (Campo Mayor), 6th (Vila Real), 10th, 11th and 12th Cazadores. Loyal Lusitanian Legion (3×7 btns.)

Militia Battalions (8×4 btns.): Evora, Braganes, Coimbra, Thomar, Lagos, Torres Verdas, Otorto and Lisbon. Several “untrained” Ordenanza btns. armed with “pikes” (3×4).

Dragoons (4 sgns. each): 1st (Alcantara), 2nd (Moura), 4th (Mecklemburg), 5th (Evora), 7th (Caes), 8th (Elvas), 10th (Santarem) and 11th (Almeida). Loyal Lusitanian Legion Chasseurs (3 sgn.).

Selection of artillery: 7x 6 pdr. batteries, 3x 9 pdr., LLL “horse” battery and a small howitzer.

My French Portuguese legion will be covered with French allies someday.

First some general view pictures: Right flank of army deployed.

Right frontal view of Portuguese army

Left flank of deployed army…

Left frontal view of Portuguese army

Close up of right flank showing….in foreground skirmishing 6th (Vila Real) and 5th (Campo Mayor) Cazadores (each 1×5 Btn.).  First line has (L to R): 14th Line (Cascars), 9th Line (Viena), 21st Line (Valenza) and 7th Line (Setubal). Each regiment has 2×6 battalion miniature organization. Next line of skirmishers are 1st Cazadores (Castelo Branco), 2nd Cazadores (Moura) and 4th Cazadores (Penamacor). Rear line of Portuguese regiments (2×6 miniatures), in massed formations (L to R) are: 2nd Line (Lagos), 12th Line (Chavas), 16th Line (Vera Telles), 8th Line (Evora), 1st Line (1st Lisbon) and 5th Line (1st Elvas).

Line and Cazadores

Center view closeup. Skirmisher screen has 12th, 3rd (Trancoso) and 11th (w/honor flag) Cazadores (1×5 btn.). Portuguese battle line has (L to R); 14th Line (Tavira), 11th Line (1st Almeida), 23rd Line (2nd Almeida) and 13th Line (Peniche). Each of 2×6 btn. miniature organization. Army HQ with Beresford, ADC’s and engineer officers. Two sapper units (2×4) marching on roadway. “Massed” Portuguese artillery line the hill with 4th Line (Freire), 10th Line (2nd Lisbon), 15th (2nd Olivenza) and 3rd Line (1st Olivenza) in rear support.

Line, Cazadores, Army HQ and officers, Sapper btns. on road

Left flank close up shows Loyal Lusitanian Legion (LLL) deployed out front with their mounted chasseurs and “legion” battery. Several Portuguese artillery batteries secure the legion’s flank. Behind the Portuguese artillery is found the militia battalions: Right side column has Evora, Braganes, Coimbra and Thomar battalions. Left side column has Lagos, Torras Verdas, Otorto and Lisbon battalions. Missing from the army field parade are several “untrained and pike armed” Ordenanza units….WR thinks they are lurking with his royal army of Spain junta regiments. In the support role….Portuguese cavalry….aka “Dragoons in name only”. Right cavalry column of lines has (front to rear): 1st Alcantara, 2nd Moura, 7th Caes and 10th Santarem. The left cavalry column has (front to rear): 5th Evora, 4th Mecklemburg, 8th Elvas and 11th Almeida.

Portuguese Dragoons, Loyal Lusitanian Legion (LLL) and Militia btns.

Overall right side view of the entire deployed Portuguese army.

Army view from right flank

Right flank rear view of Portuguese army.

Rearwards view of right flank and center

Left flank rear view of Portuguese army showing the cavalry. The small unit just above the hill edge is the 1806 Legion D’Aorna (light blue coats). Consists of one small light battalion (1×5) and 2 sgns. of “chasseurs”.

Another rearward views of Portuguese cavalry and miltia btns.

Rear view of right flank. Artillery looks impressive…..One day I will correct the carriage color to grey…..British artillery color….meanwhile they do look impressive “en massed”. On the tabletop….they are rarely seen since the British artillery typically is employed.

Rearward center view of Line, Cazadores, Army HQ and artillery

Portuguese army HQ besides the road while surrounded by militia infantry (left of HQ), sappers on roadway, artillery on hill with supporting line regiments, a solid battle line deployed in front. Each Portuguese line regiment has 2×6 miniature organization in my games (1:100 or 600 men battalions x 2).

Portuguese line, militia, some artillery, sappers (on road), and Army HQ with engineer officers nearby.

Another side view of the center portion of the army.

Right flank view again of Army HQ and Portuguese infantry

Army was painted during the mid 1980’s with a mixture of 1810 and 1812 uniforms. Has seen active service with English and Spanish armies against the invading French. Recent information says the Portuguese artillery should be grey carriages….one day I shall repaint, but until then their “redden wood” will defy the tabletop.

Army totals: 315 Infantry, 42 Cavalry, 42 HQ officers, equipage and artillery.

Visit WR’s Napoleonic Game Rules: Videos & Files section tab for additional information on this army, including uniforms plates and army organization.




2 thoughts on “Portuguese Army 1810-1814

  1. Very impressive, Michael! You use fairly small infantry units it seems (5-7 figures per BN – of course min e are usually 18 figures per unit but I call a unit a Regiment, so not that much difference after all). You have the Cavalry listed most as 1×4 SQNs; does that mean that a unit has 4 figures, representing 4 squadrons, or that each Cavalry unit has 4 figures representing a single squadron? I know Portuguese cavalry regiments were chronically under-strength.

    I see some of your Portuguese artillery have dark red carraiges, and others (? British) grey ones. Any comments there?

    Thanks for the pictures!


    • Peter,

      Thank you for the comments. The game scale is 100:1 generally….but for actual battles we have gone down to 80:1 if needed to keep unit sizes playable. Infantry units are battalions, cavalry are regiments, and artillery at the battery level (width based on cannon number).
      All this is covered in the NAP TV tab section of my blog. Your game uses a regiment level structure so your regiments approx. our combined battalion strength. For example…three french battalion regiment would be 6×3 battalions or 18 miniatures for the regiment. Cavalry, as mentioned, is by the regiment. Sorry, poor word choice…4 miniatures = the regiment, which could equal four 100 men squadrons. Portuguese artillery, my current understanding, should be “British” equipment and grey in color. But….since I painted this army over 20 years ago…my limited information then, lead me to use a red-brown color from pictures of Portuguese fortress cannon. One day I will correct….but they do look great on the tabletop. My Spanish artillery has the same problem. The sole grey cannon is the Loyal Lusitania legion battery. I guess I painted that battery several years later separate from the bulk of the Portuguese army.

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