COE Late Spartan Greeks vs. City State Greeks

Our October 25/28mm Clash of Empires game featured a Spartans vs. City State Greeks battle. Both armies used 5,000 points from the COE internet army lists.

Order of battle: Spartans

Spartan King and sub-commander, King’s Bodyguard Hoplites, 3x Spartan hoplites formations, 3x Perioikoi hoplite formations, 1x Levy hoplite, 2x peltast formations, 1x Greek medium cavalry, Cretan archers, Greek archers and some javelinmen skirmishers.

Order of Battle: City State Greeks

Polemarch and two Xenagos leaders, Elite hoplite formation, 6x basic hoplite formations, a peltast formation, Greek light and medium cavalry, Thessalian light and medium cavalry and some Greek javelinmen skirmishers.

Opening disposition video: Spartan vs. City State Greeks set up

Turn 2: Greeks in the foreground, Spartans at the top of photograph. The main, close order infantry are marching towards each other, across the battlefield. Skirmishers are closing the range to toss javelins.

The main battle lines face off. Greeks in foreground, Spartans across the field.

Thessalian medium cavalry boldly advance seeking to flank the Spartan main battle line and engage the Spartan left flank light forces. The supporting Greek cavalry, light on right flank, medium angled behind Thessalians. Rough ground bestride the cavalry.

The Greek right flank view. Thessalian cavalry, Greek medium cavalry (angled back) and Greek light cavalry bestride the rough ground.

Left center action. Greek “Cretan” archers climb the hill while the hoplite formations close.

Greek left center battle line. Spartans across the field.

Far left Greek flank….soon to be a total lost cause.

Greek far end left flank. Peltasts and skirmishers face the Spartan right flank.

2nd Spartan turn completed. A general view of the approaching battle lines. Thessalian medium cavalry in foreground.

General view of the battlefield. City state Greeks on left, Spartans on right after 2nd turn movements.

Turn 2 continued…close up of the Greek left center formations.

Greek left flank (2nd turn). Cretan archers march up the hill.

Same turn….camera view towards the right showing the advancing Spartan lines. Javelinmen whisper back….if we toss at those guys…they may be “pissed off”.

The Spartans are advancing…..Greek javelinmen toss their javelins.

Greek finish their second turn movement. Left flank peltasts climb the hill to position themselves against the advancing Spartan hoplites….maybe….we hope… says the Greek Polemarch.

While Cretan archers loosen their arrows. Greek peltasts wheel behind the hill.

Turn 3…..Greek fortunes decline with the Thessalian medium cavalry becoming blocked by the crafty Spartan peltasts. They tried to charge and forced the Spartan archers to retire….but the gap was too narrow to expose the Spartan cavalry. Trapped by rough ground and the advancing Spartan peltasts.

The Thessalian cavalry ride into the trap…too late. Spartan archers retire while the Greek light cavalry advance in foreground.

Meanwhile…a Spartan view of their right center situation. Javelinmen on both sides toss their sticks….while the Spartan sub-commander and his Spartan hoplites advance in military drill formations.

Spartan view of the Greek javelinmen and Cretan archers.

Thessalian in trap…charge peltasts? Retirement blocked by rough ground? Stand their ground and fight it out?

Trap sprung…Spartan peltasts ready themselves to charge home on the Thessalian cavalry while the end of the Spartan main line marches past.

Thessalian fight it out….

Caught by the Spartan peltasts, the Thessalian cavalry is soon broken after a stiff fight.

Video of the game action…. HopliteCam view and Polemarch’s view as the lines clash

Turn 4. Greek turn for movement. The main center battle lines have drawn close. the Polemarch looks over the situation….draws some air into his lungs….and the command is heard…...CHARGE !…   Spears lowered, the Greeks lunge forward into the waiting ranks of Spartan long spears. Javelinmen run to avoid the rushing hoplites.

The Greeks charge home. Now or never as Greeks seek combat, long spears lowered, with the dreaded Spartans.

Greek far left flank…..going down hill fast after the Spartan peltast charged the Greek skirmishers….running from the fight….and kept running. Spartan “Cretan” archer retired to their rough ground patch and prevented the Thessalian light cavalry from doing anything all day. Spartan levy hoplites practice their marching.

Left flank action….going badly for the Greeks. Greek peltasts cross the hill. Spartan levy hoplites in the distance.

With both sides smiling…..who is going to win the big infantry fight?

Smiling players….Greek Dave as the Greeks charge home….Tim Spartan, ready for the test of Spartan manhood and spear practice.

Video of 1st turn results of combat 1st clash of spears and shields

After 1st turn of combat…..Greeks feel good. From left to right….the unarmoured Greek hoplites with their Polemarch hold against the Spartan hoplite formation. Next three spear fights, the Greek hoplites push back the Spartan perioikoi formations. But the Spartan bodyguard, with the Spartan King, crush the Greek far right hoplite formation. Pure Spartan close combat drill won that brawl.

End of 1st combat round…..Greek are bouyed….and pushing hard… Spartan bodyguard with their King win their fight, ie..long spear practice.

The Spartan view at the end of the 1st round of close combat.

Spartan view….Greeks are pushing. Crafty Greek photo editing avoids showing the Spartan bodyguard’s victory…just off left side of photo…

Spartans blow through the end of the Greek main battleline…their only successful action.

Another crafty Greek photo shot….missing the single Spartan victory off the right side….

Seeing the Greek right flank crushed…the Greek cavalry about faced and prepared to flank the Spartan bodyguard. Meanwhile the Thessalian cavalry is fighting their losing cause against the Spartan peltasts (right of picture).

Next turn. Spartan bodyguard chasing down the fleeing Greek while the Greek cavalry has about faced to threaten their exposed flank.

Greek viewpoint of the left center battle after 1st round combative actions. Polemarch leading his Greek hoplites against the Spartan hoplite formation.

Turn 5 and 2nd combat round finished. Greeks break some of the Spartan perioikoi formations in the Spartan center. The other two brawls continue with Greeks slowly pushing their opponents backwards. Quick video of 2nd round of combat 2nd round of spear and shield

Spartan center retires, Greek start to pursue while the hard spear action continues.

Another view showing the Greek pursuit of the retiring Spartan center.

The Greek medium (armoured) cavalry charge into the exposed flank of the Spartan bodyguard chasing the retiring Greek hoplites. Normally, being flanked is not a good thing….but the Spartan never noticed. Greek inflicted no losses and then….the Spartans cleaved the Greek cavalry apart. Total disaster. The Greek failed their morale and remove themselves from the battlefield.

Who’s knocking? Spartan bodyguard destroys the pathetic Greek cavalry flank attempt.

Greeks win their fight led by their fearsome Polemarch. The Greek center marches forward to chase down running Spartan perioikoi. The remaining Spartan hoplite with their sub-commander,…in drilled percision…retires a movement from the advancing Greek hoplites.

Video for combat summary 3rd round of spear and shield

Lead by their Army Commander….the Greek Hoplites win another tough spear brawl.

A rare view in history….Spartan backs.

A rare view in history…Spartan backs on the left center struggle.

Same turn….the right most Greek hoplite formation, seeing Spartan bodyguard in rear, loses their fight (and morale) with the Spartan perioikoi formation.

Meanwhile, on the right the Greek lose their struggle. Doesn’t help fighting morale with Spartan bodyguard in rear.

Greek hoplites run…..right into the path of the Spartan bodyguard. Opps…bad timing….

Greek hoplites rout to rear….see the Spartan king with his bodyguard. He points…the Greeks surrender after a token fight.

Turn 6….I think. The Greek scribes are losing track. Greek left center advancing with Spartan trying to rally. Spartan hoplites with their sub-commander plan a holding action (upper left).

Greek left center advances….more Spartans to fight while some still retire.

Turn 6 Greek clash with Spartan hoplites again. Greeks have their blood up….win the spear fight. (Spartan player notes his poor dice rolling). Spartan hold on… ground slowly.

Crash…two walls of shields and long spears match up.

Turn 7…..Greek advance….Spartan hoplites still running. Foreground has the Spartan hoplites with their sub-commander giving ground slowly again. Greek peltasts line up to flank the tough Spartan position.

Fight continues….a group of Greek peltasts march to support their hoplites.

Meanwhile…the Greek right flank has disappeared. Spartan formations are marching towards the victious Greek center. Two Spartan hoplite formations (near hill), Spartan cavalry and some Spartan archers. Spartan perioikoi still running in distance.

Victorious Spartan left flank approach the Greek center. Trouble ahead…..

Turn 8?  Greek scribes have given up tracking this mess. Units are scatter across the tabletop. Center of action view. Spartan formations in foreground. Greeks in center of picture. The rallied Spartan perioikoi aline the right upper edge of photo. Greek are reduced to have their javelinmen toss their sticks at the Spartan bodyguard (lower edge of photo).

The battle in the center….broken up to individual unit combats.

Final end to the Greek far left flank….the Spartan “Cretan” archers bows, with their arrows, fire at the Thessalian light cavalry. The Thessalians broke from the arrow storm and flee into the hinterlands.

Left flank….what flank? No Greeks to be seen except the useless & total failure of light Thessalian cavalry.

Finally, the Spartan right flank hoplites break from their fight.

Seen this before…..crash….jab…more stabbing.

Turn 9? Center view confusion. Can you figure out who is who? Battle rumors are each player was moving their opposite side’s units at one time or another….

Center action overview….who is who as the sun goes down.

Left center….The Spartan pelasts from the victorious right flank charge home against their opposite…the Greek peltasts. Spartan levy hoplites read their drill manuals….left turn? Wheel left? Confusion with three DL test failures.

The peltasts charge each other.

Sun going down here in Southern California….Ok….the neat starting battle lines are gone. In the picture we have….Spartan bodyguard on far left….then two Spartan hoplite formation in foreground facing the center of picture Greeks. The Elite Greek hoplites are facing picture in right center foreground. Spartan rallied perioikoi in upper right faced by two Greek hoplite formations. Peltast brawl near hill upper center. Have it straight???

Center action.

Bad day for Spartan peltasts…with the defensive javelin toss and their skill with spears…the Greek peltasts win their final match up for the game.

Peltasts goes down….hard fighting.

Turn 10 maybe 11? The Greek Elite hoplites are charged by Spartan hoplites (looking like costumed Greeks). A flanking Spartan formation approaches in foreground as another Greek hoplite formation is facing off the rallied Spartan perioikoi (out of picture).

Ending action. Elite Greek hoplites match up….but sounds from the center.

Battle end….The Polemarch is struck down fighting the rallied Spartan perioikoi formations. Must have caught the Greek scribe also as no picture taken. Greeks everywhere start to retire from the field. The Greek Elite hoplites are charged in the flank (center)….game over. Greek players shake the hands of the Spartan players as the sun sets.

City State Greeks break ranks and retire.

Thank you David for hosting this brawl. Good play, good fun and planning for a rematch. The Greek cavalry will be dismounted and become servants for their fellow hoplites…who carried almost the battle.

Thank you Doug and Tim for a great game…..Spartans….choke….win another one.

Greek army miniatures from the collection of WR. Spartan army from collection of David. Terrain and location David’s in Long Beach CA. The WR recommends the use of game sticks for movements and ranging while playing COE. Examples seen on tabletop in photos.

Clash of Empires internet Classical army lists: COE Classical Army lists

Monthly game of Clash of Empires….Long Beach CA. Till the next game….WR


4 thoughts on “COE Late Spartan Greeks vs. City State Greeks

  1. Excellent batrep!! and excellent figures too! Cheers for joining my blog “Don’t throw a 1”, your site is excellent, love the Hanovarians!!!!

    • Ray,
      Spent some time poking about your excellent site. Need to return for more eye candy. Since I have been known to “toss a 1” when “not needed” your blog title was assuming from this gamer. Thank you for AAR comments. Still trying to improve. Next step is a good HD digital video camera I think…and practice learning how to use said video camera. Meanwhile….paint is dry…time for the next color. Plans for a simple blog report on my French Aerostatic (balloon) corps soon. Made the balloon model, stand and a “special tabletop mount” to enable the Aerostatic corps use on the tabletop (for French Republican actions….ie Wurzburg 1796 and Fleurus 1793).
      Michael aka WR

      P.S. Thanks for the Hanoverians 1814-15 collection comments also.

    • Stuart,

      Thank you for stopping in. Having another 28mm COE game this sunday. David K. has been quiet about this month’s scenario….rumors on Spartans vs. Macedonians. After action report to follow with pictures posted. Check back in maybe in a week or so for the COE game posting.


      P.S> Enjoying COE being a “reformed” WAB player.

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