Baden Division

Well, it is December and after adding reams of additional material to the blog’s Napoleonic rules and video section during November, I can start the December month with its Army of the Month post. This month….I will have double posting for two armies…..Baden and Brunswick.

First, we have the Baden Division:

Cavalry has the Garde du Korps (4), the Baden light dragoons (4), and the Baden Hussars (5).

Infantry consists of the four line regiments, each of 2×6 btns. The Baden von Liingg light btn., and the Baden household Garde btn. The 1st line (Leib Gross Herzog), 2nd line (Erbgross Herzog), 3rd line (Graf Hochberg), and 4th line (von Harrant), in French uniforms for their peninsular service.

Baden artillery has three batteries. One 6lb foot, one 12lb positional, and one 6lb horse battery.

A general view of the entire Baden Division.

Baden Division

Left angle view shows the cavalry in the foreground. Baden hussars leading, then Baden light dragoons followed by the Garde du Korps. Horse artillery battery on the roadway followed by the 4th line regiment. Besides the 4th line is the Garde household btn.

Baden left flank view

Right flank view displays the three artillery batteries and the von Lingg light btn. in foreground. Behind the artillery we have (l to r): 4th line (von Harrant), 1st line (Leib Gross Herzog), 2nd line (Erbgross Herzog), and the 3rd line (Graf Hochberg) regiments.

Baden right flank view

A rear view of the Division as they march forward for Baden glory.

Baden Division rear view

A final view of the Baden cavalry

The Baden Division was painted during the 80’s. Mostly of the classic 25mm minifig line with some odd hinchcliffe miniatures (the Garde du Korps). They have seen many a tabletop battle, both with my French and against. A fun, compact, and combined arms Division.

Visit WR’s Napoleonic Game Rules: Videos & Files section tab for additional information on this army, including uniforms plates and army organization.

Next posting for Army of the Month will view my Brunswick 1815 collection.




3 thoughts on “Baden Division

  1. My dear W. R.,

    I really enjoyed this post on the troops of Baden. I painted my own Baden troops in 2008 and 2009 in preparation for our 1809/2009 200th anniversary project… well the Infantry, at least. I’m still waiting to add at least the Light Dragoons and an artillery battery, perhaps after we finish the Borodino project. I found it quite challenging to find accurate, detailed information on this army. What I found (at least for 1809) is summarized in one of my earliest but favorite posts on my own blog, at

    The small army of Baden is one we can hope to see on the tabletop more often in the future!


    • Peter,
      Followed your link. Great material and the miniature a pleasure to review. Favorite is the von Lingg jagers. Black with white piped facings. How can you go wrong with that uniform. I think I painted my Badeners for the 1812 period….been too many years for the memory. Thanks for visiting the blog.
      Soon to post a Ottoman vs. Napoleon AAR for the battle of Gaza 1799.

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