Brunswick 1815 Corps

As mentioned with my recent Baden Division post, I intend to add another Army of the Month blog posting for this December month. Chosen army is my Brunswick 1815 Corp:

Brunswick 1815 cavalry includes the black hussar regt (8) and the uhlan sqn.(2).

Brunswick 1815 infantry includes: The Leib battalion (1×7), the converged Avant-garde btn. light co’s with Gelernte jagers (1×7), the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd line btns. (3×7), the 1st, 2nd and 3rd light btns. (3×7), and a reserve (militia / landwehr 1×6) btn.

The artillery has one horse and one foot battery. A frontal view of the entire “Black Corps” deployed for some action….

Brunswick 1815 Corps frontal view. Note: recently rebased to proper 2 rank formations.

Screened by their Avant-garde converged battalion, the Brunswick artillery leads the massed Brunswick infantry. Next, in linear formation is the Leib battalion. First row of columns have the Brunswick line (l to r); 1st btn. (red strip on legs), 2nd btn. (green), and 3rd btn. (white). Following up is the three light battalions; (l to r); 1st btn. (buff), 2nd btn. (yellow), then 3rd btn. (orange). The reserve btn. is marching on the roadway.

Brunswick 1815 Corps right flank view. Recently rebased to 2 rank formations.

Left flank viewing shows the Brunswick cavalry. The uhlans lead the hussar regiment. For this photo I included my 1809 uhlan sqn. miniature and Scharfschutzen co. miniatures. Rounding out the displayed miniatures has the Black Duke himself with his command HQ base and two ADC’s.

Brunswick 1815 Corps and some 1809 uhlans with the Scharfschutzen co.

Brunswick 1815 Corps rear view

The majority of my Brunswick Corps is 25mm minifig miniatures painted during the 80’s. Like the Baden Division posted recently, a fun and “black” group of miniature units, especially 1815 period games. For 1809 action, the basic Brunswick battalions can do double service if a little “raiding to the North sea-coast is your fancy. Engaging a few stray Westphalian units along the way just adds to the fun of gaming. The peninsular Brunswick Oels battalion-detachment will be featured with my English army (future post).

Visit WR’s Napoleonic Game Rules: Videos & Files section tab for additional information on this army, including uniforms plates and army organization.

Cheers for “Der Schwarzer Herzog” and “Die Schwarrze Schar.”



2 thoughts on “Brunswick 1815 Corps

    • Peter,
      Never can go wrong with a Brunswicker collection. Seem to remember the “black spray paint can” too. My minifigs have held up for the test of many battles. Hope they enjoy many more on the tabletop under my controlling hands. New gamers look at the “all black look”…..and think “cool”. Then reach for the cell phone picture to send out. Other than some fancy guard unit….the B’s have it with the ladies….just need the white bow tie.

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