Battle of Sacile 1809 Preview

In the peaceful Italian countryside….nearby a town called Sacile… the mud caked feet of marching armies approach. It is soon time for another WR tabletop napoleonic action.

Peaceful Sacile in period.

Update: This scenario re-staged again for the Strategicon OrcCon convention February 2013. WR is planning this napoleonic scenario for the upcoming Winter HMGS-PSW convention (in Glendale, CA Jan. 27th, 28th & 29th) scheduled for the end of January (HMGS-PSW information below).

A complete scenario write-up and notes: Sacile 1809 Scenario notes

WR has drawn the tabletop map slightly larger than the actual tabletop surface area. The initial starting positions are shown using the map command counter system. Movement of each command is from square to square. These command counters will be transferred into movement blocks when the command enters the tabletop “zone” or direct miniature placement. Map scale is 1 foot squares represents about 600 yards / square. The actual tabletop 6′ x 8′ area is outlined in the “yellow box”. See links at end of blog post for additional information on command counters, their battle map movement, block movement, and miniature tabletop deployment.

Battle of Sacile 1809 tabletop map without command counters. Terrain legend at right.

Battle of Sacile 1809 map with command markers placed at starting or off map. The “extend” marker points to and denotes which command is positioned in more than one square.

A “Command”, in our game system, is a group or miniature units or just a single unit. Game units being a battalion, cavalry regiment or artillery battery / train unit.  Typically, these commands are brigades or divisions, but since “dummy” commands are permitted, players are never sure at battle start what they are facing in enemy strength and composition. The rules are very adaptable to shift the underlining game scale from brigades and divisions to divisions and corps / army level, depending on the battle involved. Our napoleonic game uses a system of “orders” or guidelines for player’s tabletop play and set up a “structure” for the player’s actions on the tabletop.. For map movement they are marked by a “colored” counter under the owning command. No “colored” order marker means the command is held under reserve orders at present.

Sacile map with command markers and their starting orders (colored counter under the command marker. Red-Attack, Yellow-Engage, Green-March, no marker-Reserve order. The small infantry command in Talponedo is a detached grenzer battalion from the Porcia garrison.

French roster: Sacile 1809 French roster , Austrian roster: Sacile 1809 Austrian roster

Scenario has been play tested with a group of young AP high school students last December. Their concepts of Napoleonic warfare will give veteran Napoleonic gamers shudders….but their game skill and basic rules knowledge carries them through. No WR disclosure on the scenario victor at this time….but WR used the experience to “improve the scenario”. Stay tuned for the pictures and post battle recap post in early February.

Update: Here is link to the Sacile AAR from HMGS-PSW convention.

Game mechanics and scale information: Napoleonic Game Primer

Tabletop command counter, movement, visibility etc instructions: Tabletop Map Movement

Block Movement instructions: Tabletop Block Movement Primer. The recent WR’s block movement post can be found here: Tabletop blocks

Block system in use video: Link to YouTube. There are other videos cover the napoleonic game mechanics posted under the same channel.

Orders chart showing player restrictions on unit movement: Orders Table

A link to the HMGS-PSW site for additional winter convention information: HMGS-PSW

Cheers for all,



2 thoughts on “Battle of Sacile 1809 Preview

  1. Looks good! I ran Sacile at Historicon in 2010, and we had a great time with it (write up will get posted to my blog sometime later this year as well). It is a well balanced action, where, for once, the French do not hold the advantage in numbers or quality, and even the Leadership is fairly even, Eugene being pretty green in this his first battle – he improved markedly with experience (and some guidance from his stepfather!). Of course, regarding Erzherzog Johann, it has been written that he was “arguably one of the worst commanders of history”, so it helps to have a level playing field, LOL.


  2. Peter,
    Saw some of your Sacile 2010 game photos with a google search. You had a great game based upon the pictures found. Would be a interesting read for a Sacile game comparsion.
    Almost ready for the HMGS-PSW Winter con out here in SoCal. Just need to finish up the 30′ of vineyards for the tabletop (6 square feet of surface area). Three games….FOW, Napoleonics and finish with a Clash of Empires ancients.

    P.S. Thanks for the positive comment on the Sacile pre-game writeup. I just hope the game comes off smooth as planned, but Erzherzog John is involved.

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