Breaking the San Fratello Line: Sicily 1943 Part I

A breeze is blowing in the warren. Apart from running the Battle of Sacile 1809 HMGS-PSW convention game saturday, WR’s son has requested a 20mm Flames of War game on Friday night. So, as the Sacile vineyards project is drying, WR has created a convention scenario called “Breaking the San Fratello Line: Sicily 1943”.

“You really don’t want to know what happens if Monty beats me to Messina”. Push forward to HMGS-PSW’s Winter convention.

A full game summary report, with photos, will follow after the convention next weekend (link below). Meanwhile, fellow WWII gamers may enjoy reading the preliminary writeup for the convention program material. Link .pdf: Breaking the San Fratello Line notes,

Now, WR understands that Battlefront’s Flames of War (FOW) is generally a 15mm miniature game….but WR’s large 20mm collection of old school and new plastic soldier miniatures, model tanks, armored cars, planes etc., is too vast to exchange into 15mm scale. One major benefit…you can see the miniatures from across a full gaming table (6″) with no problem. Sherman M4 76mm, M13/41, t-34/85, IS2, Churchill mkVI, the different infantry teams, all are easy to identify at a distance. So, with some minimal rule crafting since 2004 and a different basing system for the foot plodders (basing from the old FOW ver1.0 rules), WR’s FOW2.x game rolls on.

Additional U.S. Army information on San Fratello: U.S. Army MTO Report Sicily 1943

WR’s rule and basing adaption for 20mm FOW (ver2.0) scaled gaming: FOW 20mm Adaptions

HMGS-PSW site information and preliminary PEL: HMGS-PSW Convention PEL link



One thought on “Breaking the San Fratello Line: Sicily 1943 Part I

  1. Not my era but the scenario looks great, and the setting on Sicily is familiar from the movie “Patton”; one of the funniest setups in War Movie history is when Palermo falls to the Americans, and they show the German HQ – “Patton has taken Palermo!” “Damn!”… only to have the exact same dialogue repeated at Monty’s HQ!


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