Battle of Sacile 1809 AAR

Finishing up the HMGS-PSW convention triple game series, the final AAR covers WR’s Battle of Sacile 1809 game. The other games were the Megalopolis 331 B.C. 28mm Ancients and San Fratello Sicily 1943 games. Both games have their AAR’s already posted on the WR blog.

WR’s preliminary Battle of Sacile 1809 report covered the set up, deployment, terrain and victory conditions. Click on Link to review the preview Sacile 1809 post.

Battle of Sacile 1809 game report:

Game started about 3:30pm Saturday afternoon and played to 10:30pm with 1 hour break for the HMGS-PSW general meeting. HMGS-PSW is the local historical miniature convention held two or three times each year. Link to HMGS-PSW website.

Six players for the game. Bob, Rob and Daniel (WR’s son) formed the veteran-conscript French team. Austrian commanders were WR, Frank and Rob with Alex showing some Napoleonic interest. General view of the convention table 6×8 table.

Battle of Sacile 1809 General view. Rob & Bob (l to r) plan their movements as Frenchmen.

Opening action was centered around Porcia (buildings). Seras French and Severoli’s Italians mass before the town with Austrian Frimont’s advance guard. Fulda’s cavalry brigade is positioned besides the road.

Porcia position at start. Austrians deployed as the Franco-Italians mass in the distance.

French plan was to quickly march across the battlefield, seeking to confront the Austrian VIII Korps before the IX Korps could intervene. So, the foot race was on as French columns march.

French columns start marching fast across the table from Fontana-Fredda area.

The French brain trust move their units. Daniel is off picture learning his period tactics from WR.

(l to r) Rob & Bob march out the French army. Austrian screens seen in lower right corner.

The pressure is on Frimont’s advance guard and Volkmann’s detachment command. Quickly they advance to slow down the onrushing French and Italians.

Volkmann detachment advances (foreground) to contest the rapid French advance.

A quick Austrian cavalry charge comes and goes…halting the Italians for a moment, who form squares.

French and Italians steady themselves after a brief Austrian charge forced the lead elements into squares.

Daniel pressed into action…..form column, form line, march, wheel, unlimber…..this is different from WWII dad. A veteran in the making but raw conscript now.

Fresh from commanding Italian in last night FOW game, Daniel (WR’s son) commands his first Frenchmen under Bob’s tutoring.

Frenchmen start their assault on Porcia. 1st column forms to assault the town while the skirmisher screens contest the open ground beyond. French army streams across the tabletop surface.

Massed French with their Italian allies stream across the battlefield. Austrian advance guard attempts to hold them back.

Finally, Austrian High command wakes up. VIII Korps is placed into service with their left command under GM Colloredo arrives to defend Porcia. Each nine miniature group is a battalion for game scaling.

Austrians under GM Colloredo (VIII Korps) arrive to support the defenders of Porcia.

Daniel the Conscript is learning fast…too fast. Detachment Volkmann under WR is hard pressed by French cavalry. At least their artillery is missing as the Austrians form squares. This pushing Volkmann backwards could prove to be a French victory.

Detachment Volkmann is pressed back by the massed Frenchmen.

More Austrians arrive with the balance of VIII Korps. GM Gajoli’s right-wing arrives on flank of GM Colleredo with the Korps artillery train. Frimont’s advance guard so far successfully slowed the Franco-Italian advance.

Rest of VIII Korps arrives and deploys its artillery. The Austrian advanced guard is pressured on all fronts.

Austrian cavalry push lightly the French far right flank near Porcia. But the vineyards slow any progress here as the massed French in distance keep marching forward.

Porcia sector in combat. Skirmishing cavalry in foreground, massed formations around Porcia.

Frimont’s advance guard cavalry and some light artillery keep the French honest.

Porcia from the French view as Austrian infantry with artillery form up in distance (VIII Korps).

Frenchmen keep coming forward on their left flank. Where is Austrian IX Korps?

Columns of French march forward. Austrian high command confused and has IX Korps been summoned?

General view of the tabletop action. Austrian Volkmann detachment and French Broussier division in foreground. Next is French Grenier division with Sahac light cavalry, Severoli’s Italians and Seras French division near Porcia. Austrian VIII Korps in lines outside of Porcia while the battered Frimont’s advance guard fights in the mid-ground. Austrian IX Korps is nowhere to be seen.

Mid-battle general view

View from the other table end….with Seras division in foreground and the Austrian VIII Korps.

Same view from the other end.

Rob plans his move carefully, positioning the Italian Chasseurs a cheval ready to charge the exposed Austrian front. The Charge is called!

Porcia sector, The Italian 1st Chasseurs a cheval prepare their charge (just above building).

Disaster for the Austrians. Caught unprepared, the Austrians flee, batteries overrun and some Hungarians are chopped down in flight. Rob pulled a great charge off with limited losses. Austrian line is broken in front and a gap appears behind Porcia.

The charge aftermath, batteries seized, Austrians lines rendered with fleeing Hungarians at left.

Rob pushes his Italians under Severoli into the gap. The Austrian front look unsteady.

French and Italians push forward as the Italian chasseurs regroup behind their lines.

In the center the French slow up as they faced the deployed GM Gajoli’s infantry. Skirmishers battle between the lines.

Austrian XIII Korps formed to await the advancing French.

WR missed another photo-op charge by the Italian Chasseurs….this time Rob rips a bigger gap with the seizure of part of the Austrian Korps battery. Those Italian Chasseurs paid for this victory but cause the Austrians to think about their retirement….Where is IX Korps?

Without warning, Rob plays the Italian Chasseurs card again to seize the Austrian cannon.

Austrian infantry defending Porcia. French will not pass here but the late arrival of IX Korps causes an early end to this battle.

Austrians in firm control of Porcia but IX Korps is late to arrive.

Aggressive French movement to “block off” the entrance points of IX Korps and the late arrival of same Korps prevented the Austrians from deploying. So, the Austrians granted a French win for this opening action of the 1809 campaign. Next battle could be Piave 1809 or a re-fight of Sacile with an earlier arrival adjustment of IX Korps.

WR wishes to thank Bob, Rob, another Rob, Frank and his son Daniel for their sportsman like gaming. Fun all round….especially for those Italian Chasseurs a cheval.

Scenario notes can be found on the Sacile 1809 preview post.



6 thoughts on “Battle of Sacile 1809 AAR

    • Glad to see you had a chance to review the effort. Thank you!

      Side note:
      Those crafty French commanders read the scenario instruction….small case of an “and” vs. “or” error by WR. They figured out that the IX Korps could be held (delayed) till noon on the time record by “failure to take Porcia entirely”. Thus, the crossing of row 4 (see map) with the bulk of the French army didn’t trigger automatic release of IX Korps till noon. By noon turn, they were almost across the tabletop and IX Korps couldn’t march in and deploy without hitting French immediately. Interesting game though…even with the Austrians outnumbered. I have since corrected the fine print in the IX Korps instructions to read “or” thus if the French try that movement again, IX Korps is triggered before noon turn and arrival with deployment space is assured.
      Must touch the hat for those Frenchmen…..their plan worked.

      P.S. Either a retry or Piave 1809 may be next.

  1. Once again, a very attractive looking game. Der Kaiserlicks are certainly in trouble without the additional troops. Worth a go a again with the adjusted entry conditions!

    The Battle on the Piave is a very interesting one; did it many years ago and the French walked all over the Austrians… but if they get unlucky with the river crossings… watch out!

    • Thanks Peter for your regular comments,
      A Sacile rematch is in planning. Having my son Daniel jump in and enjoy the game was priceless. He generally is a WWII fan. French high command had the Austrians on a technical it seems.


  2. Nice job guys. Glad to see this battle being played. Having had Bob run me over more than once in miniature games years ago I know the feeling of seeing his team rule the battlefield! 😉

    • Bill,

      Good fun for all even with the French technical victory. Hope to return to this game in near future. Bob had the plan in place for the win. Sacile is one of the few “even” battles (of forces) in the Napoleonic wars.
      Did you join the bolg site for future posts?


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