WR is returning to the Warren…

Been awhile since the last blog post (April 9th). WR has been tasked with some major miniature projects for end of May and produce a HMGS-PSW convention gaming event in June. These projects have sucked all WR’s time for the last few weeks prevent WR from his normal Army of the month and game scenarios posts.

May into June project list includes:

1). Re-base WR’s Ancient Indian army for a Clash of Empires 28mm game May 27th. A sub-continent Ancient Indian vs. Ancient Indian game with all the elephants, chariots and massed Indian spear and bowmen an ancients gamer could want. Currently, WR’s Ancient Indians need some TLC and basing for WAB/COE gaming. A small project…. about 400 28mm miniatures. Easy… rabbit doesn’t need sleep… pass the spackle paste please. [Done]

2). Finish up basing WR’s recently painted American Flames of War 20mm infantry. Two American rifle companies, two American armored rifle companies and their various support platoons. Yes, this old rabbit plays FOW (since 2004) but in 20mm scale. Different from the FOW community in 15mm for sure but a grand convention spectacle every time. FOW is a hit with WR’s son Daniel… he enjoys modern period gaming generally over the old horse and musket or ancients periods. A recent HMGS-PSW FOW 20mm game if interested: Breaking the San Fratello line; Sicily 1943 Link.

General view San Fratello game showing San Fratello ridge.

3). Finish April’s game AAR for the Battle of Granicus 334 BC (28mm Clash of Empires) report. Once WR has the army rosters spreadsheets from David K.. this AAR draft with game photos is complete and ready for warren posting. [Done]

Grand view of starting positions. Persian on left, Macedonians on right.

4). Start work on the massive Battle of Ligny 1815 HMGS-PSW convention game (scheduled for June 30th). This includes organization of the players, organize the miniatures (about 1500 25/28mm required), design and construct some special terrain and create the scenario with tabletop map. No sweat for this old rabbit. Roughed out map design done, 95% of the miniatures located in the group’s collections. Just need to write-up the scenario preview and post. After the game is played in June, the normal AAR to follow. [Done]

Ligny 1815 tabletop map (initial). Each square is 1 foot. The “yellow” border outlines the actual tabletop dimensions. Ligny is the center group of buildings.

5). Complete the overhaul of our gaming group’s Napoleonic game roster spreadsheet. This ties in with the Ligny 1815 project above and future posted game scenarios. Last night I finished the Beta1.3 version which has added features of artillery commanders and engineer officers. A vast improvement over the antique club roster system in previous use. Better format, spaces for actual commander portraits, nation flags, casuality tray command ID “folded tents”, summary data section etc. A small spreadsheet…. just 7 MB worth of excel roster template material. Posted to the WR’s Napoleonic Game Rules and Files section of blog. Link. Just scroll down to find the new excel (Napoleonic Large Army/Corp and Small Army/Corp versions) file link. [Done]

6). Prep for the normal Napoleonic 3rd Sat of the month game on May 19th. I foresee a midnight, last-minute special, coming on…. maybe Spanish and their no brains commanders… WR will be acting the part on saturday. [Done]

Cheers from the warren. More to come soon. I need some sleep.



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