French vs. the Russo-Spanish Coalition

This last weekend WR travelled south with Dan to enjoy a large 25mm napoleonic game, have some time out of the warren, and away from the Ligny 1815 project*. Staged in Bob’s Redondo beach garage / gaming room, the featured line up was an unusual fight with early Imperial French with their Kingdom of Holland ally vs. a weak Russian corp with their Spanish 1805 allies. How the Russians got in this fight is open to much discussion but somehow the English “paymaster” government surely had to be involved.

Since WR is deep in his warren with the HMGS-PSW Ligny 1815 project today, time will only allow a photo AAR, with action comments, for this monthly 25mm napoleonic miniature battle.

For a different game, playing with an early 1800’s Spanish army is fun. Lots of linear formations, second-rate infantry and poor cavalry. Artillery doesn’t bring much to improve the army. Still, they are cheap and loads of Spanish will appear for a level points game and win their share of battles.

Best method to defeat Spanish is “break the glass front”, once they are battered and running they generally never rally back. Chase their cavalry off the tabletop then the infantry and their oxen drawn artillery is pinned in place. WR didn’t have any photos of the far Spanish left flank cavalry action. Wasn’t pretty. The two Spanish cavalry divisions rode up, were charged by the French right flank Chasseurs ‘a cheval brigade… and promptly ran in all directions taking the cameraman with them. Just a cavalry rump remained to “cover” the Spanish flank. This game, apart from the one general central French infantry assault, the Spanish had time to form (dress) their linear army, advance battalion to battalion, and control the center battlefield. With the weak (infantry wise) Russians doing an excellent job on the right flank, the Russian artillery support in the right center, the Russo-Spanish alliance won the field.

Spanish roster: Spanish Roster May 2012 Game (.xls)

Russians had two weak infantry divisions (3 regiments each (6×6 battalions) and their artillery. Attached was a cavalry division with a hussar, a uhlan, and four dragoon regiments plus horse artillery battery.

From WR’s viewpoint, the French had early imperial period with 4 divisions (8 battalions of 8×9), some attached artillery and two cavalry brigades. Kingdom of Holland brought two infantry divisions (4 regiments each (12×6), some attached artillery and cavalry. Dutch reserve was their guard… Guard grenadiers, jagers, and cavalry.

During the game the Dutch guard and one French infantry division never deployed upon the tabletop. They remained in their block form. The Russians and Spanish player side never complained.

Cheers from the warren…


* Ligny 1815 project is the HMGS-PSW summer convention game featuring the entire battle of Ligny. 1500+ 25mm/28mm miniatures on a grand 120 square feet terrain table. Event cards, complete rostered French and Prussian 1815 armies. All are welcome to come and join in. Basic rules and game play will be taught and plenty of dice rolling. WR is planning to broadcast the Ligny game preview and pregame write-up in the next week or so as the draft copy become finalized.

Players are always welcome to join WR and his Napoleonic gaming friends in Redondo Beach. Contact WR via the “About the Wargamerabbit” information page.

HMGS-PSW Summer convention information for the Ligny game: Link


3 thoughts on “French vs. the Russo-Spanish Coalition

  1. Michael,

    Definitely an unusual line up of opponents there; the hand of “Perfidious Albion” must sure have been behind it all!

    I’ll be intrested in the development of your Ligny project, as I see Quatre Bras, Ligny, and Waterloo as part of our 2015 plans… I may actually have to paint some British for the first time in 40+ years of Napoleonic wargaming, LOL!

    • Thanks again Peter for your support.

      Ligny project moving ahead. Finishing up the rosters this weekend. Collecting pictures of the actual battlefield from a friend who has walked the terrain. Collecting portraits of the commanders (for command rosters). Miniatures are ready…. map is next to complete from my initial effort. All will be posted on the warren blog.

      M aka WR

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