Cosseria 1796 videos

WR video’d this special scenario game for the assault at Cosseria 1796. The scenario had three independent assault attempts, each of three normal game turn length. These three assault segments represent the French attempt to seize control of the castle ruins. Being limited to almost all infantry, WR was able to remove the tabletop influence of charging cavalry and artillery.

The complete scenario was posted on WR at: Cosseria 1796

Since the video covered in some detail the Sequence of Play (SOP), basic firepower for infantry (small arms), and the Shock phase, WR has separately posted the You Tube links to this scenario game below.

There are eight 8-10 minute videos in all. That is a lot of video material to watch so WR’s apology is given to all and feel free to skip and poke about.

Part I,    Part II,    Part III,    Part IV,

Part V,    Part VI,    Part VII,    Part VIII

1st Assault segment set up. Cosseria castle April 1796 storming scenario.

1st Assault segment set up. Cosseria castle April 1796 storming scenario.

Our napoleonic game informational videos, files and charts can be reviewed or downloaded on Wargamerabbit at: Napoleonic Game files & videos

The charts referred to in the video series:

NAPCOMB1 June2011,   NAPCOMB2 June2011,

NAPCOMB3 Nov2011,    NAPCOMB4 June2011

Hopefully in the new year WR will have the use of a better video camera.

Meanwhile, WR in the warren


3 thoughts on “Cosseria 1796 videos

  1. I enjoyed these the first time out, although I’ll confess I only got about half way through; I was interested in the overall concepts of how your rules work, but didn’t really need to learn them. 🙂
    I’ll have to save that for a trip to the LA area some day…

    Anyway, I think video works well for some, print for others, and still others, in person is best. Bob Jones did an introductory video to the original; Piquet Master Rules, which was actually very helpful due to the radically new nature of the rules. Of course, it helps that he was an independent TV producer by trade!

    Have a Merry Christmas!


    • Peter,

      First a Merry Christmas and best for the holidays. May your gaming dice find their winning form.

      Yes, a bit long in the tooth for this video attempt. I wanted to play and video the entire scenario just to see if I could do it. Practice for better ideas to come. Still it was a thought to display the game mechanics etc as you mentioned. I forgot several times the “Elite grade over Line grade and the natural rolled “1” morale check (shock combat phase) modifier” adjustments. Tough being the director, film star (hands), audio tech, the voice, lighting and thinking what to say on one take. Still a good effort considering and worth something to a player who has never seen the game played. Hopefully I will have a better HD video camera from the Christmas tree….

      Ho Ho Ho…. WR

      • Thanks, Michael. I tried doing a video of a set up I did of Dresden 20+ years ago; you did much better than I did!

        Hope that HD video camera is under your tree! I am still using my vintage ? 1998 Nikon Coolpix 800; I just got a new Windows 8 computer as an early Christmas present, and was afraid I wouldn’t be able to use it with the new machine, but I found the drivers for my similar vintage Epson Cx 6600 scanner/printer/copier, which also has a card reader for camera media, and that worked great – actually much faster than the ancient USB interface/cable for the camera itself.

        We celebrate today (German/Scandinavian tradition), so time to get ready for the guests!


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