The Leibster and WR current events

A little over a month ago the warren’s news department received notice that head rabbit Michael, aka “Wargamerabbit”, had been nominated for the blog sphere’s Leibster award by the east coast napoleonic gaming wizard Peter (Gonsalvo of Blunders on the Danube) and seconded by James (Waterloo2015 FINS). At that time many local rabbits were “tales abuzz” wondering what this award was all about and much discussion in the bunny ranks. WR, with the holidays fast approaching and a tight family meetings and gaming schedule, thought long and hard how to proclaim to the blogging world and like the US Congress, went over into the New Year of 2013.

Leibster Award

Leibster Blog Award trophy

This humble WR wishes to express his friendship and gratitude to both Peter and James for the Leibster award blogging honor. My grammar school english teacher is rolling over……

Pursuant to the terms of the Leibster award, I will cite the rules:

The rules of the Leibster Blog Award are very simple (with some WR 2013 thoughts):

  1. Copy and paste the award on your Blog linking it to the blogger who has given it to you. (check and done)
  2. Pass the award to your top 5 favorite Blogs with fewer than 200 followers by leaving a comment on one of their posts to notify them that they have won the award (WR has decided to do a proper job in 2013 and carefully select WR’s five favorites from this year’s press releases). WR feels all the great sites he visited and read from during 2012 would need further review to determine the five winners of 2012….WR prefers to read forward and judge the award winners in 2013) 
  3. List your nominations (complete with links) on your own Blog. (Compiling for 2013)
  4. Sit back and bask in that warm fuzzy feeling that comes with knowing that you have just made someone’s day! (WR…warm and cute with long ears and bushy tail)

So, WR has a year-long project, a project with enjoyment for WR (reading fellow gamer blog releases) and with fellow top-notch bunny field agents, select five winners from the mass of wargaming blog articles.

On the subject of current warren events. WR has already established an aggressive gaming schedule for himself;

Aero Hobbies day this weekend for a little 28mm WAB ancients.

In two weekends WR is assisting a local private school’s history club with a mini-gaming convention. Nineteen members, including three ladies, from the school’s AP history club playing three different time periods of gaming during the entire day. Periods covered will be ancients, napoleonics (horse and musket era) and WWII. Should be interesting and the ladies can hold their own on the tabletop.

Planning up a “what if” napoleonic convention game at Strategicon (Battle of Sacile 1809) for mid February.

Planning two games for HMGS-PSW March 23rd convention. First will be a post war (June 1945) FOW game set on a formerly secret german advance weapons testing base. Both the Soviets and USA data collection teams backed by “aggressive support” will be visiting this base to collect and drag away intelligence and material. The former german base straddles the border line between the eastern Soviets and the western USA zones. Local maps are “fuzzy” as to the exact established border position.

… and a small French republican era napoleonic game to round out the evening hours. Maybe one of WR’s Italian series games….. in the works Dego April 1796 if I haven’t played the scenario by then?

Toss in a couple of Clash of Empires 28mm ancients games at David’s in Long Beach CA and the 1st quarter is looking gaming busy while WR attempts to keep up his WR blog writing.

Now WR just needs to figure out who the anonymous donor on TMP was.

Happy New Year and a start of great gaming in 2013.



4 thoughts on “The Leibster and WR current events

  1. Glad to see you claim your well deserved award, WR.

    Quite an ambitious gaming schedule you have there! I am envious, plus in a bit of awe as I know all too well how much time is involved in planning good games.

    As far as the AP History club, if the usual situation occurs, expect the gals to wipe the floor with the boys, LOL!

    I did see one item you *need* for the Warren… from my friend Barry’s blog, the infamous “Trojan Bunny”


  2. HNY Peter!

    WR believes a fast start in gaming sets the tone for the year….. start fast…things get done. Tried the slow approach one year… seems nothing was finished as summer rolled by to my memory. Local conventions tend to be in the first half of the year…. Presidents day weekend, March for HMGS-PSW then May for another regional. Plus the monthly ancients and napoleonic games.

    AP history club generally carries forward from early Fall into Winter then early Spring. Nice offset to the Summer scheduling. And yes…. the ladies tend to know their stuff. One is going to VMI and another MIT or CalTech. Several are university level AP math majors…. beat my computer calculations every time in their heads. They smile as you play them in games… having run the odds before the results are rolled using a slide rule for fun. Bio-mechanical engineers students have self walking Ipads which follow them around, one is called “Rover”. Pity I cannot take photos…. agreed security for student body…. but should make the school paper.

    Yes… the Trojan Bunny from Monty Python fame. The classic siege machine for all time at french castles (in Scotland). WR needs to contact his/her business agent for public WR events…and we know about those “white cute rabbits” and the holy hand grenade.

    Start rolling the dice Peter….

    Michael aka WR

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