Missing Links….

Today WR found out that a whole bunch of his gaming links were inoperable. So with carrots in hand, WR has gone through the past 18 months worth of post and pages to confirm that the links are now operating… and many carrots.

WR wishes to express his regrets to all who attempted recently to find linked material and sites on Wargamerabbit. External links to YouTube and the web sites seemed to be ok in the large…. but many of the napoleonic rules and files were inoperable. Those links and files have been corrected, especially for the large data base of national characteristics.

WR is pondering why…. probably just “flipped a switch” someplace, moved a database file to a new location…. WR is no computer geek and didn’t read the manual.

If visitors to the warren find any inoperable links or files. Please email WR directly from contact info found on the “About the Wargamerabbit” tab.

Hopefully all is well in the rabbit world now. Drinks will be served soon.

Night Undercover Intelligence



2 thoughts on “Missing Links….

  1. Talk about the carrots() and the stick! 🙂

    Links are great, but they do have a tendency to “degrade” with time as sites disappear or migrate, and the myriad inexplicable oddities that creep up as a result of entropy do their dastardly work!

    • Yep… but I think the cause was WR moved a “page” and thus the links didn’t “link” to the new site address location. All the files were still in the WR media files. IT Technical dept reasons I guess. No data was lost. Meanwhile, toasty hot chocolate with small white marshmallows served in the warren (by the “bunny”). Cheers for the New Year.

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