HMGS-PSW Spring 2014 Convention

Well, the HMGS-PSW regional late spring convention is in the books. The convention was held in the Van Nuys CA National Guard armory with lots of active gaming and space to swing arms and dice. WR ran his large Omaha beach scenario with great fanfare and a great bunch of players. Unfortunately the American luck totally deserted the landing craft captains as they remained stuck on the sands of Normandy. This caused a breakdown of the recycling of the landing craft (Omaha /D-Day rules in FOW) to return with the next wave of platoons. A complete AAR on the Omaha game is forth coming on WR next week.

Omaha Beach D- Day Flames of War scenario.

Omaha Beach D-Day Flames of War scenario using 20mm. Opening positions viewed from the eastern end of the 12×6 table.

Other games run at the HMGS-PSW regional convention were:

Check Your Six (several scenarios), Drop Zone “N” Gepanzert rules (15mm), Eastern Front using Fire & Maneuver rules (1/72), Bolt Action with Germans and Russian platoons (28mm), Drop Zone Commander game, Pig Wars – Normans vs. Anglo-Saxons raid (25mm), Norman castle siege using WAB (28mm), Sail of Glory, Warhammer 40k and X-Wing demo games. Complete PEL for the event: HMGS-PSW Overlord 2014 PEL

WR counted about 60-70 bobbing heads during the midday headcount so a reasonable turnout for our HMGS-PSW group. Photos of various games in action as WR toured the room….

Check Your Six aerial scenario "Cabbage crates coming over the briny" RAF vs. German bombers.

Check Your Six aerial scenario “Cabbage crates coming over the briny”. RAF vs. German bombers.

Drop Zone “N”: Picauville 6 June 1944 scenario.

Drop Zone “N”: Picauville 6 June 1944 scenario. American paras vs. stubborn Germans.

Battle On the Eastern Front scenario.

Battle On the Eastern Front scenario. Another Russian vs. German knock drag out the “cat” (litter) brawl.

Bolt Action scenario. Russians vs. the Germans in Eastern Germany.

Bolt Action scenario. Russians vs. the Germans in Eastern Germany.

Dropzone Commander Demo game.

Dropzone Commander Demo game. Theron helps out pointing at something important…..

X-wing Demo Game.

X-wing Demo Game deep in space.

Remember Nelson!

Remember Nelson! Sail of Glory scenario on the high seas.

WR received a Flickr link to additional HMGS-PSW Overlord convention photos: HMGS-PSW 6-14-14. Thank you Anton…

Lastly, a copy of post convention message from the HMGS-PSW convention board:


I wanted to say Thank You to all who came out on Saturday and attended our Summer Convention: OVERLORD. It was a great day of gaming where the World War 2 theme was certainly alive and well in honor of the 70th anniversary of DDay. There was a total of 5 well run WW2 games of both land and air. We also had several other genres represented from Sci Fi, Fantasy, Nappy Ships, Castle Siege for Kids, board games, and Star Wars. All in all, there was something for everyone to play.

The club enjoyed an influx of new members attending a convention of this sort for the first time, not to mention the return of a lot of our old stalwart members. It was certainly a fine mix of new and old. The blend worked out perfectly as there were many veteran members helping out the newbies with rules and tactics. After all, not all of us were born master tacticians. Many of us had to learn the ropes from those who had hung themselves before.

A key highlight was the raffle. We brought in a record sum from this fiesta grande. We have never had so much cool loot donated from our members as prizes. The raffle is always a blast and this one would have made Ralph Patino himself drool at the treasure that was up for grabs. Thanks to all the members who were generous enough to donate prizes.

I also wanted to say thanks for all those who pitched in, as we had a superb team effort in setting up, running the kitchen, and cleaning up. That is what the club is all about!!!

Also, thanks to all the GMs who ran games. Without you, there would be nothing to play. We had some really cool looking eye candy as you can see.

Special props go out to Mike “The Supreme Commander” Verity for running his massive Flames of War Omaha Beach Invasion game. Mike lived up to his rep by putting on a true spectacle indeed, that hosted over a dozen players. It is no easy task running a game of that size and scale.

My only bummer is that we are going to have to wait until October for our next event.


Cannot say much cheer from the warren this time…. as my next post will describe.





6 thoughts on “HMGS-PSW Spring 2014 Convention

    • Laughing….You would lose the concealment factor as the bearskins would stick out over the trench parapet. :-0

      Just added a link to the blog post for more photos taken by one of the gamers (Anton). His camera took lots of “close up shots”. Same link below on this comment.



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