List of Paraded Armies

The following is the initial list of WR’s historical painted armies reviewed on Wargamerabbit. Reviewed armies, with photos and commentary notes, have direct blue links below with more linked material to add in future posts. As for almost all the photos on Wargamerabbit, the individual photo, if clicked on, can be enlarged to full size or enhanced detail (2MB, 2272 x 1704).

Post updated with new links:  Updated 03/01/2016

Ancients to Medieval (25/28mm):  Pending reviews on Anglo-Saxon,  Assyrian, Carthage,  Celtic,  Chinese,  Egyptian,  Germanic,  Greek,  Indian,  Irish,  Japanese,  Macedon,  Nomadic Steppes,  Norman,  Persia,  Pict,  Rome (various eras),  Successors,  War of the Roses.

French Revolutionary Wars (25/28mm):  Pending reviews on Austria,  Batavia Republic,  Army of Conde (Royalist),  British Empire (till 1800),  France Revolution (till 1800), French Armee d’Orient,  Indian Princes,  Northern Italian (till 1800),  North African states,  Ottoman,  Polish Legions (Italy),  Prussia (till 1807),  Russia (till 1807),  Sardinia 1790’s,  Saxony (till 1809),  Vendee Revolt,  Wurttemberg (till 1800).

Imperial Napoleonic (25/28mm): Baden,  Kleve-Berg,  Brunswick,  Denmark,  Hanover + KGL, H.E.I.C,  Hesse-Kassel,  Kingdom of Italy,  Portugal,  Confederation Rhine States,  Sardinia 1814,  Westphalia, 1809 Germanic Insurrection.

Pending reviews on: Austria,  Bavaria,  British Empire,  Duchy of Warsaw,  Dutch-Beligan 1815,  Hesse-Darmstadt,  Holland,  Joseph’s Afrancesados,  Naples,  Prussia,  Russia,  Saxony,  South American,  Spain,  Sweden (Finland),  United States, Wurttemberg,

Flames of War 20mm WWII (20mm): Pending reviews on British Empire,  China,  France,  Germany,  Italy,  Japan,  Minor Powers,  Russia,  United States. Vietnam collection too.

Other Periods:  Pending reviews on Modern Naval (1/3000), WWI aerial, TYW & ECW (15mm),  American Civil War (15mm),  Boxer Rebellion (28mm). Battlefield Evolution (near future 28mm). 

Lots to do. WR will be busy in the coming “years” cataloguing his collections..



2 thoughts on “List of Paraded Armies

  1. Yes, LOTS of posts ahead – I look forward to them! As you know, I have been engaged in much the same thing since I started my blog, and I still have really only covered about half the collection .

    This post lead me to review your awesome Rhinebund contingent. I just ordered the Perry figures to do the Wurzburg IR; perhaps Nassau and Frankfurt in the future!

    I think this collection should take the field for one of your multi-player Napoleonic games, so that every one could say “Who ARE those guys?!” 🙂

    • Peter,

      Ok… CotR posted with maybe extra photos. But I think Westphalia comes first. Just noticed I didn’t even list Westphalia above (opps!, correction needed). Jerome will be pissed that his one miniature Garde du Korps squadron didn’t make the front page photo again.

      The Rhine boys have seen action. Typically towards the rear except for the Nassau, Wurzburg and senior Frankfort battalions. The “who are they” rear dwellers favorites.. Orenburg, Hanseatic militia burgers, Mecklenburg is always confusing. I have screwed up their battalions (mixed miniatures) that they are continuously morale disordered.

      Perry is great…Wish they were around 20 years ago when I painted my Rhineburgers. The modern gamers have it easy compared to the old days.

      M aka WR

      P.S. The real reason…. so my estate can figure out the collection some long day in the future. All miniature bases, and their storage boxes are labelled six ways to and from Sunday. Hope my sons thank me in the afterlife.

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