HMGS-PSW Old Messengers Archive

The Messenger, in its various incarnations, has been the HMGS-PSW club newsletter since 1990 (HMGS-PSW was founded in 1998). Below you will find links to WR’s archive of HMGS-PSW old Messenger publications. The archive contains scans of the known copies of the Messenger from years 1990-2006. These old articles by the HMGS-PSW gaming community deserve to be read and retained in the wargaming world. Each Messenger has been scanned as a separate PDF file for ease of viewing.

1. The following are common repeated articles in the old Messengers: Messages from the Front, Secretary’s Corner, Feedback, Calendar of Events, Club News, Fearless Leader report or speaks, Letters to the (Brave) Editor, From the Cardinal’s Pulpit, HMGS-PSW Meeting notes, New Members list, Want ads… etc. I didn’t identify this information besides each issue number.

2. Coding used below: TOM = The Occasional Messenger, TM = The Messenger, TMM = The Mini Messenger, TOMN = The Occasional Messenger – New series (current HMGS-PSW membership publication). Each followed by the Issue # and date of publishing.

3. Thanks to Fred Rosenberg, Tim Keennon, and Christopher Armstrong who lent some of the early issues for scanning into the HMGS-PSW library files.

Still, the archive listing are incomplete with several missing issues. Any reader with those missing issues please contact WR for scanning in those missing HMGS-PSW Messengers.

HMGS-PSW The Occasional Messenger (TOM) series:

TOM01 and TOM02 missing in collection.

TOM3 Oct90  Articles: E-board comments and convention update.

TOM4 Feb91  Articles: Spring Convention update at Pasadena Hilton, Mailing membership list (are you early HMGS-PSW member?).

TOM5 Aug91 Articles: Rumor killing about HMGS-PSW and Strategicon, WWI “On to Constantinople, Lads”.

TOM6 SepOct 91 Articles: Nov Convention schedule, Newsletter guidelines for submissions.

TOM7 DecJan91  Articles: Convention notes from Fall 91 campaign, Heraclea for DBA, WR’s 1st mentioned 25mm Napoleonics game scheduled for Fall 92 campaign.

TOM8 MarApr92  Articles: Spring campaign briefing, Heraclea DBA part II.

TOM9 Oct92  Articles: 8th Annual Napoleonic convention, Glorious 21st of April naval game, Thoughts on Ancient rules, Celtic invasion of Greece.

TOM10 Dec92  Articles: How Many is a Horde, The Orphan Brigade 1861, Battle of Hradok, On Terrain part I.

TOM11 Feb93  Articles: Somalia 1993, Dicemanship, Painting horses, On Terrain part II, Leuthen day, Question of Standards, Crisis of lead.

TOM12 Apr93  Articles: Napoleonic Tournament OccCon’93, Light Infantry in 1806, Emperor’s Headquarters review, Spring Campaigns report, French Frontier 1870.

TOM13 Jun93  Articles: South Mountain 1862, Wagram 1809, Korea July 1950, Panzer Grenadiers.

TOM14 Aug93  Articles: Mons, August 1914, In the Trenches: Brandy Station 1863, Historicon report, Unchained Demons.

TOM15 Oct93  Articles: Unchained Demons part II, Salamanca 1812 re-fought, Violation of Josephine 1807, In Defense of String.

TOM16 Dec93  Articles: Those Magnificent Men WWI, DBA for SYW, A Funny Thing Happened, HMGS-PSW Bylaws part I.

TOM17 Feb94  Articles: Prussian Column Charge (Nap), Euro Fury 1870, Turret Layouts of the Grand Fleet 1916, HMGS-PSW Bylaws part II.

TOM18 Apr94  Articles: Austrians at Bay (Nap).

TOM19 Jun94  Articles: Small Boat Action WWII, My Friend Chase, National News, Guns, Guns, Guns part I (Nap).

TOM20 Aug94  Articles: Renaissance Tournament, Euro-Fury at Origins 1870, My Favorite Attacks, Guns, Guns, Guns part II (Nap), WWII Small boats.

TOM21 Oct94  Articles: Combat boxes (WWII aerial), HMGS Nation news, Plague & Pestilence.

TOM22 Dec94  Articles: Lord Cochrane in Chile 1818, Into the Cornfield 1863.

TOM23 Feb95  Articles: Snappy Nappy…It’s a Snap, Kilts on the Continent (Fontenoy 1745), Neither Magic nor Minis Dixie.

HMGS-PSW The Messenger (TM) series:

TM24 Apr95  Articles: Re-fighting the Metaurus 207 BC, The Guns at Antietam 1863, Short Canter in Germany 1743, Solo Wargaming, Review of Mare Nostrum, Report on Spring Campaign.

TM25 Jun95  Articles: Re-fighting the Baecula 208 BC, the Guns of Antietam part II 1863, Short Canter in Germany 1743, Command at Sea review, Mare Nostrum part II, Chuck Duggie’s Naval column.

TM26 Aug95  Articles: Refighting Baetis 211B, Keeping that Battle out of control, Battle of Raymond, Waterloo.. Day of Living history, Fine Tuning Fire and Fury.

TM27 Oct95  Articles: Killer Katanas review, Adapting KK for earlier periods, The Naval Column, HMGS Spring Campaign.

TM28 Dec95  Articles: Early Roman Armies, Modern Warfare corner, The Naval Column, Arty Conliffe’s Stand Games…Armati & Shako, Scenarios Busta Gallorum 552 AD, La Souffel 1815.

TM29 Feb96  Articles: Roman Legion part II, Ask Etiquette Eddie, Don’t at Conventions, Scenario Fornovo 1495.

TM30 Apr96  Articles: The Empire’s Last Gasp Vienna 1683, High Cost of 25′s, Return to Rosters, Filming Braveheart, Spring Campaign, Le Petite Emperor review, Gettysburg 1863.

TM31 Jun96  Articles: The Empire’s Last Gasp Vienna 1683 part II, Blairwood, Armati Changes, The Naval Column, Battle of Najera 1365.

TM32 Aug96  Articles: Ironic Victory-Apaches 1698, Scrutinizing Advanced Armati, The Naval Column, Nigel’s Painting Corner, Battle of Bouvines 1214.

TM33 OctDec96  Articles: NashCon’96, US & German Small Unit tactics, The Naval Column, Advanced Armati Errata, Nigel’s Painting Corner, Drive to the Vistula 1939.

TM34 JanFeb97  Articles: French Intervention in Mexico 1861-67, The Naval Column, Siege of Vienna part III, Armies at Vienna; the Turks, Armies at Vienna; the Imperials, The Vicksburg Campaign; three battles in June 1863, Antiquities; a Glance back through Wargaming history, Report on Fall Campaign.

TM35 MarApr97   Articles: New Challenges for Chariots, Review of “Chancellorsville”, Spring Campaign schedule, Antiquities part II.

TM36 JunJul97  Articles: Armati vs. DBM, Spring Campaign’97 debriefing, Introductory Etiquette, Variable Victory for DBA, California Chronicle ACW, the “Wild West” scenario.

TM37 SepOct97  Articles: Historicon 97, Lighting Wars ’97 Con, Labor Day ’97 Con, the Wild West part II.

TM38 OctNov97  Articles: Battle of Eutaw Springs 1781, this Old Workbench, Convention Schedule, Another Warpaint Skirmish.

TM39 FebMar98  Articles: Third Silesia War 1756, HMGS Miniatures Exhibit, This Old Workbench, Great Military Disasters, Convention report, OrcCon 21 schedule.

TM40 AprMay98  Articles: Celebrate History, This Old Workbench, Convention information.

TM41 missing in collection.

TM42 Nov98  Articles: The Good, the Bad and the Unpaintable, The Third Silesia War part III, Paint Contest, This Old Workbench, Convention information.

TM43 Feb99  Articles: The Good, the Bad and the Unpaintable part I, The Third Silesia War part IVa, Do You Remember?, Convention Report.

TM44 Apr99  Articles: The Third Silesia War part IVb, Greatest Generals, Wargaming Addiction, Convention line up.

TM45 Jun99  Articles: Spring Convention Mini-Wars 99.

TM46 Oct99  Articles: Historicon 99 report, Convention lineup.

TM47 Dec99  Articles: APOT & ANVA Spring 63, The Russians are Coming 1942, Third Silesia War part V, Spring 2000 Convention.

TM48 Apr00  Articles: 20 Questions with Tom Dye (Minifigs) part I, Four 15mm M3 Half tracks, Third Silesia War part VI, Fall Convention info.

TM49 July00  Articles: 20 Questions with Tom Dye (Minifigs) part II, Arrogantly Unprepared Korea 1950, Third Silesia War part VII.

TM50 missing in collection.

TM51 Apr01  Articles: Sherman Tank of Victory, Cow Run Johnny Reb III, Battlefront WWII review.

TM52 Aug01  Articles: Report on Historicon 2001, Scottish Knights Templar, Battle of Cow Run part II, Bonzai! Skirmish rules, Fall Campaign Con PEL.

TM53 OctDec01  Articles: Monsieur Davis P’ici (French Intervention in ACW), A Question about the Italian Wars, Paint, Paint and More Paint for Beginners, Too Much for the Mullah AK47, The Dogs of War attack Historicon.

TM54 Mar02  Articles: Italian Series 78 units, How do I get into Historical Miniatures gaming?

TMM Extra May02  Articles: John Curran Farewell dinner, Closing of Emperor’s Headquarters.

TM55 Jun02  Articles: DOK; Right feel for Medieval, Tanks in today’s News, A Bonny Weekend, Whatever Happened to Ancients?, Raising the Dead, Historical Miniatures Gaming…Death Rattle or Deliverance?, The Pope’s Swiss Guard, A Trip to the Desert Wars Convention in Las Vegas 2002.

TMM Extra Jul02  Articles: Historicon is coming, DBA Ancients Tournament, HMGS-PSW extends a helping hand, Big Trouble in Little Brookhurst, HMGS-PSW new Website up, GateWay Con info.

TM56 Aug02  Articles: Sturmpanzerwagon! 1917, The Return of Ancients, Slowly but Surely…the Spear in DBA 2.0, Wargaming Window, The Forgotten French Victory in 1940

TMM Sep02  Articles: HMGS-PSW website

TMM Nov02  Articles: Musing from the board

TM57 Nov02  Articles: AK-47 Meet’s today’s Headlines, The Napoleonic 12 Pounder, Aberdeen Proving Grounds, The Great Debate or My Katyusha battery can take out…

TMM Jan03  Articles: The Year in Review, 2003 Winter Mini-Con, OrcCon info

TM58 Feb03  Articles: Painting Vehicular Minis 101, North Korea: Strategic Balance, Aberdeen Proving Grounds part II, The Great debate Sci-fi or not?

TMM Mar03 missing in collection but the articles were: HMGS-PSW President’s Award to Wargamerabbit…Horray!, Federal NonProfit status report, Spring Campaign 2003 info

TM59 May03  Articles: Gaming the Iraq War, North Korea: Strategic Balance part II, Tanks in the News Abrams MBT, the Long red Line, Hill Making 101…Pork Chop Hill ain’t made of pork chops buddy!

TMM Jul03 missing in the collection but the articles were: Another HMGS-PSW Web site up…the Yahoo Group, The First Summer Mini Con, Product review Military models Co. buildings

TM60 Aug03  Articles: Liberating Liberia AK-47, DBA Version 2.0 Pike & Shot Extension charts and notes.

TMM Aug03  Articles: Special Dog Days of summer issue, Congratulations 2nd Annual DBA Grand Tournament at HMGS-PSW, Gateway 2003 info, Report from the Bay Area Wargaming.

TMM Sep03 missing in the collection but the articles were: Report from the North conquest Con, MiniWars 2003 Fall Campaign info.

TM61 Nov03  Articles: Falling n at Fall in, British Snipers in WWII, British Armored Carrier ACV-IP Mk.1-4, Lee/Grant Medium Tank.

TM62 Mar04  Articles: Spring Campaign 2004, January Mini-Con a hit.

TM63 Jun04  Game Arena’s Birthday bash, 3rd Annual DBA Tournament, Summer Campaign 2004.

TM64 Sept04  Articles: Lionheart Games Grand Opening, Fall Campaign 2004, The Summer of 1813 A Campaign Narrative, GenConSoCal 2004 info

HMGS-PSW The Mini-Messenger (TMM) continues the series:

TMM Dec04 missing in the collection but the articles were: Elections, End of, Let’s talk about conventions.

TMM65 Jan05  Articles: Wargaming Conventions Schedule for 2005, The Shield Convention, Conquest Con, OrcCon 2005.

TMM66 Mar05  Articles: Wargaming Conventions Schedule for 2005, The Shield Convention, Conquest Con, OrcCon 2005.

TMM67 Jul05  Articles: Notes from Spring MiniWars Con, Games Workshop Continues its sortie into Historicals, Gamex Con news, No more supply of GaPa rules from Baccus6mm, New Wargame Tournament Co. forming.

TMM68 May05  Articles: The New Historical Miniature Gamer magazine, New Chinese painting service opens, Fire & Fury Napoleonics.

TMM69 Sept05  Articles: Summer Mini-con a great success, Updates from the Webmaster, Painting tips for Spartan hoplites, Firing Methods used in AWI.

TMM70 Dec05  Articles: Fall Campaigns Convention a Success, OccCon 2006, WWI Artillery vs. Barbed wire, Men at Arms Rules, Sherman tank comparison, What Makes a Good rules set.

TMM71 Mar06  Articles: Report from OrcCon 2006, Daleks take over HMGS-PSW.

TMM72 Jun06  Articles: Notes from MiniWars; the Spring Campaigns, Hollywood & Historical Movies, Hotz Artwork presents, New Supplements for WAB, On the road with Steve Verdoliva.

TMM73 Aug06  Articles: Strategicon Memorial Day Convention, Rumors department, The Best Way to gain interest and get people to show up…, I Rip Your Whiney-Ass Heart out…, Hat Industrie 1/72 Assyrians review, Dragon Expo 2006, James Hill Johns the Real Richard Sharpe.

TMM74 Oct06  Articles: Wargaming with Kids, Report from the FOW Tournament, New Wargame Convention coming, Porn Companies hack into the HMGS-PSW website, Report from Southern Front 2006, Peacekeepers Protect Porterfield AK-47.

TMM75 Dec06  Articles: Report from MiniWars: Fall Campaign, Adventure’ Guild host FOW Tournament, Strategicon sold to New Owners, Report from Gen Con.

Recent HMGS-PSW .pdf Messengers (the New Occasional Messenger or TOMN), and .pdf back issues, can be found on their website: and HMGS-PSW Forum for the membership at large.

Reading material from the warren.



2 thoughts on “HMGS-PSW Old Messengers Archive

    • Carrot eaten… Just finally finishing several posts at the same time to clear the “deadwood” on the posting dept. I tend to think of a subject, make the title headline, write partial notes, comments, even pictures to the blog post page and save. then finally one day I complete and refine the post to publish status.

      This list I did once before for the former HMGS-PSW organization web site. I wanted to make sure the material is keep safe, outside my computer, on now. Some of the old articles are interesting…and they track the history of the West coast miniature world during the 90’s – early 21st century somewhat. There are mentions of WR back in time too.


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