Armee d’Orient paraded

During the 1990’s various gaming and modeling magazines publish articles on the French republican wars, especially on the French Armee d’Orient. Viewing the crazy patchwork of colors and uniform styles for the Kleber period army, WR decided to paint up several units, eventually leading to the near completion of the infantry component. WR decided to hold off on painting the cavalry regiments (dragoons, chasseur, and hussar) till his French Republican army takes final shape, since the cavalry can be used for both era armies. The artillery uniform was basically unchanged so WR uses his artillerymen miniatures from the French Republican collection to man the cannon in Egypt.

Totals 325 miniatures now, almost all painted 25mm Dixon broken down as 309 foot, 16 dromedaries, and General Bonaparte himself at army headquarters. Still have a few minor units to paint; the French Guides and Chasseurs unit for one, the French Ottoman (Syrian) unit, and local France inspired locals. Photos of collection below…. click on to enlarge and again on the photo size coding highlighted for full screen.


The complete 25mm Armee d’Orient infantry collection paraded. Miniatures from the 1990’s Dixon line.

WR’s collection has ten Demi-Brigades of infantry each of three battalions (10 DB of 3×6 miniatures), four Demi-Brigades Legere (4 DBL of 3×6 miniatures), converged battalion of Esclarieurs (1×7), Legion Nautical (ex sailors 1×8), Legion Greek (1×5), Legion Coptic (1×5) and Legion Maltese (1×5). The region specific cavalry or dromedaries is six miniatures. For small-scale desert skirmisher actions, WR painted some DB mounted camel infantry detachments (2×5). Army headquarters has a small sapper group and engineer officer. Each Demi-Brigade has their regimental or battalion cannoneers miniature for attaching battalion cannon.


View from right flank showing 88th DB, 85 DB, 75th DB, 69th DB, 61st, 32nd DB, 25th Demi-Brigades (r to l) in order. Each DB has three battalions of six miniatures.


View from left flank showing 2nd DBL, 4th DBL, 9th DB, 13th DB, 18th, 21st DBL, 22nd DBL (l to r). Each Demi-Brigade (or Legere) has three battalions of  six miniature each plus their cannoneers miniature.


The Dromedary Corps, the Legion Nautical, and the converged Esclarieur btn., The odd miniature behind each Demi-Brigade column is their battalion artillery representative miniature marker.


At right is the Demi-Brigade regimental dromedaries detachments. One miniature for most of the Demi-Brigades. Again the regimental (battalion) artillery markers. Upper left has the three small legions: Greek, Coptic, and Maltese.


Legion Nautical, the converged Esclarieurs, Army headquarters base with Bonaparte, engineer officer, sappers, and the three small legions…. Greek, Coptic, and Maltese.


Rear view of the Dromedary Corps, the Legion Nautical, and the Esclarieurs. the massed Demi-Brigade columns in background.


Rear view of the mounted detachments from most of the Demi-Brigades. Legions upper right and the massed Demi-Brigade columns in background.


The Armee d’Orient rear view parade.


Armee d’Orient storage box. Classical apple box cut down height for size.


Side view of the Armee d’Orient storage box.

Some sources of interest:

Interesting blog site covering the French Armee d’Orient in Egypt by Robert Henry: Demi-Brigades in the Desert. Has campaign, uniform information on French, British, and the Ottomans, scenarios, and battle information, flag templates etc.

Another order of battle file for the early period Armee d’OrientArmy of Orient OOB.pdf

The old Military Modeling magazine articles which set the course for WR to paint his Armee d’Orient when Dixon’s Republican French line miniatures came out in the 1990’s: French in Egypt Uniforms. Osprey also published their French Egyptian Campaign 1798-1801 booklet back then too.

Cheers from the warren.



4 thoughts on “Armee d’Orient paraded

    • Thank you Phil. A long time favorite of mine the Ad’O…. especially since I expanded to cover the majority of the DB and DBL. The sharp light green or pink uniforms always draws the funny look out of gamers… think “Imagination” armies. Originally thought to have a basic “divisional sized” force of 4-5 DB’s. Time as proven a different result with 14 DB/DBL’s now. Fun to game with and a change of pace from the massed european tabletop actions. Hopefully soon I will be able to scenario out the “nameplate” Battle of the Pyramids game when I finish up several new mameluke units. But…. I cannot use these miniatures…. will have to use the dour French republican miniatures and not my men in “pouffe” caps. Boo hiss.

      Thank you again for stopping in the warren.


    • Wargamers got to have camels. Sort of a right of passage on the tabletop. Plus as I mentioned the colorful array of uniforms…. light green, purple, powder blue… more to tease the Ottomans with.

      Your miniatures lie buried in the sands of time…. or they are lurking in your ancients collections.


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