HMGS-PSW Aero Hobby Day

Been a while since WR posted a short report on the local gaming scene here in Los Angeles. So to catch up WR posts a quick report on the HMGS-PSW Aero Hobby Gaming day recently held 1st Sunday of April. Each 1st Sunday HMGS-PSW runs a gaming day at Aero Hobbies in Santa Monica CA…. somewhat near the beach…. couple of miles at most.

Three different games were on tap that sunday. WR ran a small French Republican war scenario with revolutionary French vs. their constant opponent Austria. Basic scenario or meeting engagement on a 6×4 foot terraced battlefield in Italy. In our group gaming terms,  the scenario worked out at 1800 points per team side with the Republican French having two infantry commands (divisions) and two small cavalry commands (brigades)… on each flank. The Austrians roster two main battle-line infantry commands, an advance guard type command, and their reserve of grenadier battalions with a cuirassier regiment.

A few photos of the games in progress. WR will write-up a more detailed report on the Franco-Austrian republican wars scenario on the next blog post.


Franco-Austrian scenario at start. Austrians in foreground, French distant.


Engagement outside the village. Austrian grenadier battalion mass, awaiting the attack orders to assault the buildings while French demi-brigade columns lurk outside of musketry range.

On the center table was a Lion Rampart scenario with several players pushing their faction units in somewhat of a team side environment. Described as a Viking norse or similar raiders against the local shire “impressed defenders”… those so named or chosen to be left outside the local defended stronghold or town.


Lion Rampart scenario with two opposing factions. The raiding Viking norse on left, the local village and shire defenders on right.


Viking seems to like their Dr Pepper drink as they loot the center church. Larry looking up the morale effect of church looting….


Raiders push home on their left while the hill defenders await their commander’s order.

Last game was a variant of Warhammer 40k… Elves vs. the Vampire-Ghoul armies of Adam & Son. Adam has been a long time gaming friend of WR and his involvement in the local gaming scene is well-known… especially towards the introduction of the younger generation towards the gaming world of miniatures. Pushing vampires, mummies and other assorted ghoulish types always a gleam in young player eyes.


Its Elves vs. Vampires with assistance from the mummy league.


Elves making quick work of the first ghoulish group…. but as we know… those undead are hard to keep down from a fight.

Other games seen previously at Aero Hobby days include Check Your Six aerial, the occasional Wing of War/Glory aerial, Western town action with six shooters, South American Liberation wars, Flames of War in WWII or modern eras, some ancient gaming using WAB, Hail Caesar or COE rules, and space engagements. So if not busy on the 1st sunday…. check out the Aero Hobby day for gaming (11pm to 6pm).

Aero Hobbies Game day (Santa Monica): Local gaming store and several HMGS-PSW members gather each 1st Sunday (11am) of the month for a small gaming day covering almost any historical and fantasy period including: CY6, FoW, Napoleonics, WAB2.0, Hail Caesar, 40k, and some western gaming, all seen by WR. Contact Aero Hobbies for exact meeting date as the meeting dates are subject to change at (310) 828-5264 or check the HMGS-PSW Yahoo group above.

Cheers from Aero Hobbies.



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