Mini-Wars HMGS-PSW 2016

Last weekend WR and Daniel travelled to the regional HMGS-PSW for their two scheduled Italian scenarios. Held in a local martial arts studio, the convention had a wild selection of period games highlighted below with photos and brief commentary.



The room on saturday. Seven games in view… 15mm FOW in foreground, the DBA game, Battle of Halle 1806, the X-Wing in distant corner. On the room left side, the Frostgrave scenario, the Fire/Fury 15mm ACW scenario, and finally WR and Daniel’s 20mm FOW Paestum – Salerno 1943 scenario at left.


Opposite view shows the Frostgrave scenario, 15mm Fire/Fury scenario and Paestum 1943 FOW at right. On the left is the 15mm Battle of Halle 1806 scenario, DBA 15mm and in the distance the 15mm FOW Russian scenario. Not seen is the X-Wing scenario.

Saturday Games: Using the actual HMGS-PSW convention program listed game descriptions in Italicized text, WR attached several photos to highlight the tabletop scenarios.

1.) Yellow Beach, Paestum – Salerno 1943
Conducting a nighttime landing against weak German defense, the 141st RCT splashes ashore into a maze of German defenders manning positions and the roman ruins of  Paestum. German shellfire bombards the beach zone, adding to their growing discomfort,
the Texans soon found German panzers roaming into their forward lines. Flames of War 20mm scenario by WR and Daniel Verity.


Scenario Paestum – Salerno 1943 at start, View from the east towards the beaches. Greek-Roman ruins of Paestum at right. The Luftwaffe on standby till the night landing becomes daylight.


Paestum – Salerno 1943 view from the American beaches. The 16th PzDiv. defenders man the beach dune defenses along with the Torre di Paestum.

A full scenario AAR will soon be posted on Wargamerabbit covering the Paestum-Salerno 1943 beach landing scenario action. The scenario design, historical background and scenario notes article on WR: Paestum Landing – Salerno 1943

2.) The Battle of Halle October 17, 1806. The Prussian reserves, under Prince Eugen of Württemberg, had moved to Halle on the River Saale just as Napoleon was invading Saxony from the south. He was still there when Napoleon defeated the Prussians on 14 October at Jena and Auerstadt. Marshal Bernadotte had ignored his orders and spent 14 October marching between the two battlefields. Reprimanded by Napoleon, narrowly avoiding a court-martial, determined to restore his reputation, he attacked the Prussians at Halle. Scale: 15mm. Rules: La Battaile (1806). GM-Dan Munson. 

A previous AAR on this scenario was posted on WR, written by GM Dan M, covering this scenario in detail: Battle of Halle 1806 AAR


French under Bernadotte marching along the roads towards Halle. The Prussian Reserve Korps watch the French arrival and engagement with the Prussian river outposts before Halle.


As the Prussian Reserve watches, their river outpost cavalry charges the advancing French infantry divisional road column. The Prussians won an unexpected victory after hours of combat.

3.) American Civil War: The Battle of Seven Pines, Rules: Fire & Fury Brigade 15mm, GM: Kevin Rounsaville.


Initial contact between the Confederates and the Union armies. Kevin has excellent scenario tabletop for this battle and several other ACW battles.

4.) Flames of War in 15mm.  Eastern Front Summer 1942: Advance Elements of Army Group South are driving toward the Caucasus Oil Fields. Can the Red Army stop the drive? GMs Mark Nicholson and Adam Hammer.


On the open steppes of southern Russia, the advancing German panzers and support encounter the Russian defenders of the Motherland.

5.) Frostgrave 25mm. Amidst the frozen ruins of an ancient city, wizards battle in the hopes of discovering the treasures of a fallen empire. In this fantasy skirmish wargame, each player takes on the role of a wizard from one of ten schools of magic, and builds his band of followers. The wizard’s apprentice will usually accompany his master, and more than a dozen other henchman types are available for hire, from lowly thugs to heavily armoured knights and stealthy thieves. GM Jim Murphy and Don Hawthorne.


Looks cold…… Sharp looking Frostgrave action.

6.) X-Wing scenario by Frank V. for those wishing to fight in a vacuum environment.


Star Wars again. Frank and his X-Wing fighters contest the open vacuum of outer space.

Sunday Games: The convention action continues the next day with several games.

1.) Battle of Castel Bolognese 1797. One of the rarest battles for the era, the armies of the French republic march south into the northern Papal States territory and, across the river Senio, engage the defending Papal States army. Really the only battle fought by the Papal
States army during the entire 1790-1815 period, this 28mm French republican miniature scenario is presented by WR and Daniel Verity.


Castel Bolognese 1797 scenario. Opening scene as the French republican advance guard under J. Lannes, with a horse battery, confront the Papal forces across the Senio river.

A full scenario AAR covering the Castel Bolognese 1797 event will soon be posted on Wargamerabbit detailing the French effort to defeat the Papal forces.


Pigeon view of the opening battle. the French Adv Gd. and cavalry await the arrival of their reinforcements to force the entrench Papal river line.

2.) The Clash of the Giants 1916. The fight between the German High Sea Fleet’s 5th and 6th Battle squadrons vs the 2nd and 4th squadrons at Jutland May 31st 1916. Some of the best battleships on either side including SMS Fredrick der Grosse and the HMS Iron Duke clashed for 22 mins firing at each other through holes in the mist. Scale: 1-2400 Rules “The Day of the Battleships”.


Royal Navy meets the High Seas fleet in the fog and mist of the North Sea. German battleships in left foreground straddle the British capital ships in the distance while destroyers screen.


They were there….. till the mists of the North Sea cloak the ships for the moment.

3.) The Wild West using 54mm miniatures. Bob’s grand game had the local Indians besieging a western fort/outpost, the local stagecoach in distress, and the cavalry riding to the rescue.


A squad of cavalry troopers exit the outpost gate to engage the Indians outside. At top, the chasing troopers head for the stagecoach civilians, unknown that massed Indians lurk nearby.

4.) “Even Death May Die” Rules: “Of Gods and Mortals” demonstration game but space will be made to accommodate players who bring their own OGAM forces. The New Gods of Greece have appeared to challenge the pre-eminence of the Ancient Gods of Egypt. As worshippers clash in the sunlit fields above, Hades and his followers strike against Set and his minions for control of the Underworld. GMs: Don Hawthorne and Jim Murphy.


Interesting OGAM scenario…. different from the classic massed infantry lines.

2.) WWII Eastern Front, Rules: Fire and Maneuver using 20mm miniatures. GM: Mark Deliduka.


Russian front was popular at the convention. Snow covers the ground as the late war Russians attack the defending Germans, holding out in a small village.

Other miniature scenarios scheduled at the convention but alas… WR has no photos of these games:

Saturday DBA 3.0, GM: Harry Dudrow and Andrew Gledhill.

Sunday Pyrrhic War 15mm Ancients GM Tom Black. Few will be remembered a hundred years after they are gone. Fewer still will remembered for winning their way to defeat. Can you do better or will you also win a Phyrric Victory.

Sunday War at Sea. GM Christopher Lundgren. Mighty battlefleets square off across the blue Pacific in a contest game of strategy and skill.




3 thoughts on “Mini-Wars HMGS-PSW 2016

  1. Excellent report and great photographs. It was a lot of fun. We stayed until almost 11:00pm Saturday playing Fire and Fury and talking about all of the friends we saw during the day, and those we missed.

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