WR visits Gamex

This past weekend WR traveled to Gamex 2017 at the Los Angeles Hilton near LAX with Daniel. Daniel had his own Flames of War 20mm scenario to GM with WR’s assistance, then on sunday WR and Daniel had a go with WR’s new 25/28mm napoleonic scenario for the Battle of Gospic (or Bilaj) 1809. More on these two scenario games in future WR posts. While at the convention, WR took quiet moments to walk, with his old camera in hand, visiting the nearby hall and tables covered with other miniature events. So… a quick report.

The main miniature gaming room with view of the general layout and tables. LAX Hilton hotel. The Battle for Troina 1943 table at far right, car wars next, then the Bolt Action group.

Another view of the miniatures hall and at left the start of the board games. White Oak swamp tables in view.

As mentioned, Daniel staged his Battle of Troina 1843 FOW 20mm scenario. WR will future post the Troina AAR and photos but for now here are three camera clicks of the table. Should note that all Italicized text below is from the GM’s game description in GAMEX convention PEL since WR isn’t always sure what the scenario storyline is about.

Battle for Troina Sicily 1943 Flames of War (20mm scale) GM: Daniel and Michael Verity. Battle of Troina (31 July to 6 August 1943), during the Sicilian invasion campaign. Forces of the U.S. II Corps, 1st Big Red Division, 26th Infantry Regt, engaged in fierce fighting around the town of Troina against the German 15th PzGren Division, 115th PzGren Regiment’s defense. Scenario focused upon the engagements on Monte Basilio northeast of Torina.

The entire Troina 1943 20mm FOW scenario board at start. German at left across the dry river bed while the American await the preliminary bombardment rolls.

Mid game, the German panzergrenadier teams are advance under fire across the dry riverbed.

American had off-board 155mm Long Tom battery with AOP flying overhead. Here the Nebelwerfer RL are targeted with bombardment.

Mr. Lincoln’s War ACW Tournament Mr. Lincoln’s War GM: Dan Munson. The White Oak Swamp campaign of the Seven Days Battles. Troop point changes are available at the link below. Author will be present. Point total 350 pts per Division. Suggest you supply both a Confederate and Federal list. Prizes are supplied by two figure manufactures and a hobby store. 1st, 2nd and third place prizes will be awarded.

White Oak swamp scenario and tourney format on two separate tables. Miniatures (15mm) from collection of Steve Phenow. or Dan Munson.

The other White Oak swamp table on first round. Rules are Mr. Lincoln’s war.

White Oak swamp scenario second round of play with players exchanging tables and sides. Made for interesting generalship when play resumed.

White Oak swamp scenario round two. WR understands the second round retreat actions were successful compared to the first round.

Another view of White Oak swamp round two scenario.

Into the Wasteland Car Wars (Homebrew) GM: Robert Hagmaier. Life as a trooper is hard enough out here in the Wasteland – unruly citizens, cycle gangs and the incessant acid rain. Now you’ve been ordered to go chasing after some insane warlord? What kind of name is “Prodigious” anyway? At least you’ll get one of those fancy new cruisers… state of the art, they say. Big reward, too, if you make it. Too bad it’s split between the survivors. Maybe they won’t all make it back…

Open boards, open road, flat terrain, fast cars and cycles….. road rage required.

Other end of the Car Wars table. Several cars are bumper to bumper…. like the local freeways here in Los Angeles.

Lion/Dragon Rampant Blood Bath GM: James Lang. Come play 3 rounds against your opponent. Winner with most points at the end of 3 rounds will be the champion.

Loin Rampart scenario play. Several short tourney games played for the LR champion.

Lion Rampart scenario with enlarged forces to conflict the game mat.

Not to sure of this game looking at PEL. Looks like Malifaux as several are mentioned in PEL

Saga: Battle of Stamford Bridge GM: Roger Stilwell. Side with either Harold Godwinson’s Saxons or Harald Hardrada’s Vikings as we re-fight the battle of Stamford Bridge to determine the rightful King of England. Long may the winner reign! This is a Saga scenario / demo game with new players welcome. All miniatures are provided but feel free to bring your own 4 to 6 point Saga armies.

Viking and Saxons still disputing the Stanford bridge outcome. Anyone seen the bridge?

Uncharted Seas Battles Uncharted Seas 2nd version GM: Jack Hilburn. Come play the game of Fantasy Naval Warfare. 5 fleets haunt the same water, all in search of different goals. Take control of one fleet and get your prize before all the others! All materials provided, new players welcome.

Very colorful table for Uncharted Seas scenario. Stands out across the convention floor.

Seas need islands and local village to dispute ownership.

Secure the Landings – Bolt Action GM: James Lang. Please bring a 1000 point list to play in a 2 round tournament. All armies welcome, but thematically D-Day armies best. Scenario 3 from Battleground Europe will be played. No Artillery units in this event. 1 track vehicle with a damage value of 8+ or less and any number of half track transports allowed. Round one will be the allies assaulting a Causeway and round two will be Allies repulsing a counter attack.

Bolt Action with lively action at the crossroads.

Another road crossing has a traffic dispute being resolved.

Circus Maximus Circus Maximus GM: Jaime Vann. Harken back to the glorious days of ancient Rome! Thundering horses, unstoppable chariots and the roar of a blood-thirsty crowd! Family fun for all! Prizes will be awarded! Most fun you will have all con! All materials provided, no experience needed.

Around the dirt track, the crowd and gamers cheering for the leaders to “have a bad day”.

Spur of the moment Team Yankee game in progress. Wasn’t on the schedule PEL or convention meeting board but the space was available so why not.

Team Yankee…. or if from the southern states…. Team Reb?

Another view of the Team Yankee game in progress.

Sunday convention games:

Battle of Gospic 1809 Dalmatian Campaign Napoleonics (HB/Club) GM: Michael Verity. Gospic 1809 was a small battle in the scale of Napoleonic battles. GD Marmont and Army of Dalmatia advanced after the retiring Austrian “Korps” of Oberst Rebrovic (GM Stoichevich been captured). Near Gospic or Bilaj, the retiring Austrians turned to face Marmont’s advance. After two days of bitter fighting for such small corps, the Austrians finally retire at night, the French happy to see them leave. WR will have the full AAR written on WR soon but here are three photos taken during the scenario play.

Open Austrian movements. Cross the Licca river bridge and advance towards the three rocky outcrops near Bilaj. French skirmishers right foreground herald the French advance to contact.

Faced by one French division, the Austrian bridgehead is contained while another French division marches north towards the hamlet of Barlette (upper right).

Storming the Barlette bridge after the sappers repaired the damaged bridge. The local militia battalion soon put to flight.

Andrew and Adam against surpassed themselves with an excellent Biblical scenario played twice.

HMGS-PSW Presents King Solomon Hail Caesar GM: Andrew Gledhill and Adam Hammer Multi-player, Demo style game in 28mm. An Ancient Israelite army is facing a Philistine Horde on the coastal plain west of Jerusalem. King Solomon’s guile and wit can be a key factor in facing a larger force of well armed warbands and chariots who are seeking to reconquer the Holy Land! Beginners are welcome. All materials will be provided and were painted by none other than “Harold the Great”

Arm of Adam leads his Israeli forces into battle with the Philistines.

Blocks of Philistine warriors run down Israeli skirmishers on the Palm grove side.

The 1st game had both battle lines clashing with a partial overlap. Philistine chariots prepare to charge home.

Israeli army is slowly overwhelmed. but will be back for the second match up.

Second game, both armies marched about and changed axis of front. The Philistines liked the low-rise so encamped…. the Israeli army approaches, then found their own low-rise.

Seems the Philistines liked the Israeli rise better so charged forward with the dense ranks.

Backed by the traveling Ark, the Israelis win their low-rise match up and save the state from another Philistine invasion. Arm of Adam prevails.

Clay O Rama GM: Adam Hicks, Building miniatures out of play doh, then playing a footballesque game to victory or death! How you build your figure determines your stats and abilities! and….

Clay-O-Rama Extravaganza GM: Patrick Sewell, Create you own warrior out of Play-Doh and then battle it out with special attacks such as Poke, Drop, Bowl and the surprisingly popular Alter Limb. Nothing like a sword becoming a poop emoji!. Previous combatants have ranged from snakes to robots with jet packs and flying pigs. All materials provided. All ages welcome, with the youngest players getting a little boost.

Play dough games in action. WR loves this simple but “crafty” game at every Strategicon event.

Kings of War: Incursion of the Great KoW on the fields of Halfling Hills GM: John McManis. The unfortunate and rather embarrassing invasion of Halfling Hill Village by the vampire, Count Von Herbimyre, is for 2000 pt armies. No special characters or allies. League of Rhordian , undead, halflings, and undead halflings will get a 75 cumulative pt. bonus. Victory points will be based on surviving and destroyed point values. Hobbit holes held at the end of the game have hidden prizes in them.

Ancient warfare with a fantasy twist. The Kings of War games are popular.

Another KoW scenario in play. Not too sure if the Hobbits are winning this action.

A Test of Honour – the samurai miniatures game by Warlord. Something new to WR. Attractive miniatures and terrain presentation at the convention.

The Sword of the Master Test of Honor GM: Tim Keennon. Come try Warlord Games’ new skirmish game set in the Age of the Samurai. It’s a race to claim the ancestral sword of the fallen Daimyo to prove your right rule. You must defeat the usurpers and the guardian of the sword to be victorious! All materials provided, beginners welcome!

Test of Honor scenario table during a lull in the action.

Heavy Gear Blitz Heavy Gear Blitz GM: William Stilwell. Just finished painting your Kickstarter mini’s or just want to get a game? Bring a 150 tv list for an opportunity to meet and wage war on other Heavy Gear Blitz players. Up to two rounds.

Panzer warfare in a futuristic setting. Colorful models and miniatures.

Near Hevadorp Sept 17, 1944, Operation Market. Gepanzerte Faust 15mm GM: Stephen Phenow. Remnants of the 2nd Para Battalion, of 1st Para Div. and Royal engineers platoon, supported by a troop of 6lb from the 1st Air Landing Brigade attempts to seize a RR Bridge before moving to Arnhem. They are opposed by several scratch German infantry units and a reduced platoon of Panzers.

Someplace the British Airborne troops are clearing the woods at left, then attempt a Rhine river crossing, to breach the weak and thin German river line.

Found…. one lost British Airborne division lurking in the woods.

As WR and Daniel was leaving the convention, WR saw this growing and impressive castle made of card paper (folded) and construction in progress.

Saw this growing folded card paper castle as WR exiting the convention. Was a grand sight and the interior of the towers and building, floors, walls etc, all on printed stock too.

Cheers from the warren. Next WR attended convention is GateWay in September then after that convention, the local HMGS-PSW regional convention month-end: September 30th and October 1st, being paired with the International Plastic Modeler Society (IPMS) Orange show. WR’s HMGS-PSW convention plan is for two scenarios; a FOW 20mm scenario set May 1945 post war Americans vs. Russians face off. A technology race across the tabletop with “technical” teams backed by their nearby armored forces, with dead-hard Nazi scattered or lurking about, and the unusual models or miniatures from the “haven’t used these yet” collections. Then a simpler, slow-paced, 28mm napoleonic 1806 scenario for the historical Battle of Saalfeld on sunday. WR has a lot to do for these future conventions, paint brush and construction… the whip crack is heard. HMPS-PSW Convention flyer below for details:


3 thoughts on “WR visits Gamex

    • Thx Peter. Finishing up the Troina 1943 scenario AAR this week then tackle the Gospic 1809 battle. Saw the battle listed in your 1809 battle book, triggering me to read Gill’s book (T on the Danube) again. Seems his is the only “english” story line for the battle I found locally. Everything else non-internet was a line or small paragraph. I will do my normal historical byline blog post (including modern day terrain photos dug up), maybe even work on Gracie 1809 as a side scenario, Then the photographic blog AAR action to complete. My Gospic scenario notes (.doc) are done… sort of needed them to run the scenario, cleared up some minor post scenario design conflicts, and will be attached to the blog posting.

      Check back in ten days, puts the pressure on me to type away for first time… “editor’s deadline”….Michael aka WR

      • Thanks, Michael. This just illustrates again what treasures Gill’s books are! They certainly doubled the number of actions in my scenario book,. including some unusual conflicts! Perhaps he’ll b tempted to tackle some other campaigns in similar depth!

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