OrcCon Feb 2018

During the President day weekend WR travelled to Strategicon – OrcCon 2018 to run two different era games with Daniel. Before presenting the AAR for the Flames of War 1945 Operation Overcast revisit and Battle of Halle 1806 revisit, WR presents some photos of the historical games while walking around the convention ballroom and event details from PEL.

Team Yankee Invitational Tournament Day 1 and 2Team Yankee – GM Troy Hill

Day 1 (Rounds 1, 2, & 3) of the Team Yankee Invitational Tournament. You must contact the game master at troyphoto7@gmail.com to receive instructions on how to register for this event. Two day, five round tourney. 70 points for day 1, 85 points for day 2.

Bolt Action TournamentBolt Action 2nd Ed – GM Frank Vassallo and Robert Courtney

Bolt Action Tournament: 3 round, 750 point tournament. Standard army compositions.

Wavre, June 18, 1815Home Brew Rules – GM Robert and Jesse Boyens

Napoleon needs more troops at Waterloo – can the French under Marshal Grouchy prevent the Prussians under Blucher from coming in behind Napoleon’s troops and arrive in time to turn the tide? Or will the River Dye prove too much of an obstacle?

New Hope Church May 25th 1864 ACW The Atlanta CampaignMr Lincoln’s War GM Stephen Phenow

Two divisions of Federals attacked the best division in the Army of Tennessee – Cleburne’s who fought them to a stand-off. Federals remember advancing to the attack through the dripping woods as advancing “into the mouth of hell.” All equipment supplied. Basic wargaming knowledge required.

The extra-large tabletop covered with WH 40k……

Carmageddon 2018Car Wars – Homebrew – GM Robert Hagmaier

The Southern California Autodueling Brotherhood (SCAB) is pleased to announce Carmageddon 2018, the inaugural event of the 2018 season. Eight lucky drivers will outfit their cars with guns before entering the arena for a spectacular battle royale. Get your tickets today! A few driver slots remain available. The winner will receive 20 annual ration cards and $50,000. Losers will receive a $500 burial allowance.

Netepic Warhammer 40,000 MegabattleNetepic Warhammer 40k – GM Peter C.

Epic warfare in the grim darkness of the far future using the Netepic Gold rules system. Netepic Gold is the 5th edition of a fan supported update of the classic 2nd Edition of Epic Warhammer 40k… it’s like 40k Apocalypse but with smaller miniatures.

Muskets and Tomahawks DemoMuskets and Tomahawks – GM Donald Tseng and Eric Duran

Come to the New World, form your war party, and wreak havoc with a musket or the steely end of a bayonet. An excellent system capturing the fog of war and differentiating conduct between European and native warriors. Volleys of fun! 🙂

Big Trouble in the Back of BeyondBolt Action 2nd Ed – GM Mark Stanley and Theron Rohr

Central Asia, 1920! A Chinese Warlord convoy is making a dash towards the township of Urga with important information and reinforcements when it is ambushed by the Mad Baron Ungern Von Sternberg’s ferocious gang of cutthroats. Join the attacking force and try to stop the convoy, or repel the attackers as you race for safety, or you can sally forth with the city guard and help your Chinese comrades. Using Bolt Action 2 rules. 3-5 players, all miniatures provided. Beginners welcome.

HMGS-PSW Italian Wars Participation GameWarlord: Pike & Shotte – GM Andrew Gledhill

Big blocks of pikemen, 20 squadrons of cavalry, flags fluttering over head as cannons roar. All that’s needed are commanders who can roll high, or low, as appropriate.

Circus MaximusCircus Maximus – GM Jaime Vann

Not giving a flip for over 30 years! Harken back to the glorious days of ancient Rome! Thundering horses, unstoppable chariots and the roar of a blood-thirsty crowd! Family fun for all! Prizes will be awarded! Most fun you will have all con! All materials provided, no experience needed.

Operation Overcast 1945Flames of War Ver3.0 Late War – GM Daniel Verity

May 1945. WWII has ended. Allies seek the advanced German technology and scientific minds behind advanced weapons. American and Soviet JIOA / NKGB teams arrive in southern Germany, in no mans land between the pending occupying powers, to find valuable technology and brains behind the development. This is a three-way scenario of likely LW American / Soviet weaponry and die-hard SS Germans with hiding German scientists and technicians. Full details from a previous game AAR:  Operation Overcast May 1945

A new addition…. the German flying saucer unit seen late in the convention game.

Battle of Halle 1806 France vs. PrussiaClub rules – Wargamerabbit aka Michael Verity

The Battle of Halle October 17, 1806 was fought with a French corps led by Marshal Bernadotte against the Prussian Reserve led by Eugene Frederick Henry, Duke of Württemberg. French defeated their opponents across the river Saale, forcing Prussians to retreat generally northeast toward Dessau after suffering heavy losses. That was history, but as gamers the outcome could be different. Full AAR on Wargamerabbit blog:  Battle of Halle 1806

Clay-o-Rama ExtravaganzaClay-o-Rama – GM Patrick Sewell

There have been free-for-alls, team battles, power-ups, and squished gladiators galore! Come see what happens this Con. Everyone will build their own warrior out of Play-Doh and after being given stats and a special ability such as Poke, Drop or Bowl you will battle it out with all the other Claydonians. Most fun you can have at the con that doesn’t involve chariots…unless you make one!

Tim Keennon Memorial Hail Caesar TournamentHail Caesar – GM Mark Nicholson

250 points , 3 units per division (not 4) armies. Loaner armies available. Prizes. Join us for a good time and remembering a friend who left us too soon. Army list from Late Antiquity to Early Medieval and Biblical & Classical books. Any questions or need a loaner army contact Mark Nicholson at clancartoon@gmail.com.

Ship v Ship in the Age of SailSignal Close Action! – GM Robert and Jesse Boyens

Command a ship in the age of sail, from either the infant United States or the venerable Great Britain.

“Is that a Tiger?” Cagny Village, June 18th, 1944Gepanzerte Faust – GM Stephen Phenow

As part of the Battle of Caen’s Operation Goodwood, A British Infantry regiment (supported by a Second armored Battalion Irish Gds Tank Company) encounters a depleted Tiger II company of the 501st Heavy Tank Battalion supporting German infantry Kompanies at Cagny Village. Can the plucky British Shermans prevail? All equipment supplied. 5-6 players. Any skill level. Play with the Author!

Cheers from the LAX convention till the May “Gamex” show.



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