Ancient & Medieval Siege equipment

Between hours of work on a remodelling and construction project, several Flames of War Eastern Front (Stalingrad 1942) tabletop scenarios, and occasional miniature modelling, WR slowly collected the bits and completed models of his 25/28mm ancient war machines, all scattered about in several ancient and medieval apple box miniature collections. From the unbuilt kits storage shed, additional models were added to the war machine collection, while some old models required repairs and partial fabrication of parts, no doubt from years of use in WR’s youth. Quick paint work and applied thin black wash effect left the only task to base the various war machines and apply the local scenic bushes in typical WR fashion. The current war machine collection pictured below pending the painted 25mm / 28mm crew miniatures…. as soon as WR can locate them:

The entire 25mm / 28mm larger war machine ancients collection displayed and looking for a castle or city wall. Small field army (battlefield) machines like Roman scorpion ballista or stone throwers not shown and retained in their army collection storage boxes..

[l to r] Siege mantlets in front cover the second line of stone throwers and ballista. Next in foreground are battering rams, then above them the large trebuchet. Rear line has a crow, small tower, and boiling oil pitchers. Group of siege ladders in right corner.

Reverse view with the trebuchet and large onager or ballista machines in foreground.

Rear view from the crew’s viewpoint. Siege commander miniature has his own personal mobile tower to direct operations.

As for all WR’s collections, the cut down standardized size apple box with compartmentation are used. Note the second box has an “attic” shelf to store the smaller mantlets and other small equipment and a common feature for some collections.

Warmachine apple storage box A with the larger machines.

Warmachine apple storage box B with the smaller machines. Note the “attic” storage shelf insert and a feature of several of WR’s storage tricks.

The lower level of warmachine box B after removing the “attic” storage shelf insert.

Model miniatures come from various sources. Most are the older RAFM 25mm metal kits which can be found on Ebay. Others are the 1/72 OOP Zeveda plastic kits which if found are worth their value, or large resin kits from Grendal models. Time for a siege it seems, as WR has a large 25mm castle or city wall terrain collection to face off the siege war machines, plus the old Siege & Conquest Warhammer Ancients book on the bookshelf.

During September WR heads for Portugal and the Battle of Evora July 1808, a totally hopeless scenario for the tabletop….. veteran French, trained in battle and combat experienced vs. local Portuguese revolt “units” stiffened by Spanish regulars. Calling it a “battle” is questionable so most likely WR will solo play the scenario to avoid embarrassment and can say…. “did that battle” for the scenario bucket list. In reality it was a sharp short duration fight then chasing the fleeing Portuguese and Spanish into Evora, leading to immediate sacking of the city and population massacre. The Battle of Evora was the second “open field” Portuguese battle after the Battle of Teixiera June 1808, and was fought just before the British landed on the shores of Portugal leading up to the Battles of Rolica and Vimiero. The Battle of Vimiero 1808 scenario is scheduled for the upcoming HMGS-PSW regional convention October 13/14th at California State University Fullerton).

Cheers from the warren.


Details and flyer below for the upcoming HMGS-PSW regional convention where WR will stage two scenario games: Battle of Vimiero 1808 (Saturday) and Flames of War 20mm scenario called “Pieper’s Charge”….Battle of the Bulge 1944 (Sunday).

HMGS-PSW 2018 flyer


7 thoughts on “Ancient & Medieval Siege equipment

    • Peter,
      I kept finding the war machines scattered in different boxes. So the weekend project became find the models, expanded to find the unbuilt models too. Was surprised at the number myself when all collected. Rough planning the siege game for early next year….. after my British napoleonic army is finally organized this fall season.

      P.S. Enjoyed your Spanish army review just posted on Blunders….. beautiful collection.

  1. Reminds me of when I used a Pioneer Chicken box to store my few Scruby Russians. Yes, finding nifty ways to stack more cardboard inserts was the way! 😉

  2. Hi Michael,
    Interesting how all the crazy addicted wargamers keep crossing paths. I was just looking at some dark age warmachines for one of my SAGA warbands when I came across your collection and said to myself, “wow this guys as bad as me!” when I noticed it was you! great collection! and how have you been?
    Bill Witthans

    • Hi Bill,

      Yes we are still nearby gamers. Santa Clarita to Northridge via the I5/I405 parking lot. Joking…. the cars do move, slowly to near stop at times.

      Thank you for the comments on my collection habits Bill. We are totally alike knowing your work but I still think your Chinese town board with overhead matching theme lanterns tops my efforts. This equipment collection came about from gathering all the time stored boxes of medieval stuff, from different shelves, closets, and storage locations. Sorting out the equipment pieces, placing as one collection, in one storage box, was the plan. This was all caused with my move to Northridge near CSUN, with its storage space to consolidate all the collections under one roof. So the great “what’s in this box” surprise started, even with my habit of labelling everything so the labels can fall off. Need stronger/better glue.

      As for me, been quiet in the gaming scene for the last six months. Estate issues, construction of the new game room, doing the collections transfer while “what’s in this box”, some work. Just living. Hope that YR2019 ended the gaming drought. Gamer with a new gaming room….. what could be better for YR2020!

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