HMGS-PSW Fall Convention

WR attended the regional HMGS-PSW Fall 2018 convention last weekend (held at CA State Fullerton University) and posts a brief report on the variety of miniature gaming here in So. California. The full and complete HMGS-PSW Fall 2018 PEL .pdf, including two days of scheduled games, local hobby stores information, and other local So. California conventions set in future:   Mini Wars 2018

The local Orange County Register newspaper article on the HMGS-PSW convention .pdf file: Tiny Battles

WR photos of the games, in the main hall Pavilion, with a quick late morning walk about during a lull of his Vimeiro 1808 scenario. WR has copied the actual GM PEL description in italicized script for background on the photos and scenario game photographed in progress. In the other main rooms, several very active tournaments of Saga, Bolt Action, Flames of War (4th), and Team Yankee played across multiple tables.

Marston Moor 1944: The Battle of Marston Moor was the largest battle fought on English soil: It was England’s Gettysburg. Our game will be 28mm miniatures using Pike and Shotte rules.

Year 1100 Crusader Castle Assault: This is another San Diego Historical Miniature Wargamers Con quality game! 28mm Crusader Castle assault! The Sword of Islam has taken the city but there are Crusader holdouts in the Citadel. Will the relieving force make it in time before the Citadel is lost? Or will the Saracens keep them at bay while they have a surprise of their own. Scenario loosely based on the final Battle of Jaffa. You need only show up with a good attitude and willingness to have fun! All figures, dice and measuring tools will be supplied! Lion Rampant rules are *very* easy to learn and within 15 minutes you’ll be an expert in the mechanics! Saracen or Crusader, who will take the day?

Shenandoah Valley 1862: During the American Civil War (1861-65), Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley saw a series of military clashes as Union and Confederate forces attempted to gain control of this vital area. It is 1862 and somewhere in the Shenandoah valley, two equal sized armies have just encountered each other at 06:00. The surrounding area has vital supplies which must be kept out of the hands of the enemy. This game will introduce the principles of Civil War Combat and the combined use of infantry, cavalry, and artillery. To make the game interesting the objectives will not use victory points but have real prizes. For example, if you capture the hog farm you’ll get a snack of Slim Jim jerky, the corn field will get ya corn nuts! Other prizes will be awarded as well. Let’s have fun and learn the period and principles of the American Civil War.  WR note, the miniatures are 25mm.

Operation Martlet June 1944: On 26 June 1944 forces from the British 49th Infantry Division, “The Polar Bears”, supported by tanks from the 8th Armoured Brigade continued their part of Operation Martlet. This attack was intended to protect the flank of Operation Epsom, General Montgomery’s plan to encircle Caen, due to commence on the 26th.Meanwhile, German forces from the elite 12th SS Panzer Division, unaware of “Epsom”, were preparing to launch their own attack in order to regain ground lost in the previous week’s fighting. The result was a head on clash of armor and infantry which would last all day, resulting in heavy losses for both sides before the British secured their objectives, forcing the Germans back on the defensive. Within a week General Montgomery would cancel his attacks, having failed to encircle the city of Caen. WR note the tabletop miniatures are 15mm.

Battle of Tsushima 1904: In 1972 Brian Stokes was introduced to Joe Stuck and his ‘Battlefleet Rules. They were great, relatively simple to learn, and even though they are not complex they provide amazingly accurate results. He put this game on at Historicon a few decades ago and the only difference in the outcome was that a different battleship than the Tsaravitch, but of the same squadron, sunk.

WWI Wings of Glory: The WW1 series of Wings of Glory is an easy, fun to play, fast and furious system which you will be able to start playing in minutes! Innovative game mechanics encompass planes with very different flight capabilities and firepower, while still keeping the flow of the combat simple and fun. With an original maneuver and combat system, Wings of Glory delivers fun and historical battles in the skies of WW1.

Battle of Kadesh 1274 BC: Didn’t see the written PEL comments for this scenario so WR guesses the Battle of Kadesh. Great looking “spur of the moment” game using larger 15mm miniatures.

Chariot Race at the Circus Maximus: It is such a beautiful Sunday morning. You should gather your friends and head to the Circus Maximus for a chariot ride. Just two and a half laps around the track. What could go wrong?

Naval Action with the Boyens: Another excellent “spur of the moment” game ready to send out the naval press gang for players. Beautiful miniatures with all the rope tarred rigging.

Battle of Corinth 1862: Confederate Van Dorn attacks Rosecrans at Corinth, Mississippi, for a second day. Price’s Confederate Division broke through the Union inner defenses and entered the outskirts of Corinth itself. Van Dorn threw all of his reserves into the battle, but the streets of Corinth proved to be an effective obstacle and the attack eventually ran out of steam.

Lastly, WR’s own saturday game featuring the Battle of Vimeiro 1808 with son Daniel.

Days after the Battle of Roliça, near the village of Vimeiro, Wellesley’s British army was attacked by a French army under General Junot. The battle began as a battle of maneuver, with French columns attempting to outflank the British left, but Wellesley was able to redeploy his brigades to face and defeat the French flanking assault. Meanwhile, Junot sent in two central columns but these were forced back by sustained volley and a fighting in Vimeiro village.

Opening deployment before the village of Vimeiro. British hold the low ridge as the French infantry brigades approach. Note the token 20th Light Dragoons wheeling to charge.

British 20th Light Dragoons charge the open French flank. But the veteran French battalion formed square so, after testing to halt the distant charge, the 20th LD pulled up short.

French assault the ridge and along the roadway to Vimeiro. Both French assaults proved successful, leading to the French occupying the near building soon afterwards.

After the assault. The British forward ridge line is breached. Soon the French will assault the village and seize two front buildings, and occupy the church briefly till the British counterattack.

The eastern British brigades (wooden blocks) await the French flanking columns near Ventosa farm atop the low hill. Vimeiro village in distant background.

Vimeiro play continued into the afternoon. After arrival of the French flanking columns the British slowly retired to separate the armies. Then the British senior leadership changed with the arrival of Sir Harry Burrand fresh from his ship, therefore ending the battle with a drawn result.

For Sunday WR game mastered with his son Daniel the large Flames of War 20mm Peiper’s Charge 1944 Bulge scenario. That photo laden AAR soon to be posted on Wargamerabbit but for now a couple of photos.

Peiper’s Charge, Bulge  December 1944: This game format is a gauntlet scenario where the German player starts the game with a seriously huge task force and tries to make it to the end of a long table through roadblocks and demolished bridges. The American player has a series of small forces to spring on the Germans. The scenario is designed to be played along three tables which represents the path Peiper took in the cold winter of December 1944. It begins at Lanzerath, where the heroic stand of 18 men and four artillery observers from Lieutenant Lyle Bouck’s Intelligence and Reconnaissance Platoon held up the 3. Fallschirmjägerdivision for 20 hours

The eighteen foot table in full display. Germans have to drive from lower left to far table edge in 25 tabletop turns.

Artillery barrage lands on the Americans positioned in Stavelot. German panzer await their moment to storm the town.

Beyond Stavelot, the American hidden towed TD platoon deploys and quickly is engaging the German advance while being bombarded.

A brave American rifle platoon attempts to slow down the massed German panzers along a cold wintry road.

Convention as always was loads of fun with good attendance. Gamers from Nevada, Arizona, and the deep south San Diego club, all seen tossing dice across the scenic tables with the greater Los Angeles groups.

Next year the HMGS-PSW convention, at the same location, scheduled for October 2019.



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