About the Wargamerabbit…

Brief notes…

Started into gaming with Panzerblitz (AH) 1969 as a young lad.

Miniature collection started in 1971….to date the painted collection numbers into the tens of thousands+…generally in 25/28mm scale. Some 15mm TYW, ECW and ACW armies and the large 20mm FOW based collection. All started with a Victoria Station (London) news vendor purchase (in 1971) of John Tunstill’s booklet “Discovering Wargames”.

Periods of interest include;  Ancients to Dark ages (25/28mm using WAB 2.0 or COE), TYW and ECW (15mm), WSS & some SYW (25mm), French Revolution to late Napoleonic wars (25/28mm), ACW (15mm), WWI (Wings of War 1/144th), WWII 20mm/1/72nd using core FOW rules, and finally, a collection of 1/3000 modern naval.

Wargamerabbit himself commanding Ottomans at Gaza 1799.

Eugene and WR discuss the American end game strategy.

WR discuss the American team strategy during Roncey Pocket Normandy 1944 FoW scenario.

Team Fez aka Ottoman... Daniel and WR.

Team Fez aka Ottoman… Daniel (son) and WR.


WR playing Ottomans again. Battle of Aboukir 1799.

Home warren located in Northern Los Angeles, California USA.

WR has fast transport for arriving at the game in style, on time and ready for action. Plenty of space for armies, terrain and drafted fellow gamer. VP & member of local Simi Valley Corvette club: http://www.simivalleycorvettes.com

  aka the “Big Carrot”

Interested in restoring his old 1969 Nova from days (and nights) of high school. Restoration project details and documentation found on Nova69Project blog.

After the battle… WR, like the commanders of the period, enjoys the grand ballroom scene. Avid social dancer with the ladies.

If interested in joining the WR at one of his gaming events….either COE, WAB, FOW(20mm), or Napoleonics, just email or call WR (Michael) at the phone or email address below. Willing to computer video conference link (AIM or iChat) for discussion on the napoleonic game rules and game design.

WR aka Michael

(818) 742 5228 cell

mrverity58 (at) yahoo.com   [Note: Replace the (at) with the @ symbol if sending email.]


7 thoughts on “About the Wargamerabbit…

  1. Hello WR
    Gregg here Fred and myself will be there on Saturday. Cam you email a address to me so i can mapquest it . please add me to email list.

  2. Hi guys, my name is Bill Pavely, i live in Tunbridge Wells Kent, England. I have been very interested in some of the COE games! Myself and a few of the lads play COE all the time , so if you would like the odd game pictures from us, that would be great! We also play Flames of War a lot. We usually play 2500 pts of COE, and 2000pts of FOW. The Early war games are much more fun, as nothing is immune to the enemy!!! All the best for now.

    • Bill,

      Always interested in COE gaming, including photos. Our COE games tend towards a larger format of team vs. team of players, using 4-6k in points. FOW is another area of fun gaming, but I use a 20mm or 1/72 scale for my miniature collections. Creates a different game overall, the artillery not as effective and the assaults have smaller numbers involved in the rounds of action. Still, very enjoyable.

      Email address on my About the WR page.

      Michael aka WR

  3. Thanks for the reply chaps! I will try and send you some pictures of our games from the last few months! we tend to use only 2500 pts. as a rule at the moment, but we may be doing some bigger games later. In the near future, i am organizing my friends to all do an Crusades army, around 1250 A.D. We will be getting started after the summer, so i can send more pics as and when!!!! All the best for now,Bill.

  4. Hi Michael, Will be visiting my son Erik and wife Shelley in San Pedro July 22nd August 7th.
    I posted on TMP and you replied re getting in contact.
    my email is warlord@es.co.nz
    Please email your contact phone number and email address and I will endeavour to make contact after arriving in LA.
    I hear that there is a heat wave of record breaking proportions in California at the moment, here in Christchurch New Zealand at the moment it is 40F ( 5C) with sleet. Glad we have a log burner..

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