Gamex 2018 convention

This year WR could only attend the Strategicon Gamex convention on Sunday, instead of the normal Saturday and Sunday for the four-day event. So his brief convention report can only show and describe the Sunday games seen briefly while running (with Daniel) his 20mm Ludendorff – Remagen Bridge FOW 1945 scenario. The direct PEL comments copied below, with photos.

Remagen Bridge 1945 – Flames of War Ver3.0 Late War

Arriving before the intact Ludendorff bridge at Remagen, the American elements of the 9th Armored Division received orders to rush the bridge with explosive charges in place. Charging across, the lead platoon tried to clear the charges, saw the lit fuse,…. and bang, the bridge erupted in blast and smoke. The rest is history as those same dazed Americans created a beachhead across the Rhine. Will history repeat? For More information:

Start of the Ludendorff Bridge scenario. Complete details on separate blog article with many turn by turn photos. See link above in text.

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OrcCon Feb 2018

During the President day weekend WR travelled to Strategicon – OrcCon 2018 to run two different era games with Daniel. Before presenting the AAR for the Flames of War 1945 Operation Overcast revisit and Battle of Halle 1806 revisit, WR presents some photos of the historical games while walking around the convention ballroom and event details from PEL.

Team Yankee Invitational Tournament Day 1 and 2Team Yankee – GM Troy Hill

Day 1 (Rounds 1, 2, & 3) of the Team Yankee Invitational Tournament. You must contact the game master at to receive instructions on how to register for this event. Two day, five round tourney. 70 points for day 1, 85 points for day 2.

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FOW Barbarossa 1941 Mega game

Back on the 29th of July, WR and Daniel drove over to the scheduled Flames of War Ver3.0 Mega Game 1941 Barbarossa scenario hosted by Bruce and company at Games Empire Pasadena. Being “centralized planned minion Soviet players” to the larger actions surrounding both Daniel and WR at the event, we both charged forward as ordered into the teeth of the German defenses.

Scenario Basics: Per WR’s understanding of the scenario, we the Soviet side are attacking the overly extended German panzer (panzer grenadiers) lines. Once the Soviet assault begins, the German reserves arrive at predetermined locations to repel the Soviet onslaught. Both the German and Soviet teams had one player in charge to design (purchase) their several company sized commands, their local reserves, and the backup of divisional support (artillery and rockets). Their FOW Ver3.0 group rules have counter-battery abilities, “across the Volga” off-board artillery, and several AOP and spotting observers placed within both teams lines (see below). If a complete OOB for both the Soviets and Germans is located, WR will amend this article posting. Additional Russia 1941 scenario infomation from Bruce’s hand can be read here: Mega Battle Starya 1941 Russia notes

WR sits in the middle (cream shirt) as Bruce (black T) looks over Daniels deployments right of WR. Closer view of the “C” shaped table design.

A more panoramic view of all six 6 x 4′ tables. Robert, Beau, and Lance (l to r) stand on the German table side. Daniel taking the photos today.

Basic outline for FOW 1941 Russia Mega Battle scenario map as drawn by Bruce (GM). Soviets have the interior table edge and deployment zones. the Germans are on the outside perimeter.

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Bloggers, Clubs & Conventions in California

Easy method to promote the historical gaming community in Southern California and WR’s eye on the local historical miniature bloggers and their posts. Also, a handy location to store the links to the California miniature gaming and convention events, both in Northern and Southern California. Links highlighted in bold blue text if known and in no particular order below.

Historical Miniature conventions and local wargaming stores in California:

HMGS-PSW: The local HMGS chapter for Southern California and Arizona region. Their HMGS-PSW Yahoo group generally contains more information on the local events and discussion.

Strategicon group (Los Angeles – LAX): Three conventions per year each of four days in length. Orccon on President’s day weekend, Gamex on Memorial Day weekend, and Gateway on Labor Day weekend. Mostly board-games and RPG but a small historical miniature group valiantly keeps their historical miniatures presence at each convention. WR occasionally GM’s a scenario at these conventions when family time permits.

Kingdom Con (San Diego): Mixture of role-playing, board games and miniatures (fantasy and historical). Set for April.

Kublacon (San Francisco): Based on past event schedules this Memorial Day weekend convention is fast becoming the historical miniatures convention on the western coast. WR has been to this convention and enjoyed the gaming except for the overcrowding and poor parking availability – the convention organizers are working on the expansion and crowd issues.

Pacificon (San Jose): Another regional convention held over the Labor Day weekend. Small group of No. California historical miniature gamers alway put on games at this convention.

Conquest Sac & Conquest Avalon (Sacramento): Another excellent regional convention with great miniature gaming. Conquest Sac held mid March and Conquest Avalon during November.

DunDraCon (San Ramon): Mixed board games, RPG, and miniatures convention like Strategicon above. Normally held during the President’s Day weekend.

San Diego Historical Games Convention (San Diego): Mixed board and miniature gaming convention held mid November.

Games Empire (Pasadena): Local gaming store in Pasadena CA. A great local gaming event and met fellow gamers location. Gaming tables for open and group play within store. WR hasn’t had the opportunity to stop in but friends have told WR the owner (Chuck Robbins) is very supportive to the gaming hobby.

Aero Hobbies Game day (Santa Monica): Local gaming store and several HMGS-PSW members gather each 1st Sunday (11am) of the month for a small gaming day covering almost any historical period including: CY6, FoW, Napoleonics, WAB2.0, Hail Caesar, and some western gaming, all seen by WR. Contact Aero Hobbies for exact meeting date as the meeting dates are subject to change at (310) 828-5264 or check the HMGS-PSW Yahoo group above.

The War House (Long Beach): Old fashioned local gaming store run by Steven Luckey in Long Beach CA and regularly seen in the dealer hall of local conventions. Tables in store rear for the gaming community and the wargaming stuff on the walls. WR is unaware of any local gaming group which bases itself out The War House.

Brookhurst Hobbies (Garden Grove): The local mega hobbies and gaming store in Southern California. Link goes to their Facebook page which tends to cover the gaming activities held at Brookhurst Hobbies by Brookhurst Gamers.


Blogger & Gaming Club links in Southern California:

The Warren (San Fernando Valley): Hey, one must plug the WR’s gaming group too…but if you are reading this you already know of the WR, his blog, and his gaming activities.

St Crispin’s Irregulars (Anaheim): Apart from their meetings held every month in their meeting hall (Knights of Columbus), this group travels about to other local hobby stores and puts on games. All types and periods of historical gaming.

Dogs of War (Burbank): A local long establish group of gamers with superb terrain and miniatures. This group is a private group/club and supportive in the local So. Californian gaming community. Group/club membership “dues” go directly towards their ever-growing miniature and terrain collections and club expenses. Tends towards Pirates, Victorian pulp, and Colonial era (19th century) gaming but recently jumped into the SAGA gaming scene with a group sponsored SAGA tournament held at Games Empire (Pasadena).

Winser’s Wargaming page (Manhattan Beach): Duke Winser’s blog covers his gaming in several historical horse and musket era periods. The fun part is reading about his local high school student group learning history and gaming.

Santa Clarita Wargamer: Dave’s blog covers a wide spectrum of historical gaming. HYW to ACW then into the WWII period seems to be his favorite eras. A local blogger, just in the northern valley to WR.

Historical (Santa Clarita): Bill Witthans historical miniatures site and commentary on the his local gaming scene. Bill is an excellent terrain maker, miniature painter, and ex HMGS-PSW club president.

Drum Barracks Civil War Battles Group (San Fernando Valley): Steve Phenow’s civil war battles group based out of the historical Drum Barracks in Wilmington CA and the San Fernando valley.

League of Extraordinary Miniature men & Malefric’s Musings (Pasadena): Local historical blogger and small new 28mm napoleonic gaming group in Pasadena CA.

Bengal Club: (North SFV): A Victorian and Colonial era gaming group with links into the Dogs of War and Historical Hobbies groups. Known locally for their occasion “safari run” to local conventions with wild and fun convention games.

Friday Night Board Gamers: Friday Night Board Gaming (formerly Friday Night Dice) is a meetup for everyone who likes board games. If you’re new to board games, our friendly gamers are happy to teach you how to play. We play basic European board games like Settlers of Catan, Ticket To Ride, etc., and more advanced games like Suburbia (with all expansions), Power Grid, Clash of Culture, Saint Petersburg (Second Edition), and Castles of Mad King Ludwig. Also war games & card games.


Other sites of special note or interest (and regular visitors to WR warren blog):

Blunders on the Danube: Peter Anderson’s world-famous site, outside of CA,, especially on the 1809 Austrian campaign. Informational and loaded with historical uniform detail and battles of many periods.

DCHWargamesblog: Burkhard’s blogging site loaded with painted historical miniatures (all periods), scenario gaming, and his devotions into other gaming topics.

Association – Les Riflemen: The French connection in wargaming. Phil’s jaunty site covers many historical periods and always fun to read his blog posts while looking at his fabulous collections.

Don’t throw a 1: Ray Rousell’s blogging site with long time featuring of horse and musket era gaming. Part of the famous “Posties Rejects” team of gamers…. don’t ask.