HMGS-PSW Fall Convention

WR attended the regional HMGS-PSW Fall 2018 convention last weekend (held at CA State Fullerton University) and posts a brief report on the variety of miniature gaming here in So. California. The full and complete HMGS-PSW Fall 2018 PEL .pdf, including two days of scheduled games, local hobby stores information, and other local So. California conventions set in future:   Mini Wars 2018

The local Orange County Register newspaper article on the HMGS-PSW convention .pdf file: Tiny Battles

WR photos of the games, in the main hall Pavilion, with a quick late morning walk about during a lull of his Vimeiro 1808 scenario. WR has copied the actual GM PEL description in italicized script for background on the photos and scenario game photographed in progress. In the other main rooms, several very active tournaments of Saga, Bolt Action, Flames of War (4th), and Team Yankee played across multiple tables.

Marston Moor 1944: The Battle of Marston Moor was the largest battle fought on English soil: It was England’s Gettysburg. Our game will be 28mm miniatures using Pike and Shotte rules.

Year 1100 Crusader Castle Assault: This is another San Diego Historical Miniature Wargamers Con quality game! 28mm Crusader Castle assault! The Sword of Islam has taken the city but there are Crusader holdouts in the Citadel. Will the relieving force make it in time before the Citadel is lost? Or will the Saracens keep them at bay while they have a surprise of their own. Scenario loosely based on the final Battle of Jaffa. You need only show up with a good attitude and willingness to have fun! All figures, dice and measuring tools will be supplied! Lion Rampant rules are *very* easy to learn and within 15 minutes you’ll be an expert in the mechanics! Saracen or Crusader, who will take the day?

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FOW at Games Empire

During the last quarter, WR has travelled to Games Empire (Pasadena CA) for several of Bruce’s 15mm Flames of War 1942 scenarios played over successive weekends. Bruce’s FOW Ver3.x group typically, like WR’s, play a themed scenario which recently has focused on the Eastern Front of 1942. Several gaming days featured large multi-table team force structured scenarios such as: Approach to Stalingrad, the outskirts of Stalingrad, in Stalingrad itself, and soon forthcoming the Soviet counterattack. Now the group has expanded their history period to Kursk 1943.

Several games photographed below. First the 1942 Stalingrad scenario with every building or ruins displayed on the tabletop. WR played the part of assaulting the large foreground building, which was heroically defended by Bruce. After many turns of close quarter action in and around the large building….. the Germans lost and were forced to regroup for another day.

The Stalingrad scenario. WR’s initial force lower right posed to assault the large building.

Opposite end of the Stalingrad scenario. Scattered platoons occupy the ruins.

WR’s hasty floor diagram to handle the multi-floor action inside the large building. Bruce was impressed with AR’s artwork for his building model. Ground floor action was hot and heavy.

Enterprising Soviet teams cross the main street to seize buildings from their former German occupants.

The volume of shooting across the main street never really let up during the scenario play. Soon as one soviet team was hit…. another team advanced to retain their position.

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Gamex 2018 convention

This year WR could only attend the Strategicon Gamex convention on Sunday, instead of the normal Saturday and Sunday for the four-day event. So his brief convention report can only show and describe the Sunday games seen briefly while running (with Daniel) his 20mm Ludendorff – Remagen Bridge FOW 1945 scenario. The direct PEL comments copied below, with photos.

Remagen Bridge 1945 – Flames of War Ver3.0 Late War

Arriving before the intact Ludendorff bridge at Remagen, the American elements of the 9th Armored Division received orders to rush the bridge with explosive charges in place. Charging across, the lead platoon tried to clear the charges, saw the lit fuse,…. and bang, the bridge erupted in blast and smoke. The rest is history as those same dazed Americans created a beachhead across the Rhine. Will history repeat? For More information:

Start of the Ludendorff Bridge scenario. Complete details on separate blog article with many turn by turn photos. See link above in text.

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OrcCon Feb 2018

During the President day weekend WR travelled to Strategicon – OrcCon 2018 to run two different era games with Daniel. Before presenting the AAR for the Flames of War 1945 Operation Overcast revisit and Battle of Halle 1806 revisit, WR presents some photos of the historical games while walking around the convention ballroom and event details from PEL.

Team Yankee Invitational Tournament Day 1 and 2Team Yankee – GM Troy Hill

Day 1 (Rounds 1, 2, & 3) of the Team Yankee Invitational Tournament. You must contact the game master at to receive instructions on how to register for this event. Two day, five round tourney. 70 points for day 1, 85 points for day 2.

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HMGS-PSW 2017 Convention

HMGS-Pacific SouthWest or PSW recently held their regional convention at California State University Fullerton in conjunction with the Orange Con International Plastic Modellers Society (IPMS) convention (Sept 30th-Oct 1st). WR ran two scenario games at the convention, the large Flames of War “Operation Overcast May 1945 Americans vs. Soviet” game using his 20mm collections, and a much smaller Battle of Saalfeld 1806 French vs. Prussians event in 25/28mm. WR is in the process of sorting photos and remembering the event of the day for his two events. Full reports to come shortly. In the meantime, here are some photos of the tabletop games with their event GM’s verbiage from the PEL.


Operation Overcast May 1945 U.S. vs Soviet Union. GM – Michael and Daniel Verity. Rules – Flames of War Ver3.0 MRB using WR’s 20mm miniatures instead of the normal 15mm. Description – Russo-American “technology grasping” scenario. Basic plan or scenario has three “four area zones” of German technological research, each with the latest modeled German late war drawing board stuff, their technical staff running about, and some diehard Nazis teams to mess up the works. Americans and Soviets enter the table from several points of entry, seek out the “technical stuff, or better, the technical staff teams, and quickly exit the board with their loot or captives, then return for more. The Nazis teams of course with aim for their German “traitors” and there will be conflict as to which side grasp what or “desires” what the other side is trying to escape with, and “push the gun barrel” and “loud shooting” which could lead to a shooting misunderstanding. They of course will call in their supports if threatened…

If interested, the Operation Overcast May 1945 preparation for this event scenario is written up on Wargamerabbit.

One end of the tabletop showing the Mittelwerk mountain factory, Camp Dora at left, and the V-1 and V-2 launching sites with model of rockets. The central aerodrome in distant.

The other end of the table showing the Kummersdorf II Panzer proving grounds and distant aerodrome above. Electrical transmission towers a nice touch and different terrain.

The central aerodrome with all the latest in Luftwaffe technology on display for the active American and Soviet researching teams transiting the tarmac.

A SS team opens fire on trucks carrying German scientist and technician “traitors” while American Pershing platoon looks on.

Later in scenario the Americans come under heavy Soviet artillery bombardment while securing the Kummersdorf II buildings.

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WR visits Gamex

This past weekend WR traveled to Gamex 2017 at the Los Angeles Hilton near LAX with Daniel. Daniel had his own Flames of War 20mm scenario to GM with WR’s assistance, then on sunday WR and Daniel had a go with WR’s new 25/28mm napoleonic scenario for the Battle of Gospic (or Bilaj) 1809. More on these two scenario games in future WR posts. While at the convention, WR took quiet moments to walk, with his old camera in hand, visiting the nearby hall and tables covered with other miniature events. So… a quick report.

The main miniature gaming room with view of the general layout and tables. LAX Hilton hotel. The Battle for Troina 1943 table at far right, car wars next, then the Bolt Action group.

Another view of the miniatures hall and at left the start of the board games. White Oak swamp tables in view.

As mentioned, Daniel staged his Battle of Troina 1843 FOW 20mm scenario. WR will future post the Troina AAR and photos but for now here are three camera clicks of the table. Should note that all Italicized text below is from the GM’s game description in GAMEX convention PEL since WR isn’t always sure what the scenario storyline is about.

Battle for Troina Sicily 1943 Flames of War (20mm scale) GM: Daniel and Michael Verity. Battle of Troina (31 July to 6 August 1943), during the Sicilian invasion campaign. Forces of the U.S. II Corps, 1st Big Red Division, 26th Infantry Regt, engaged in fierce fighting around the town of Troina against the German 15th PzGren Division, 115th PzGren Regiment’s defense. Scenario focused upon the engagements on Monte Basilio northeast of Torina.

The entire Troina 1943 20mm FOW scenario board at start. German at left across the dry river bed while the American await the preliminary bombardment rolls.

Mid game, the German panzergrenadier teams are advance under fire across the dry riverbed.

American had off-board 155mm Long Tom battery with AOP flying overhead. Here the Nebelwerfer RL are targeted with bombardment.

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Strategicon – OrcCon 2017

Catching up with the recent gaming activities for WR. First is a quick report on the  Strategicon – OrcCon convention held every President’s Day weekend near LAX (Los Angeles airport). WR and his son Daniel GM’d two scenario games during the OrcCon convention. A Flames of War 20mm Salerno 1943 game and a small French Republican scenario called the Battle of Gaza 1799. Historically, the Gaza battle was a minor action but General Bonaparte made a bulletin mention of his “victory” so WR made his unusual scenario.

Calore River Crossing – Salerno 1943 Flames of War 20mm scenario run by Daniel (son of WR). Some teasing photos pending the full WR write-up on this hard-fought battle.

Calore River crossing – Salerno 1943 HMGS-PSW — Sat 11 am — Flames of War 20mm GM: Daniel Verity. Salerno – Calore River crossing 1943 Flames of War 20mm scenario based upon the efforts of 2nd Battalion, 179th RCT to advance across Calore river, block German access to Highway 19 near Serre, and link up with rest of their 179th RCT taking a different route towards Ponte-Sele and Serre. All gamers welcome. [Copied from the Orccon program book]

Calore River crossing 1943 scenario at start. A hard-fought tabletop action had four players enjoying the afternoon. Americans at right with first move, their German opponents at left.

Mid game with the arrival of the German StuG III armor. The red markers dotting the tabletop denote casualties on both sides.

Battle of Gaza 1799 run by WR. Having played this scenario years ago, the French and Levant Ottomans are facing off again. Will the Levant Ottomans win this time and repulse the French coastal advance towards Arce? This scenario went the distance with both sides having success and failures. Full WR report with photos to follow soon.

Battle of Gaza 1799 French vs. Ottomans – HMGS-PSW — Sun 11 am — Napoleonics 28mm GM: Michael Verity. Fun scenario with the French Armee d’Orient, under General Bonaparte, marching towards Gaza (Acre) and encountering portions of the Ottoman army of Damascus, under Jezzar Pasha, defending the sandy coastal hills. All gamers welcome, experienced or inexperienced.

A turn or two completed, the French arrival triggers some Levant Ottoman cavalry to advance and slow the French infantry columns and screening cavalry.

Battle in full swing about mid game, the Mameluke cavalry lines up to charge home. Sharp swords gleam in the sunlight. French heads to lop off…..

During the convention live gaming hours, WR made quick walk around trips to see the nearby miniature tables. Photos taken and brief game photo description of the action posted below. Continue reading

Mini-Wars HMGS-PSW 2016

Last weekend WR and Daniel travelled to the regional HMGS-PSW for their two scheduled Italian scenarios. Held in a local martial arts studio, the convention had a wild selection of period games highlighted below with photos and brief commentary.



The room on saturday. Seven games in view… 15mm FOW in foreground, the DBA game, Battle of Halle 1806, the X-Wing in distant corner. On the room left side, the Frostgrave scenario, the Fire/Fury 15mm ACW scenario, and finally WR and Daniel’s 20mm FOW Paestum – Salerno 1943 scenario at left.


Opposite view shows the Frostgrave scenario, 15mm Fire/Fury scenario and Paestum 1943 FOW at right. On the left is the 15mm Battle of Halle 1806 scenario, DBA 15mm and in the distance the 15mm FOW Russian scenario. Not seen is the X-Wing scenario.

Saturday Games: Using the actual HMGS-PSW convention program listed game descriptions in Italicized text, WR attached several photos to highlight the tabletop scenarios. Continue reading

Strategicon – Gamex 2016 convention

Last weekend WR and his son Daniel GM’d two historical scenario games at Strategicon – GAMEX Los Angeles regional convention. The southern California Strategicon group runs three regional multi-day conventions every year on different weekends: OrcCon on President’s Day weekend, Gamex on Memorial Day weekend, and Gateway on Labor Day weekend (Strategicon). Each convention has the full slate of games offering board games, card games, miniatures (historical and fantasy), roleplaying, collectables, and computer based games. Link to PEL copy: Gamex 2016 files

Gamex 2016 Book cover

Strategicon – Gamex YR2016 booklet covering the entire convention events. See link for .pdf copy.

Historical Miniature Gaming Society – Pacific SouthWest chapter (HMGS-PSW) sponsors and recruits local gamers to run their miniature games at Strategicon every year. This year the selection of games covered ancient times to the near modern era. During the convention on Saturday and Sunday, WR had brief moments during his own convention scenarios to quickly walk about the miniatures gaming room and photograph some of the games while in progress. Continue reading

HMGS-PSW Aero Hobby Day

Been a while since WR posted a short report on the local gaming scene here in Los Angeles. So to catch up WR posts a quick report on the HMGS-PSW Aero Hobby Gaming day recently held 1st Sunday of April. Each 1st Sunday HMGS-PSW runs a gaming day at Aero Hobbies in Santa Monica CA…. somewhat near the beach…. couple of miles at most.

Three different games were on tap that sunday. WR ran a small French Republican war scenario with revolutionary French vs. their constant opponent Austria. Basic scenario or meeting engagement on a 6×4 foot terraced battlefield in Italy. In our group gaming terms,  the scenario worked out at 1800 points per team side with the Republican French having two infantry commands (divisions) and two small cavalry commands (brigades)… on each flank. The Austrians roster two main battle-line infantry commands, an advance guard type command, and their reserve of grenadier battalions with a cuirassier regiment.

A few photos of the games in progress. WR will write-up a more detailed report on the Franco-Austrian republican wars scenario on the next blog post.


Franco-Austrian scenario at start. Austrians in foreground, French distant.


Engagement outside the village. Austrian grenadier battalion mass, awaiting the attack orders to assault the buildings while French demi-brigade columns lurk outside of musketry range.

On the center table was a Lion Rampart scenario with several players pushing their faction units in somewhat of a team side environment. Described as a Viking norse or similar raiders against the local shire “impressed defenders”… those so named or chosen to be left outside the local defended stronghold or town. Continue reading