HMGS-PSW Old Messengers Archive

The Messenger, in its various incarnations, has been the HMGS-PSW club newsletter since 1990 (HMGS-PSW was founded in 1998). Below you will find links to WR’s archive of HMGS-PSW old Messenger publications. The archive contains scans of the known copies of the Messenger from years 1990-2006. These old articles by the HMGS-PSW gaming community deserve to be read and retained in the wargaming world. Each Messenger has been scanned as a separate PDF file for ease of viewing.

1. The following are common repeated articles in the old Messengers: Messages from the Front, Secretary’s Corner, Feedback, Calendar of Events, Club News, Fearless Leader report or speaks, Letters to the (Brave) Editor, From the Cardinal’s Pulpit, HMGS-PSW Meeting notes, New Members list, Want ads… etc. I didn’t identify this information besides each issue number.

2. Coding used below: TOM = The Occasional Messenger, TM = The Messenger, TMM = The Mini Messenger, TOMN = The Occasional Messenger – New series (current HMGS-PSW membership publication). Each followed by the Issue # and date of publishing.

3. Thanks to Fred Rosenberg, Tim Keennon, and Christopher Armstrong who lent some of the early issues for scanning into the HMGS-PSW library files.

Still, the archive listing are incomplete with several missing issues. Any reader with those missing issues please contact WR for scanning in those missing HMGS-PSW Messengers.

HMGS-PSW The Occasional Messenger (TOM) series:

TOM01 and TOM02 missing in collection.

TOM3 Oct90  Articles: E-board comments and convention update.

TOM4 Feb91  Articles: Spring Convention update at Pasadena Hilton, Mailing membership list (are you early HMGS-PSW member?).

TOM5 Aug91 Articles: Rumor killing about HMGS-PSW and Strategicon, WWI “On to Constantinople, Lads”.

TOM6 SepOct 91 Articles: Nov Convention schedule, Newsletter guidelines for submissions.

TOM7 DecJan91  Articles: Convention notes from Fall 91 campaign, Heraclea for DBA, WR’s 1st mentioned 25mm Napoleonics game scheduled for Fall 92 campaign.

TOM8 MarApr92  Articles: Spring campaign briefing, Heraclea DBA part II.

TOM9 Oct92  Articles: 8th Annual Napoleonic convention, Glorious 21st of April naval game, Thoughts on Ancient rules, Celtic invasion of Greece.

TOM10 Dec92  Articles: How Many is a Horde, The Orphan Brigade 1861, Battle of Hradok, On Terrain part I.

TOM11 Feb93  Articles: Somalia 1993, Dicemanship, Painting horses, On Terrain part II, Leuthen day, Question of Standards, Crisis of lead.

TOM12 Apr93  Articles: Napoleonic Tournament OccCon’93, Light Infantry in 1806, Emperor’s Headquarters review, Spring Campaigns report, French Frontier 1870.

TOM13 Jun93  Articles: South Mountain 1862, Wagram 1809, Korea July 1950, Panzer Grenadiers.

TOM14 Aug93  Articles: Mons, August 1914, In the Trenches: Brandy Station 1863, Historicon report, Unchained Demons.

TOM15 Oct93  Articles: Unchained Demons part II, Salamanca 1812 re-fought, Violation of Josephine 1807, In Defense of String.

TOM16 Dec93  Articles: Those Magnificent Men WWI, DBA for SYW, A Funny Thing Happened, HMGS-PSW Bylaws part I.

TOM17 Feb94  Articles: Prussian Column Charge (Nap), Euro Fury 1870, Turret Layouts of the Grand Fleet 1916, HMGS-PSW Bylaws part II.

TOM18 Apr94  Articles: Austrians at Bay (Nap).

TOM19 Jun94  Articles: Small Boat Action WWII, My Friend Chase, National News, Guns, Guns, Guns part I (Nap).

TOM20 Aug94  Articles: Renaissance Tournament, Euro-Fury at Origins 1870, My Favorite Attacks, Guns, Guns, Guns part II (Nap), WWII Small boats.

TOM21 Oct94  Articles: Combat boxes (WWII aerial), HMGS Nation news, Plague & Pestilence.

TOM22 Dec94  Articles: Lord Cochrane in Chile 1818, Into the Cornfield 1863.

TOM23 Feb95  Articles: Snappy Nappy…It’s a Snap, Kilts on the Continent (Fontenoy 1745), Neither Magic nor Minis Dixie. Continue reading