List of After Action Reports (AAR)

Here is a listing of all the After Action Reports (AAR) written by WR and posted on the Wargamerabbit blog. I have broken out the AAR list into several time period bands or subject along with a special category list of the monthly napoleonic scenario games held at Bob’s garage in Redondo Beach CA. Should be noted several of WR’s AAR have YouTube links embedded in the reports. WR’s ancients gaming group used the old Warhammer Ancient Battles (WAB Ver1.5) till recently we switched to Clash of Empires rules (COE).      Updated 03/12/2021

Ancients and Medieval era AAR (COE):  Battle of Mantineia 362 BC, Battle of Granicus 334 BC, Megalopolis 331 BC, Nola 216-214 BC, The Batavian Revolt 70 AD, Bagradas River or Mercenary War 240 BC., Battle of Dara 530AD.,

Unspecific Ancient battles: Sparta vs. Persia,  Etruscan State vs. Early Republican Rome,  North (WR) vs. South (DK) Ancient Indian,  Spartan Revolt vs. Macedonians,  Late Spartan Greeks vs. City State Greeks,  Late Hoplite Greeks vs. Achaemenid Persian,  Republican Rome vs. Seleucid,

Pike and Shot era AAR:  Pending a report 🙂

French Revolutionary wars and the later Imperial period WR uses his Ver2.0 Napoleonic rules found on this blog. For Bob’s monthly game day, the older Ver1.0 Napoleonic version is used (mostly differences in the morale tests using % vs. d10 ratings, artillery ammunition, and cavalry charge effects). While WR’s tends to run specific historical battle scenarios, typically Bob’s games are pick-up games, therefore are generic in scenario labeling or title.

French Revolutionary wars AAR:  Battle of Voltri 1796,  Battle of Voltri 1796 revisited,  Battle of Montenotte 1796,  Battle of Dego 1796,  Cosseria 1796,  Lodi 1796 like, Battle of Castel Bolognese 1797,  Battle of the Pyramids 1798,  Battle of Gaza 1799,  Battle of Gaza 1799 revisited,  Battle of Aboukir 1799,  Battle of Alexandria 1801, Arronches 1801,

Imperial Napoleonic era AAR:  Saalfeld 1806,  Halle 1806, Halle 1806 revisited,   Battle of Halle 1806 (Dan),  Battle of Teixeira 1808,  Battle of Alcolea 1808,  Battle of Alcolea 1808 revisited, Evora 1808,  Battle of Sacile 1809 revisited,  Battle of Sacile 1809,  Battle of Gospic 1809,  Battle of Klagenfurt 1809,  Battle of Raszyn 1809,  Battle of Raab 1809, Gefrees 1809,  Battle of Salamanca 1812,  Battle of Wartenburg 1813,  Battle of Gilly 1815,  Battle of Ligny 1815,

Non-historical FRW and Imperial era scenarios: Tussle in Republican Italy 1798,  Westphalia vs. Imperial France 1812 era,  France vs. Russia 1812 era,

Bob’s Napoleonic AAR:  Austro-Sardinians hold! 1796,  Lucky Saxons 1806,  French vs. Russians 1807 era,  French & Allies vs. Russians 1812 era,  France vs. Russia 1812 era,  Two Farms: French vs. Prussians 1815 era,  France vs. Russo-Prussian 1813 era,  French vs. Bavarians 1815 era,

Nonspecific napoleonic era scenarios at Bob’s:  Ottomans, Spanish and Bavarians,  French & Danes vs. Austria, England and Russia,  French Allies vs. Grand Alliance,  French vs. Russo-Spanish Coalition,  French & Allies vs. Austrians, Center Hill,

Generic scenario and designs:  Multiple Tables scenario, Doubles Game Napoleonics,  Napoleonic Training scenario 1,

For 20th Century gaming WR generally has used the Flames of War (Ver3.0) rules but with his 20mm WWII collection of miniatures instead of the common 15mm miniatures. Some adaptations on infantry team basing and minor rules tweets made for the game.

20th Century era FOW AAR: Western Desert 1940, Breaking the San Fratello Line Sicily 1943,  Battle of Troina Sicily 1943,  Paestum Landing Salerno 1943,  Ordeal of 179th RCT Salerno 1943,  Calore River Salerno 1943,  Calore River Salerno 1943 revisited,  Valmontone Italy 1944, Valmontone Italy 1944 revisited, Cole’s Charge Normandy 1944, Roncey Pocket Normandy 1944,  String of Pearls Normandy 1944,  Barkmann’s Corner Normandy 1944,  Re-Assault on Hill 105 Brest 1944, Assault on Hill 105 Brest 1944,  D-Day Omaha Beach Normandy 1944,  St Algnan de Cramesnil Normandy 1944, Pointe du Hoc Normandy 1944,  Eastern Front (Blocking) 1944, Station 19 Eastern Front 1944, French Countryside 1944, Singling Lorraine 1944,  Peiper’s Charge Bulge 1944, Pz Brigade 150 Bulge 1944, Stoumont Bulge 1944,  Ludendorff Bridge (Remagen) 1945, Ludendorff Bridge “Hollywood” 1945,  Festung Breslau 1945,  Operation Overcast May 1945,  Operation Overcast 1945 Pt II,

20th Century era Bolt Action AAR: San Pietro, Italy 1943, Italian Village, Italy 1943, Canaryville Normandy 1944,  Hedgerow Normandy 1944,

Other Land Periods AAR:  Marne Battle 1914,  Belleau Woods – Hill 142 June 1918,

Naval Period AAR: Pending a post….

Cheers from the warren.