Member of HMGS-PSW (Historical Miniatures Games Society – Pacific SouthWest).

Check out HMGS-PSW’s website / blog and Yahoo group sites.

Their new site at and HMGS-PSW Yahoo Group 

Monthly games WR typically supports and attends are:

Napoleonic 25 / 28mm group meets on 3rd Saturday in Redondo Beach, CA (Bob’s Gaming Garage). All armies are available for play so contact WR for details.

Napoleonic Game Flyer

Warhammer Ancient Battles (WAB) or recently played Clash of Empires (COE) on 1st weekend every month at David K’s (Long Beach, CA) residence. David and WR have large collections of 25 / 28mm ancients so miniatures are not required to join in.

Ancients Gaming Flyer

Multi-period gaming at Aero Hobbies (Santa Monica CA) on 1st Sunday every month. Adam H. runs this organized group of active gamers. Ancients, Colonial, FOW and Check your Six (aerial) are the common core games. Details on the HMGS-PSW sites above or this link Many Ways to Wargame Locally.

St Crispen’s Irregulars (Anaheim, CA) have their monthly “Hobby Day” event on the 2nd weekend. Again, all periods of gaming can be found with the St Crispen’s Irregular membership. Details on this link and the HMGS-PSW sites above.

WR enjoys Flames of War (WWII) using his 20mm scale miniatures.

A miniature wargaming 101 video worthy of a glance: Miniature Wargaming 101 

Some recruiting posters:

Come out, join the action with the local Southern California groups!


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