Napoleonic Rules (Ver 1.0 Basic game)

During the late 1980’s. WR started the process of typing out the napoleonic rules into a rulebook format plus all the charts and tables needed. Using Word Perfect as the word process program, the process was done over a period of years ending with a basic set of typed rules covering the major components of the game. Minor or “everybody” knows rules were sidelined for future typing work, which in general was never done. The typed rules were xeroxed, placed in large white (and blank) three hole binders along with a constant series of updated charts and tables which evolved over the following 1990’s. Monthly rule updated material was posted at the group meetings. This became known as the Version 1.0 or “The Rules” or “the Basic game” within our small group of napoleonic gamers. These rules have continued in use since the original 15 copies were distributed among the group members. Since that day, the “old rules” have been lost, discarded or travelled to parts unknown but the core group members have the rules somewhat engraved upon their chests. WR has his Version 1.0 rules binder and pages of notes, charts and tables since he has become the defacto historian of the group’s materials and gaming lore.

In recent years, WR has started Version 2.0, “the Advanced game” of the rules. See the main Napoleonic rules & files tab for these rules and videos. His efforts have been posted on this blog site for the free use and web-based access. Updated charts, tables, graphic displays, modern-day You Tube video links etc have enabled WR to provide this source of instructional material on his favorite game. A reason for this recent effort has been the slow decline of the “memory” of the Old Guard players. Little things have tended to cause discussion and without a written source hard to establish a base point. This is good in the WR’s view, since it has caused a renewal of the game interest and caused a review of some of the old rules. Streamlining of the game mechanics has come about and better explanation of the rules themselves has evolved which is leading to the material on WR.

To this day a name or title for these rules is lacking. WR is in no hurry to name them…. The Rules seems to fit the need for our small group.

WR continues with his recent progress of documenting the game, write / typing up the material, creating videos explaining the rules and concepts, and updating the charts and tables. He is the one man band….with friends always willing to game test his far-fetched ideas. Comment and inquiries are always welcome via the links found on “About the Wargamerabbit tab”.

Below, WR is posting the original draft Version 1.0 rules (.pdf). Readers should bear in mind these are still a draft version of the napoleonic rules, changes over the recent years may or may not be reflective on these .pdfs. These rules do form a strong base and understanding of our napoleonic group game.

The Old Guard…. Bob Siegel and Kevin Crozier started the concept of working with the old SPI Wellington’s Victory (ca.1976) game into a miniature game. Basing some miniatures, kicking out some basic game mechanics etc. Over the next few years a similar unit valuation method like the old Empire I game (early form of CMR), percentage based morale and firing systems, sequence of play from the old SPI naval game (USN ca.1971) lead to the basic foundation stones of the early years. WR gives thanks to this group of great friends and gamers. Their friendship and direct assistance towards the “rules project” cannot be understated over the 30+ years the group has enjoyed gaming together (founded 1977). Just playtesting the game mechanics and enjoying the game leads to a better game (in WR’s view). Over the years the game mechanics have evolved into two sub-versions of the game. The original rules used a percentage method for morale testing and unit rating (old school). WR evolved a quicker method using a 10D system which is presented in his Version 2.0, “the Advanced game” of the rules. This came about with the constant need to quicken the game and ease of explaining the morale rules to newcomers of the hobby. Modern rules have tended towards the simplicity method of rule writing and instruction. WR follows this line of thought so is always looking for ways to streamline the rules body. Either method gives the same game, and ease of learning both methods shouldn’t hamper the player group.

Members of the Old Guard: Ted Berquist, Dave Beymer, John Greer, Dan Hazelwood, John Huff, Doug Karalun, David Komatz, Robert Nelson, Chris Osborne, Paul Say, Bob Siegel, Frank Villaorlad, Michael Verity (WR), Ty Villenave, Carl & George Weisinger. We remember our deceased members; Red Beam, Kevin Crozier and Neil Langan who play, dice in hand, now in the afterlife.

To the napoleonic game rules, Version 1.0, “the Basic game” .pdf format, as produced and written / typed during the late 1980s to early 2000 below:

Old Rule Book Contents

Section 2.0 Notes

Section 3.0 Basing & Playing Area

Section 4.0 Command Structure

Section 5.0 Sequence of Play

Section 6.0 Movement

Section 7.0 Facing

Section 8.0 Formation

Section 9.0 Infantry Formations

Section 10.0 Battle Map and Tabletop Deployment

Section 11.0 Fire Combat

Section 12.0 Shock Combat

Section 13.0 Orders

Section 14.0 Commanders (Officers)

Section 15.0 Morale

Section 16.0 Terrain rules

Section 17.0 Supply

Section 18.0 Night Combat Rules

Section 19.0 End of Battle & Battleday Interphase

Section 20.0 Visibility and Weather rules

Section 21.0 Water (River) Crossing rules and Bridging

Section 22.0 Fires in Terrain

Section 23.0 Engineering Rules for Siege & Constructed Positions

Section 24.0 Appendix A

Note: The following were rule changes, clarifications or proposals dating back 25 years. Some were used during campaigns or special scenarios. Others were added into the main rule body with changes or as is. Refer to the main rule body of work or the most recent NAPCOMB charts for current values. 

Section 25.0 Amendments Skirmish Line #1 June1986

Section 25.1 Amendments Skirmish Line #2 July1986

Section 25.2 Amendments Skirmish Line #3 Jan1987

Section 25.3 Rule Changes & Proposals May1996

Section 25.4 Recent rule Changes & rule Proposals Nov1996

Cheers for the warren….. carrots are good!


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