Napoleonic Game Rules (Ver 2.0 Advanced game)

A collection of YouTube training videos, typed files, and excel (MS .xls) spreadsheets showing basic rules and concepts of our Napoleonic wargames.  All videos can be located under YouTube account name MrPzDuke Link or click on blue link (URL address) given below.

Important note: The files and videos below are only in a generalized and clustered format order.  Since WR’s local napoleonic gaming group has continuously been using these rules, with updating and clarifications over the years since 1977, this is WR’s second major attempt to actually write down or video the major game components. WR calls this Version 2.0 or the Advanced game. The first attempt, Basic or Version 1.0, was written back in the late 80’s was a large Word Perfect document without pictures or images which now is the basis to write this second attempt. Slowly the process has led to the following files and videos. Once WR has all the basic components covered, WR plans to write out a complete modern .pdf or MS Word .doc, with diagrams, images, photos cross linked to the text, to finalize the actual rules. Feel free to use the gaming concepts found below. Some may seem dated by today’s gaming complexity…but they work. If you wish to learn more or discussion about these rules,  contact directly Michael (Wargamerabbit) via the information on the “About the Wargamerabbit” page.

For the National Characteristics, organization and uniform details, scroll down this page to locate each nation or state. Then click on the “blue links” to load requested information.

This is the VERSION 2.0 ….. the ADVANCED Game.  The Basic or Version 1.0 game can be found under the Version 1.0 rules sub tab. Bob’s games in Redondo Beach use the Ver 1.0 rules (% morale system).

If any links below are inoperable, please notify WR directly for replacement and maintenance. WR has much linked material and on occasion they “disappear”.

1)     Game Overview: Scale of Play, Units & General information files.

Napoleonic Game Primer

Recent Corrections and Errata: Napoleonic Rules Errata (New 01/24/13)

Dice rolls:  Game systems use 10D and 6D dice in general. Some specialized charts may use other special dice combinations. For single 10D morale rolls, a “0” is a zero, not a 10 value. If rolling percentage dice, ie… two 10Ds (one colored die for “tens” and one white die for “single” digits), then double zeros represents the 100 value. Note that shock phase receiving morale checks uses a special 10D morale valuation reading to adjust CMR valuations only for that shock phase. A naturally rolled 1 gives +1 CMR, a naturally rolled “0” gives -1 CMR adjustments for morale determination and shock combat adjustments. The “0” is still a zero for the morale test, but the unit’s CMR is minus one for the remainder of only that shock phase in morale and shock CMR calculations.

2)     Sequence of Play (SOP): These videos explain the sequence of play used in  the napoleonic game.

SOP Part I:

SOP Part II:

SOP Standup: Sequence of Play Standup (updated 12/2012)

3)     Basing of miniatures: Videos cover the basing of miniatures, the size of bases, and use of special color coding base markings for easy unit identification.

Infantry Basing:

Cavalry Basing:

Artillery & Train:

Commanders & Headquarters:

Base Markings:

4)     Formations: Overview of the unit miniature formations used in the game. Covers linear, massed, proper column, open order formations, squares, cavalry formations and artillery limbered and unlimbered status.

Linear, Massed, Column:



Open-Order (O/O) Infantry & Cavalry (3 Videos):

Infantry O/O Part I:

Infantry O/O Part II:

Cavalry O/O:

5)     Movement Phase (Facing and Formation sub phase): Videos explain the ability of miniature units to change formation and facing at start of the Movement Phase.

General Facing and Formation rules

Facing & Formation summary

6)     Movement Phase (Unit movement): The tabletop movement of units via their formations and abilities.

Tabletop Unit Movement Chart: Tabletop Unit Movement Chart

General Movement instructions:

Unit interpenetration Issues:

Artillery Movement:

Squares and Artillery:

Open-Order Skirmisher Deployment:

Movement Charts (older version):

7)     Morale Status Marking: Video on how current unit morale status is marked for each unit.

8)     Artillery Firepower (Mutual Artillery Phase): Videos discuss artillery firing using roundshot, canister, shellfire or rockets.

Artillery firing Part 1:

Artillery firing Part 2:

Artillery firing Part 3: Terrain effects:

Artillery firing Part 4: Restrictions, Counter-battery, Massed artillery & Artillery Officers:

Artillery firing Part 5: Firing through open order formations:

Artillery firing Part 6: Shellfire & Rockets:

Artillery firing Part 7: Regimental Artillery & Hills:

Artillery Firing Chart usage (Game play summary charts below);

Part 1:

Part 2:

9)     Small Arms Firepower (Mutual Infantry Phase): Videos discuss small arms or infantry musketry.

General Overview for Small Arms (Infantry) Firing:

Small Arms firing “into the blue” and Open Order:

Small Arms firing Open Order vs. Open Order:

Small Arms and Terrain effects:

Small Arms using Squares and Morale Disorder:

Small Arms Chart usage (Game play summary charts below):

10)   Cavalry Charge Phase & Countercharges: Pending Video

11)  Shock Combat Phase: Pending Video

12)   Command Phase: Commanders / Officers and Orders: Pending Video

13)   Morale Fatigue Phase (MFP): Video covers the large topic of Morale Fatigue Points (MFP) in the game.

14)   Terrain Effect: Pending video

Terrain Effects Chart: Terrain Effects Chart & Notes

15)   Tabletop Map & Block Movement System: Videos explain the use of tabletop “wooden blocks” for rear area command movements, approach march scenarios, strategic mode of march vs. battle mode, and offtable reserves. Covers the use of “dummy” blocks to deceive and use of senior level commanders or ADC’s to scout enemy positions (blocks) for tabletop intelligence.

Tabletop Map Movement: Tabletop Map Movement

Block System: Tabletop Block Movement Primer

Block 1; Tabletop usage & Overview:

        Block 2; Movement…Battle vs. strategic mode:

        Block 3; Placement and markers:

        Block 4; Scouting reports:

        Block 5; Deployment of miniatures on tabletop:

        Block Summary and Game example:

Visibility & Scouting Charts: Visibility & Scouting Charts

16) Rosters: Pending a new video on my revised roster format this videos discuss the rostering command system. Attached is a random command generation system (.xls) for multi-corps “pick up” scenarios.

Roster Spreadsheets:  Large Army, several Corps version Large Army Corps Roster Spreadsheet (.xls) or Small Army, single Corps version Small Roster Spreadsheet (wNCG) (.xls) (NEW and Improved 10/3/2014)

Roster use and creation instructions: Napoleonic Roster Workbook

Random Command Generation system: Napoleonic Command generation (updated 09/2014)

17) Game Reference Charts & Lists: Below are grouped the charts and reference material for tabletop play.

General Game Reference Charts. Four major summary charts for game play:

Artillery Firepower NAPCOMB1 June2011

Small Arms and Firepower Modifiers NAPCOMB2 June2011

Terrain, Morale, Movement & Weapon ranges NAPCOMB3 Jan2013 (updated 1/2013 version)

Shock Combat NAPCOMB4 June2011

18) Commander / Officer Lists (old): Pending my updating with new Ver2.0 material, including updated versions with attached commander portraiture files, years of service and rank, use these old lists to give the basic commander ratings if not updated by Ver2.0 list.

WIP samples of the new Commander / Officer lists (Ver2.0) Update 9/2016

Austria A to G,  Austria H to P,  Austria Q to Z,  France A to F,  France G to P,   France Q to Z,  Poland (DOW),  Reichsamree 1790-1806,  Saxony,

Commander Use Instructions and notes (Ver1.0).

The older Ver1.0 Commander / Officer lists below:

AustriaBaden, Bavaria, Berg, BrunswickDenmark, Hanover, HesseEnglandFranceN Italy, Naples, Sardinia, Netherlands, NassauOttoman, Islamic StatesDOW Poland, PortugalPrussiaRussiaRhine States, Saxony, SwedenSpainUSA, Westphalia, Wurttemburg. Corrections: Increase all French list ratings by .1 (example .8 becomes .9). Generally most of the .6 commanders became .7 under the new Ver2.0 above and the commander radius increased from 6″ (old school) to now 9″.

Commander (Officer) Loss Chart: Commander (Officer) Loss Chart

19) National Characteristics: The files (.pdf) below cover each Republican and Napoleonic nation during the period 1790 to 1820. Some are large in size requiring minutes to load. Several files explain the Combat Morale Rating (CMR) system and the valuation determination.

Introduction to National Characteristics Lists: Pending

Combat Morale Rating (CMR) Information: CMR Value Ranking System

Basic Beer & Pretzel List: Basic Army List

National Characteristics rules: National Characteristics Instructions & Rules (updated 8/2012)

Austria: Austria       Baden: Baden      Bavaria: Bavaria

Kleve-Berg: Kleve-Berg      Brunswick: Brunswick

Provincial Canada: Provincial Canada

Denmark: Denmark    England (Britain): England (Britain)

France (Republican): French Republic

French (Royalist): French Royalist (Conde)  & Bourbon Restorations

France (Imperial): France Imperial     France (Guard): France Imperial Guard

Hanover: Hanover    Hesse-Darmstadt: Hesse Darmstadt

Hesse-Kassel: Hesse-Kassel    Honorable East India Co.: HEIC

German Minors (Confederation of the Rhine): Germanic Minor States (Rhine)

Italian States: Italian Minor States       Irish Rebellions: Irish Rebellion 1798      

Mughal Empire & Maratha Confederacy Indian States: Mughal & Maratha Indian States

Naples (Murat’s): Kingdom of Naples     Nassau: Nassau

Netherlands (Batavian Republic): Netherlands (K of Holland)

Kingdom of Italy (Cisalpine Republic): Northern Italy (Cisalpine Republic)

Ottoman Empire (large file): Ottoman Empire

Ottoman Islamic States: Ottoman Islamic States

Parthenopean Republic (Naples): Parthenopean Republic

Duchy of Warsaw (Poland): Poland (Duchy of Warsaw)

Portugal: Portugal      Prussia: Prussia (updated 12/2014)

Roman Republic (ex Papal States): Roman Republic

Russia: Russia (updated 12/2013)

Sardinia: Sardinia-Piedmont      Saxony: Saxony

Kingdom of the Two Scillies: Kingdom of the Two Sicilies (Naples)

Spain: Spain (Junta)     Spanish Afrancasados: Spain Afrancasados

South American Regions: Pending       Sweden: Sweden

Swiss Confederation (Helvetic Republic): Swiss Confederation (Helvetic)

United States: United States

Westphalia: Westphalia     Wurttemberg: Wurttemberg

20) Other Charts:

Turn Record Charts by zones (.pdf files): Generic Turn Record ChartN Europe Turn Record ChartCen Europe Turn Record ChartS Europe Turn Record ChartMid East Turn Record Chart(updated 03/2014)

Morale Fatigue (MFP) Chart: Morale Fatigue Points (updated 09/2014)

Point Cost Chart: Point Cost Chart

Orders Chart: Orders Table (05/12/2014 update)

Artillery ammunition Chart: Artillery Ammo Chart

Shellfire & Rockets Chart: Shellfire & Rockets Chart

Visibility and Scouting Charts: Visibility & Scouting Charts

Weather (effects) Chart: Weather Effect Chart

Artillery Minimum Fire Zone template: Litko Artillery Angle template

Sequence of Play stand up: Sequence of Play Standup

Game Play Markers or Counters: Pending

21) Appendix:

Additional static pictures of basing, formations, morale status, firing arcs etc. These photos are also posted in the still photographic sub menu tab.