WR Future Games

Current / possible future WR events or gaming venues.      Updated 06/01/2017

Note: Check out my blog page with local game groups and regional conventions links.

Monthly HMGS-PSW Aero Hobbies event at Aero Hobbies located in Santa Monica. Typically every 1st Sunday of the month but confirm as schedule changes. Gaming scheduled from store opening (11am?) into the afternoon. Normally three or four different games each month. Aero hobbies is located at: 2918 Santa Monica Blvd, Santa Monica CA 90404. Phone # (310) 828-5264

Monthly HMGS-PSW St Crispins Irregulars of Anaheim event located at the Knights of Columbus hall in Anaheim. Every 2nd Saturday from 10:00 am into the early evening. Many different periods of board and miniatures gaming, including sessions of modeling. On occasion WR travels south, carpooling with fellow SFV gamers, to Anaheim to stage a historical 25/28mm napoleonic game or joins in 28mm Bolt Action or WWII 15mm Gepanzerte Faust games.

Occasional Warren gaming at the WR warren (Western San Fernando Valley). These weekend or weeknight events will be announced to the gaming group at large via email. If interested let WR know to add you to his broadcast email group. Typically small historical scenarios of COE ancients, 25/28mm napoleonics, Flames of War in 20mm, WWI aerial Wings of War/Glory or some other wargame format. Generally limited to eight players because the warren interior table isn’t huge. A larger 16×6 table is available if the gamer demand for scenario, on fully terraced for the scenic gaming experience common to all WR scenario games. On occasion, themed food and drink for the day’s scenario…. Italian for Italian battles, German, American, British or French food if present on tabletop.

Monthly group 25 / 28mm Napoleonic game at Bob’s in Redondo Beach CA. Typically scheduled for the 3rd calendar Saturday each month. Hours of play 8:30am to 6pm. Contract WR directly for location information. There are typically 6-8 scheduled players each month. Everyone is welcome to join in and toss the dice, push the lead miniatures and chat with the local wildlife (gamers).

Gaming in Long Beach CA at David’s. Clash of Empires 28mm ancients with historical armies on large 16’x6′ table or the 28mm trench warfare action using WH The Great War rules. Contact WR for invitation to David’s occasional games. Several AAR posted on WR blog so be a “Live General” and check out the action in Long Beach.

HMGS-PSW Conventions: Also WR tends to attend the local HMGS-PSW regional conventions and their mini-themed based conventions. HMGS-PSW site link.

All are welcome to join WR at these gaming events. Contact WR directly for details and location information. No miniatures or rules knowledge is required except the ability to roll dice and know what a composite bow or musket is. Contact info found under “About the Wargamerabbit” header tab.