Issue with WP Blog Post links

Fellow gamers, (UPDATED)

Presently there is an issue at WordPress (my blog host) with inoperable .pdf and other data file links. Therefore, if you click on a linked document on Wargamerabbit the document will not appear for reading. I have notified WordPress and their back room staff via direct communication to resolve the inoperable links issue. They hope to have the answer and the informational links restored soon. All the YouTube video game mechanic links are presently in working order.

When the links work again I will update this post. Meanwhile, drinks are served in the warren.  WR

4/8/2014 UPDATE: Seems the warren world has returned to normal. The linking issue with .pdf and .xls files has been resolved when I tested several this morning. Thank you WordPress systems staff for your efforts. Hopefully this unwelcome issue has hopped away into another green meadow. If a visitor finds inoperable links, please contact WR so I can direct send the material to you. WR thanks his readers for their patience during the warren troubles. WR

Night Undercover Intelligence




3 thoughts on “Issue with WP Blog Post links

    • Rum and coke for WR since his days in Central America.

      As for game attendance is it the lady, the costume, or the bar drinks?

      Brings to mind a lady gamer who I knew who offered a hand made sandwich at the critical movement of a game… the poor male gamer opposite her was totally distracted.


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