Landcruiser P.1000 Ratte

As WR finishes up more painted Flames of War 20mm platoons, both Russian and German, for his Festung Breslau April 1945 scenario and future 1943-1944 Italian boot battles, WR can now disclose the “huge” secret project slowly taking material form, even recognizable form, besides his painting table. The soiled painting cloth can be pulled away. So big is this project WR cannot handle or paint the plastic beast under his painting table lamp, requiring special low table height arrangement to handle the construction and painting process. What is this project you ask?…… it’s a Landcrusier P.1000 Ratte, in 1/72 scale from ModelCollect. Why have this kit, this non-historical vehicle from the over-inflated brains of German WWII industry, ordered from Hitler’s own hand mid war? WR even found and located the secondary “weapons set” kit in Japan, just to provide additional armament options for his Landcruiser model upper deck. So why purchased the kit someone will surely ask? Well, WR can say his is the only one on his neighborhood block, maybe even within the local city boundary, at this scale size. There is a 1/144th scale model out in the free world WR should make note of, but WR games in 1/72 or 20mm. Another reason….Just thinking of scenarios for this “land ship” of German industry will task WR’s brain. Everything on the kit is big, large, huge, thick, dense, massive, out of normal proportion, when compared to his standard 1/72 (20mm) WWII vehicles. Most tank models barely clear the bogie height on the Landcruiser, as shown with a picture of Tiger and one wheel leaning against it. Place this painted monster at the tabletop, besides the scenario in play, at local gaming conventions, should surely attract some passerby attention…. which is what, deep lobe in the rabbit brain, is contemplated, at least from the warren PR department. Otherwise, it will become a fully stocked bar, ice bucket maybe, with cheese tray option.

Boxtop artwork for the ModelCollect kit.




The kit parts laid out. Some basic hull assembly has been completed.

Another view of the parts. Main turret built, the kit minor weapon cannon turrets made (if a 12.8cm cannon could be called “minor”), the bag of track links.

The upper hull assembly is basically completed, the lower hull form glued together, and only the hundred or so bogies, to create twelve large bogie “structures”, each with twelve large steel wheels and twelve smaller upper track support wheels, need assembly after basic German yellow painting (spray). Took three Testor spray cans so far to cover the model.

Beginning bogie assembly. Actual 1/72 Tiger in photo for size comparison.

Closer view of wheel vs. Tiger.





Most blog updates and pictures to post here after the bogie assemblies completed. Then the golden (German Yellow) question….How to finish the final paint scheme is taxing WR mind. First thought was a “naval look” in gray tones…. but this is late in the war and German camo look is all the rage in the German military. So that’s the reason for the basic German Yellow base color. WR will add to this article how the final look and paint job… maybe go to Earl Scheib for the $299 car paint special, as this model is consuming German yellow spray cans (three so far) with abandon. At least the red, brown, and green colors, of advance German camouflage patterns, can be sprayed with WR’s air gun. How painting camouflage patterns, on a vehicle the size of a small wood, prevents detection is open to thought…. maybe plant real trees atop the hull is the answer. Still, would it ever move, in reality, across open ground comes to mind. Two U-boat complete diesel engine systems should turn the tracks, slowly at first, as they are powerful engines for the era. Anything in the way would simply be crushed.

Lots of internet commentary on the Landcruiser P.1000 RatteWR suggests searching with the model kit title to start the research, leading to the several “variants of fantasy” this project created on the German industry drawing tables.

Stocking up on lots of cheese. This “Ratte” will be hungry. It is of sufficient size to become a cheese serving tray in the lower hull, in its own right.


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  1. It’s a METAL GOD! that is one sweet converstion piece. Would be neat to see the actual blue print.Sent from my Verizon, Samsung Galaxy smartphone

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