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My recent gaming adventures and main page posts are published on the Warren News – Gaming tab. The Warren News is the main posting page and has a sub category for WR News.

The WR Scenarios tab has WR’s scenario game write-up, including any tabletop situation maps, rosters, player briefings, weather and special materials for the battle scenario. The sub-category pull down covers different scenario periods: Ancients, French Revolutionary, Imperial Napoleonic, FOW 20mm WWII, and other periods.

The After Action Reports (AAR) tab has WR written scenario game summaries and commentary, photos of the game, attached YouTube video links, and other AAR material. The sub-category pull down covers different AAR periods: Ancients, French Revolutionary, Napoleonic, FOW 20mm WWII and other periods.

Every so often I plan to feature one of my painted armies in the Armies & Terrain warren and wargame tabletop terrain making notes.

The Napoleonic Game: Videos and Rules section has videos, photos, and documents covering the rule aspects of our napoleonic games.

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42 thoughts on “Home Warren

  1. I’ve looked at some of the videos and plan to view all of them within the next few days. Very interesting stuff! Where can I get the rules and charts?

    • Ron,

      Thank you for looking at my work.
      The rules have been a “work in progress” since established in the mid 70’s. The group which I play with are long time friends (30+ yrs)…and we have “developed” the rules over the years. Slowly I am typing (ie Word processing) a written set since nobody else in the group has “stepped forward”. Meanwhile, I have worked up the videos to post since the basic rule concepts are easy to explain. Over time, the plan is for the videos to cover the rule set (80-90%) leaving just minor topics in the written set. The videos I use to teach a group of AP students (history club at high school) basic wargaming skills and play concepts. Sort of brings the gaming aspect alive for them as I also present different periods with the AP students. (Napoleonics, Ancients, FOW, WOW etc.). The AP students are never satified….next they want a smart phone app.
      If in the Southern California area you are welcome to join in. Miniatures are never a requirement to play.

      • I’m in North Dakota, so a long way from you! I hope you will consider releasing the charts needed to play as these rules of yours may satisfy more need than you imagine. I’ve been struggling with finding a Napoleonic set myself, on a number of occasions nearly starting the period but being discouraged by the scale of various rules, which are a poor fit for the available space and what I want to play.

        The games you guys are playing look good while at the same time allowing a game scale that is more what I imagine a Napoleonic battle to be. Because of the unit sizes my 6X4 and 5X9 table options are big enough to play a decent game.

        If you have extra hard copies of the charts I would be happy to reimburse you for printing costs and whatever else you consider fair. Please contact me at my e-mail address if this might be an option.

      • To the un-named person in N. Dakota, who was intersted in our rules. I would be happy to send info, if I have your Email address and name.
        Ron Vaughan

  2. Thanks mate, I just stumbled across this site, and I am blown away by the quality and depth of the videos you have put up.

    There are some superb concepts in there. I like !

    As far as Napoleonics go, I am heavily into 15mm and Grand Tactical scale at the moment (Republique from WTJ). However, I am always looking for more depth in simulations, so I hope to integrate some of these ideas into my house rules. Will keep in touch on how that develops.


    • Steve,

      Thank you for your comments. Warms the “rabbit’s heart” to hear from fellow wargamers. Hope to post more videos soon…but first the monthly posting of “army of the month” from the collection
      (Portugal in the camera lens) in pending my attention. After posting the Portuguese army….the October videos planned will cover Shock Combat actions. My hope is to have the entire rules body posted in video and written format (in blog’s Nap TV tab section) for any gamer in the world to review for ideas (some day).
      Yes, the game we play is “different” from the mainstream rules. The game scale of 1:100 miniature scale ratio and the sequence of play makes the game radically different. The game roots go way back into the 70’s and I still join with the original group for an occasion action.
      Saw a Republique game at a local convention once. Looked good with active player interaction.
      Keep in touch.
      Michael (aka WR)

  3. Stumbled accros you site via TMP forum..good info here..some of the Napoleon Game Rules files-pdf have unreadable text..can you fix that..

    Thank you

    • Duncan,
      Clicked on each .pdf link posted on the Napoleonic rules tag section myself. Each came up as normal on my iMac. Can you identify the file(s) name which caused the unreadable text? Was it the text size? or something else…like a decoding issue? I use standard MS Office prior to 2010 recent release saved as a .pdf file. The posted videos come from Youtube posting via link. WR

      • Hi thanks for you answering and looking at pdf files..
        the files with unreadable text are:
        the issue is about picture layer..in case of russia a double eagle is visible bellow Infantry units type..you cant read infantry units type..can you see this picture?


        iam using win xp and Foxit Reader 5.02..all files are dl 20.11.2011

        Thank you

  4. also it would be good that you can add a revision number on each pdf file..hard to keep reading all that files and taking notes..


    • Duncan,
      Happy post xmas and Boxer’s day.

      Thank you for the file issue comment above. Both my son and I using different computers and locations had no problem reviewing the files on Imac’s. So, I have emailed two friends with Windows and MS Office to review your identified file list. I am pending their reports. Meanwhile, my son asked if you tried a simple file refreshment when you viewed the files in question? The screen shot given showed the “black eagle watermark” as a picture overlay….when it should have been a “watermark underlay”. The file refreshment may be the trick to view???

      Meanwhile, I can directly email you the files you wish to view. Just need a direction on which files you need.

      Michael aka WR

      P.S> The file numbering is WordPress. They add the number if there are duplicate files with the same name uploaded. So if I uploaded once….then again with updated file material to same file…the numbering is given. I plan to review the entire “media” section of the blog site and remove the duplicated files with their updated current version. Thanks for the learning curve on that subject.

      File labeling (revision) is a good suggestion. The date in the lower right corner has been my default labeling…..latest date is the most current version….since I spot small typo errors all the time. Right now I am posting as much material possible for the group’s game. Most of the material has a “oral and group game play” background and limited written sourcing. I am typing the material into some form of order and then…over time, return and link the material into a readable formatting. The game rules were typed up in the very early 1980’s…but since then the old WordPerfect 5.0 files have been “lost” and just the printed copies remain…with notes, comments and corrections written everywhere. Next year I hope to complete the formal rules presentation material and blog posting same as a goal. This year all the game charts and National Characteristics files was the goal with videos covering basic subject material. WR

  5. Hi sorry for late response..post xmas and early new year taking toll..
    i have solved the problem..i change to STDUViewer pdf reader..and it worked!

    See ya after New year..


  6. Wow, incredible blog layout! How long have you been blogging for? you make blogging look easy. The overall look of your web site is wonderful, let alone the content!. Thanks For Your article about wargamerabbit | Wargaming the past eras .

  7. Hi
    Checked your videos and Napoleonic rules charts. Im really interested in getting a written copy(ie pdf, wordfile….). The rules are exactly at the scale of Napoleonics I like to play and seem really nice.
    Please email me of you can give me any information how to obtain these

    • Niklas,

      Welcome to the warren. At this moment the only copy of the rules is a old word perfect file which is about 20 years old. I don’t even have WordPerfect on my computer anymore. Since then the rules have been modified over time….nothing in our group of gamers is rigid. I am slowly placing videos up on the WR blog covering the basics of the game. Then I plan to review the written text material and years of gaming notes into a formalized MS Office Word format… in short write down the game. My group has been playing these rules since 1977 and since everybody has them memorized the need to have a formal rule book hasn’t presented itself.
      I can gladly assist you with the basic concepts or questions via email or phone. They are simple mechanical rules. We find the sequence of play to be the major change for most gamers. If a gamer keeps his mind open to the fact that, in most curcumtances, the opposition can “react” before you execute your actions, the sequence of play become easily to manage. Otherwise, the firing % charts and morale 10D systems are straight forward and are simple chart driven exercises. I have placed the majority of the charts and tables on the WR site. Recently I placed all the National characteristics notes and suggestions. Last month I completed a excel (.xls) spreadsheet to roster the miniature commands. Next is a complete listing, with individual portraits hopefully, of the commander/officers of the period 1790-1820, years of service, rank and their game stats.
      Once these projects are completed I can sit down and start the long process of the actual written rules with video clips, diagrams, pictures, charts, tables, comments etc. The intent is for the entire game to be presented on the WR site with rules, game play HD videos, Rule updating, charts etc all on one source.

      WR aka Michael

  8. Thank you for the information Michael. I really like your national army lists, in fact its them that draw my attention to the rules. Your research on them is impressive and gives me the hint that the rules probably is very nice too.

    I will look through the videos and other material you have online, qusestions may arise.


    • Niklas,
      May take you up on the WP offer when I start typing the main rule sections. If we can transfer the WP into a modern MS Word file then I could just cut and paster some sections. I need to decide if just retyping the rules and updating at the same time to current standing would be quicker then finding, pasting, making the changes etc. The retyping would allow me to add in pictures, diagrams, video clips etc… improving the original typed early 1990’s version which just typed words… boring.
      But first, I have the Commander or Officer lists, with their game ratings, years of service, notes and individual portraits (if found) for each nation state to do.
      PS. My email is mrverity58@yahoo.com for direct communication.

  9. Michael
    Really like these rules, combining historical knowledge, some complexity, still with a simple approach. Though its hard to get grip of all in the videos they are great help. Have tried some minor encounters trying to go through the steps one by one. I also really like rules taking in count irregular types of troops, Indian, ottoman etc.


    • Niklas,
      If game questions arise, contact me directly if possible. Email, maybe even a direct computer linkup using AIM or iChat (Mac) etc could be possible. Contact info on the “About Wargamerabbit” tab on blog. Glad to help you as best I can given the distance.
      Meanwhile, plans are for the missing videos on coverage of the Shock Phase and Declaring Cavalry charges and the effect on morale. Also started work on the Commander.xls lists for the game. These file lists name the period Commanders, their game ratings, rank changes, notes and hopefully attached portraiture for the game rosters. That is the Summer 2012 project it seems.
      Lastly, finishing up the massive Battle of Ligny 1815 convention game scenario using 1500 miniatures. Staging for the HMGS-PSW convention on June 30th. I will be posting a pre game setup and preview of the battle before the convention
      (next week?). HMGS-PSW link: http://www.hmgspsw.org/2012/04/26/summer-offensive-hit-the-beach-pel-is-here/.


      P.S. Email your questions… the game is simple. Beyond the basic game, many of the “extra options” can be used or omitted. The hardest part is the sequence of play (SOP). It seems so simple, but the options presented to the player, at different phases, take some getting used to. The best I can give you at this moment is this statement: Before a player can force a combat (shock) upon the opposite player’s units, generally that player has options, and penalty, to react to the shock, including marching away from the pending shock (infantry shock). Cavalry charge shock is a back and forth action if seen on the tabletop.
      The game is not a pure IGO (I go) then YGO (you go) sequence of play system. More of IGO, you react, I counter-react, mutual firing (artillery then small arms), turn summary, then YGO, I react, you counter-react, mutual firing (artillery then small arms), turn summary…to complete a full turn. If you want, if we can set up a computer AIM like or iChat (mac) linking, I could then present the sequence of play with visual miniature props.

  10. Hi, I’ve just discovered your blog, very nice one!
    I red tha AAR of Sacile and Granicus, well done, it’s a great work!
    I’ll come back soon…

    • Phil,

      Thanks for stopping by in the warren. Every week I try to improve the site and add new material. A new COE AAR posting is in the works covering a recent ancient Indian vs. Ancient Indian battle. Next weekend I have the Ligny 1815 convention battle with 8+ gamers… maybe more, to game master.
      Your in gaming…

      Michael aka WR

  11. Hi again Michael

    Im still thinking of using your rules…begin to get things together now. I do have some questions though.

    I have no information of orders and their limits and use, thought with some fantasy I can find out rules for them by myself.

    I really need some info on these to be able to use the rules, I do understand some of it, unclear for me is whether infantry move to contact in movement phase and its use.

    Close combat
    Got most of it, but still question marks. whatabout multiple unit melees??

    commander attributes
    some of its use do clear in the charts, but need more on this.

    Why do i do this?
    Because I really think the rules are easy to learn and I like the concept of low amount of figures in each btn, cheaper. I really like your effort on the armies and their national charactersitics.


    • Hi Niklas,
      Sent you a reply via email direct on your napoleonic questions from above as typing out a reply here will be large in text. Please confirm you received my email if you can.
      Michael aka WR

  12. There are two books as I recall, both in Portuguese, which may have information on this action. I labelled the fight Amarante when I did it, took a long time to trace the Portuguese troops that were involved (besides local civic militia). Now I have to schedule time to look in my notes to see where the information came from.

    Michael Hopper

    • Michael,
      Re: Teixiera scenario
      I assumed you would have the details… but my Portuguese is very rusty…. sort of translate to Spanish from Portuguese then to English. Would be interesting to have a better handle on the battle if you have notes. I sort of created the scenario with a feel of the battle and used a general unit typing format. Hopefully I presented a reasonable overview of the battle. My favorite thought was this occurred before the English arrival and before the Spanish victory at Baylen.
      Best for you and family… WR

  13. Hi Michael,
    I’ve just been taking a look at your HEIC fellows, and very nice they are too. I wonder if you might point me toward a source for the Bombay marine battalion uniforms? I’ve searched and searched for facing colors, etc, but with no luck.

    Curt Mosier

    • Curt,
      Welcome to the warren and thank you for stopping in. Hopefully interesting material for your reading eye. Your question about Bombay marines. Basic information found in the book titled “The Indian Army” by Boris Mollo. Blandford Books Ltd. 1981. I also remember an old Airfix or Military Modelling article covering the HEIC navy and their marines years ago. I will poke about to see if I still have that old xerox article in the dusty garage files. But the book has the basic information.

      Michael aka WR

      • Thanks Michael. I have ordered Mr. Mallo’s book through Amazon.


  14. Mike:
    It appears I am free Sunday to attend the convention. I see you have a game that day. If you have room for an additional player, I am available.
    John Harrel

  15. We played your Gaza 1799 scenario last Saturday, (instead of attending Pacificon). I was GM my son was Napoleon, a friend James was Lannes & Murat. Brother in law Wayne was Jezzar and had a subordinate playing the Jerusalem group. Wayne is a long time gamer and has played the the Ottomans successfully in the past, but this time his strategy went poorly and his luck was worse! He started out well swinging most of his force around behind the ridge, with only the Palestine Group defending the town. The French put their artillery on the small center hill and cavalry and Lannes Div nearby. Wayne kept sliding his troops towards the wadi, in an effort to cutoff the French and capture their supply train (an element I added). At an opportune moment, Murat’s cavalry attacked the Bedoiun skirmish screen, scattering it, as there were no main units to fall back on, then the cavalry got a bonus move and crashed into the front and flank of the two Arab infy. units, destroying them. Wayne. formations wee not massed and supported by the Mamluks (who were across the wadi). The El Arish group had lingered near the west end of the ridge, threatening the French artillery. The artillery had been pivoting this way and that, picking on targets of opportunity. They put kills into the Militia spearmen, who broke and fled. At eh same time the Foot Guides (added to the scenario) advanced from their position covering the left flank of the artillery, and marched against the Jerusalem Bedouin tribe to fire point blank i to the skirmishers. The latter fell back to their main body, so the Guides fired into the Tribe, and broke them.
    Meanwhile the Mamluks had lost a stand to artillery fire, and moved to cut the road. However, Murat brought the cavalry over and charged them. The mameluks counter charged them, but lost the melee. With their backs to the south edge of the board, there was no place to run, except off the board and out of the game!
    On the same move (the 7th) the Sipahis and some of the Nizam Jedid made an attack on the skirmishers of Kleber’s Div. This was ill timed, as the French had the back-hand move, and formed square. The Legere fell back into the square, a the Sipahi charged. The oblong square fired and killed of a stand of the attackers, but they charged home. The melee points for each side were close, but with a Sipahi advantage of a few points. In our game each side rolls a D8 to multiply there points. The player with an advantage in points may chose to use 4.5 instead of the die roll. Curt decided to roll: he rolled a 4 and Erik rolled 5, winning the fight. If Curt had taken the 4.5, he would have won! One stand of a Nazam Btn had been in the attack, so the rest of the btn lost too. At this point Wayne tossed in the towel, as it was late in the day, and he was very near to the morale break point..

    • Sounds like a wild game. Levant Ottomans always give you a new look to the napoleonic era world. Wayne should have worn the towel to look the part. His army was confused by his “western dress” no doubt. Miniatures pick up on these “vibes”. Playing Saalfeld 1806 this weekend if all go well.

      Saw that you are planing a game at the Fresno convention? any details?


  16. Love your blog, I am a retired Naval Officer in Virginia who can finally turn his attention to the mountain of plastic Napoleonic soldiers headed to outfitting and training! Love the Parade pics and details. Do you have an overall unit list of your Napoleonic armies? I am kind of a list nut and would love to dig through it. Again, enjoy the blog and posts!

  17. Hey WargameRabbit. I tried to send an email but the address bounced 😦 I’m looking to get back into wargaming, paricularly Napoleonics (starting back from scratch) and you guys are very close and seem like a fun group. If you;re still accepting newcomers, please let me know.

    Dave Newport


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