COE North (WR) vs. South (DK) Ancient Indian battle

Ok, this is simply a 28mm Ancient Indian Clash of Empires (COE) grudge battle to determine who will control the greater Los Angeles ancient Indian bragging rights. The northern Indians, from tribe WR, tossed the challenge to the southern Indian tribe led by David K. Only Indians could be used and the classical Indian list from COE Rise and Fall of Persia book. Since both David and WR have large 28mm ancient collections, this feud may extend into other periods. I think it was 3500 COE points plus elephants for each Indian army but the Indian beer has dulled accuracy of the abacus field returns.

Reading the above picture galley, WR’s plan was hold a strong center, echeloned back on left and push the right against the exposed left flank of David. I hoped to engage the left flank of David’s Indians before his flanking cavalry arrived. Events proved the basic plan sound except for the flank attack was stopped cold by David’s flanking cavalry. During the game the right flank was a serious “basket case” trying to hold and avoid the total collapse. With some luck on the dice altar, WR pulled the “rabbit from the hat” and held with the supportive massed archery on the right flank hill. Meanwhile, the center spearmen pushed into David’s line and won their infantry struggle. That was the game as David popped for the beer.

As for David’s plan…. we will have to extract the information by other means….more beer!

WR’s ancient Indians will rule Los Angeles till the next grudge match. Just hope he doesn’t challenge WR next with his Persian or Macedonians. WR’s collection is still working up to strength. But ancient Greeks…..bring it on.

Thanks David for hosting the game, playing the ancient Indian only game and providing the beer.

Next COE game is Hannibal’s crossing of the Rhone…



2 thoughts on “COE North (WR) vs. South (DK) Ancient Indian battle

    • Peter,
      Missing on the board are the several other filled apple boxes of miniatures, 14 or so elephants and several chariot sqns. The game was designed for one or two players per side. We had three for the game. Tim assisted David. If we had a normal game of 4 or more players then another 2000 points worth for each side was possible. I think my Indian army works out to about 6000 points…and David’s is larger. One day…the grand battle thinks WR.

      Thanks again Peter for your support. You have a grand time at Historicon it seems. Loved reviewing your armies and the tabletop action.
      Back to the next project….1796 era Austrians and Bonaparte’s early Italian battles. Battle of Voltri April 1796 is almost ready for the “publish” button as I paint up some Foundry period Austrians for the scenario.

      WR aka Michael

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