Stay in Warren w/o CoVid 19

As many locally in the Greater Los Angeles area WR has remained in the warren and, if required to travel about, practicing his social distance with neighbors and friends. Doing his part; personal hygiene, keeping up morale with friends via electronic medium, cancelling games scheduled weeks before the virus invasion, practicing new dance steps. The “Remain at Home” downtime is being put to use by WR with several gaming projects being completed in short order, new gaming projects started, and relaxing opportunity to read up on future scenarios. In fact, the project pool has rapidly increased, and completed in near record WR time, as shown in a quick list presented below:

WR’s 25/28mm ancient Sumerians in their storage box. A good mix of units for some Bronze age battles. WR‘s loves his wild arse driven chariots.

Four storage boxes of ancients movement trays or sabots. Ttwo, three, or four rank formation trays for infantry, cavalry linear trays, wedge shape trays, and some extension sub trays. The tube holds the measurement sticks sized in inches and centimeters lengths.

1).  Based my ancient Sumerian 28mm army for some Bronze age scenarios. Several massed infantry spear or short bow archer blocks, skirmishers, and their famous “near wild arse driven” chariots pictured above.

2).  Created more movement trays (sabots) for Clash of Empires (shorthand COE – a WAB offshoot rules set) games. More cavalry 10 or 12 miniature linear trays, converted surplus 5-8 miniature cavalry trays into two-rank infantry trays (needed for Roman armies), added texture to the entire tray collection, and organized four boxes for storage and transport as pictured above.

3).  Based more 25mm/28mm Sassanids, Macedonian, Saracens, Late era Romans for COE units. The painted miniatures have been lying around for several years, found in odd storage boxes as WR moved towards his new residence. Mostly for the cancelled Sassanids vs. Late Roman scenario warren game scheduled for last weekend (3/21) but postponed when State of CA ordered all to “Remain at Home” during the current crisis.

4). Pulled out some early 28mm 1805-08 era Russians to completed several regimental sized units. Now fully painted and basic based, awaiting their regiment standards, and final base texture work. Three musketeer regiments 3x (2×6 miniatures), three Caspian region musketeer regiments in white caps 3x (2×6), Georgia Grenadier regiment in white caps (2×6), the 44th Jaeger regiment (2×6), the Caspian Marine regiment (2×6), the Caspian Grenadier regiment (4×6), Two Jaeger regiments (2x (3×6), and several local militia battalions (3×6) for color. Add in several independent Eastern Orthodox priest miniatures, local commanders with their Russian wolfhound, to add scenic effect on the tabletop.

Russians for 1807 battles alongside WR’s Prussians when battling the Grande Armee in Poland. Just need to apply the base texture and replace the stand in regimental  flags.

The WWII Italian armor ready to roll once they get their formation markings applied. WR’s recent modeling effort was added to this growing collection. Models are 20mm or 1/72 scale.

5).  Finally, the no love 20mm Italian WWII miniature collection. Pulled their storage boxes and inventoried the Italian tank requirements to complete Flames of War organization platoons. Dug into the unpainted miniatures, the unbuilt model kits pile, or ordered outline my requirements. With plastic model glue in hand, or epoxy for metal models, WR built, painted, and based several dozen models then cut down several apple boxes for storage. A rough completed tank count: Ten M13/40, one L6/40, ten CV L3 33/35, two Semovente assault guns, and a SPG AT37 armor car. On the Italian artillery front: Four 90/53 flak cannon, two autocannone 3 RO 90/53, eight 149/40 heavy guns (san crews for the moment), four artillery tow trucks plus a large Fiat truck for the collection. Now WR needs to paint or place formation marking decals on the vehicles then start paint the crews for all the artillery pieces.

Example of banners hanging in game room. Sassanid on left, Late Roman on right. The helicopter is not part of the Sassanid arsenal.

As the reader can read, WR has been trashing his paint brushes to complete projects while draining the small paint bottles. Time to order more replacement basing wood, paints, brushes, and glue from his favorite modeling supplier as the growing supply list attests.

Another project was to inventory his flag or banner collection, mainly to locate his Sassanid and Late Roman banners to hang from the game room raffers, and see what missing major power flags / banners are still needed for the collection. Napoleonic Prussia needs a flag, some smaller Germanic states it seems too. Then selected ancient or medieval era banners for WR’s ancient armies. Most flags are 3′ x 5′ size, some are 3′ square. WR constructed a simple pole hanging rod with dark grey hooks to hang his banners and exchange out for the upcoming future scenarios. Just a warren game room background touch.

Cheers from the warren. Be safe all.





4 thoughts on “Stay in Warren w/o CoVid 19

  1. Very impressive productivity, and I am in awe of your organization of your collection
    The banners look great, and you even a system for changing them out!

    • Hi Peter,
      Keeping busy in the warren as I hear first hand info daily from the family just like you I assume. With several ER doctors in the immediate family (Brother in law in Denver and one just finishing his residency this month in Chicago, moving to GA next month and Atlanta ER), a brother in the Pharma industry, and sister in public health administration, I am surrounded by relatives in the medical field. My deceased father was a neuropathologist at UCLA and State of CA. Mom was a nurse till we moved from England back in 1959. I was a pre-med major in university till graduation in business finance/accounting (Inorganic chemistry and I didn’t see eye to eye).

      Hunting about for more incomplete projects of past years. Totally surprised I have so many collecting enclosed dust in their storage boxes. Came about from the move into the new residence since every box is opened to look inside. Sorting unpainted lead pile into units and eras another ongoing project behind the public scene. If the world tilts, I will shift the lead pile to correct.

      I like the flags as a touch for the scenario in play on tabletop. Haven’t figured out if I do the Leipzig battle 1813, I will need more flag “bars” (above the four I created) to hang the participants flags/banners (France, Prussia, Austria, Russia, Sweden, minor Germanic states). Problem for the future at this moment. Still have to finish my Swedish army so I am safe from Leipzig.

      Never would have thought my new game room would be silent. Spent months finishing the project…. and now the room is used for collection organization. Sigh… But the future will have dice tossing about so for now I organize and inventory.

      Be safe as you assist your patients in CT Peter. Thank you for your personal effort.

      Tap the this message send key, then going to wash my hands with soap.

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