FOW Stoumont Dec 1944

For the upcoming President’s Day weekend Strategicon GAMEX convention (Feb15th-18th), WR plans to run Chris Baxter’s Stoumont 1944 Bulge FOW / Rapid Fire scenario described below. After reading several historical accounts for this battle, WR has made slight force adjustment changes, to the original scenario, to reflect the actual engaged historical forces (reduced to one-third), and minor typographical terrain changes taken from Google maps.

The complete original Flames of War Stoumont .pdf file:  Stoumont scenario notes

Forces and Order of Battle: The OOB taken from the Chris Baxter’s original scenario notes ,pdf file then slightly changed by WR. The minor WR changes from Chris’s original scenario OOB are noted with red text. For both the American and German off-board field batteries, their independent observer teams are not present on the tabletop, therefore only the senior company commander team, for both sides, can summon (range in) artillery bombardments.







Scenario Map: Redrawn from Chris Baxter’s original 4×4 foot scenario table map. Normally for WR’s 20mm miniature Flames of War scenarios the tabletop dimensions are increased by 25%, hence the 5×5 foot table from the original 4×4 foot. Another way would have each map square on Chris’s scenario map be 15″ square vs. WR’s redrawn 12″ squares, converting to 5×5 foot scenario tabletop overall dimension. The “A” red table edge marks the German entrance edge for initial forces and follow-up reinforcements.

Stoumont 1944 original scenario map enlarged by 25% and minor terrain changes. Each map square is 12″ by 12″.







Scenario outline: WR has left Chris Baxter’s original scenario outline, deployment, reinforcement arrival, turn duration, and weather rules intact. The single page scenario pictured below or found in the above complete scenario .pdf file.








Looking forward to this scenario. Smaller table, poor weather (fog), close ranged combat etc. Just missing the King Tigers sent back to Stavelot, ordered to clear Peiper’s line of communication.

The scenario tabletop lay out. Soon a WR article on the scenario game at Orccon 2019.


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