List of All WR Scenarios

The following is a list of WR’s mostly historical scenarios with direct blog post links. Some have scenario write-up and summary After Action report (AAR) together formatting. Independent scenario play AAR can be found under the AAR pull down menus or use the search feature box.     Updated 03/12/2021

Ancients: Mantineia 362 B.C., Granieus 334 B.C., Megalopolis 331 B.C., Bagradas River (Mercenary war) 240 B.C., Nola 216-214 B.C.,  Batavian Revolt 70 A.D., Dara 530 AD.,

French Revolutionary War: Dego 1796, Lodi 1796, Millesimo-Cosseria 1796, Montenotte 1796, Voltri 1796, Castel Bolognese 1797, Battle of the Pyramids 1798, Gaza 1799, Aboukir 1799Alexandria 1801, Arronches 1801,

Imperial Napoleonic: Wertingen 1805,  Saalfeld 1806,  Halle 1806.  Halle 1806 (Dan),  Alcolea 1808, Teixeira 1808,  Evora 1808. Gospic 1809,  Sacile 1809,  Klagenfurt 1809, Raszyn 1809,  Raab 1809,  Gefrees 1809,  Westfalia vs. France 1812,  Wartenburg 1813,  Gilly 1815,  Ligny 1815,

Flames of War 20mm WWII: Western Desert 1940, Breaking the San Fratello Line Sicily 1943, Troina Sicily 1943,  Ordeal of 179th RCT Salerno 1943, Paestum Landing – Salerno 1943, Calore River Salerno 1943, Station 19 Russia 1944, Eastern Front 1944 at home,  Valmontone, Italy 1944, String of Pearls and Roncey Pocket Normandy 1944, Cole’s Charge Normandy 1944, Barkmann’s Corner Normandy 1944, Re-Assault on Hill 105 Brest 1944, Assault on Hill 105 Brest 1944, Omaha Beach D-Day 1944, St Algnan de Cramesnil Normandy 1944, Pointe du Hoc Normandy 1944, Singling Lorraine 1944, French Countryside 1944, Peiper’s Charge Bulge 1944, Pz Brigade 150 Bulge 1944, Stoumont Bulge1944 Ludendorff Bridge (Remagen) 1945 w/ Hollywood version, Festung Breslau 1945, Operation Overcast May 1945, Operation Overcast Pt II 1945,

Other Period scenarios or scenario design: Marne 1914, Belleau Woods – Hill 142 June 1918, Card Table Napoleonics, Napoleonic Training Game,  NCG or Napoleonic Command Generation system, Multiple table scenarios.




4 thoughts on “List of All WR Scenarios

    • Would enjoy reading how you elect to run Ligny next year. My small group thought of running Ligny again this weekend but the headcount was insufficient so Sacile 1809 seems to be the 2nd choice. As for the scenario list… like you I looked for a quick method to link the blog posts at one location. The search function works well but you need the insight as to what is available to “search for”.
      Ps. Enjoy your cold weather coming soon. My sister in Denver is frozen at 5 degrees.

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