BA – Canaryville in Normandy

Canaryville, France (Bolt Action – modified) AAR                      by Korrespondent Dan

On Sunday, December 4, the players (Andy Mouradian, Dave Beymer, Paul Szymborski, Dan Munson) met at Aero Hobbies in Santa Monica to stage a “Normandy 1944” scenario crafted by Dan, entitled “Canaryville, June 1944 (a.k.a La (Bo)Cage aux Folles). Andy and Dave played the U.S. side, while Paul and Dan pushed the Germans. Rules in use were Bolt Action, as modified by the San Fernando Valley Wargamers.

Basic scenario: The Allied forces have managed to push inland some ways since D-Day, but are not yet clear of the bocage country. The previous day and night, U.S. troops drove defending Germans back to the outskirts of the crossroads village of Canaryville. (picture 1 below).


Canaryville #1

The GIs overnighted in the bocaged field on the right in picture 3 below.


Cararyville #3

During the night, U.S. engineer teams dynamited exit gaps in the bocage on their side of the road. During most of the night, Germans were manning firing positions dug into the bocage across the road, so the U.S. rested up and got ready for its next big push at daybreak. As the GIs kick off their push at daybreak, the rear area behind the German defenders is being heavily attacked by massed field artillery and Allied “Jabos.” Whatever artillery support the Germans might have hoped for is either being blown up or shot up or is hiding itself deep in the nearest woods it can find. Roads are heavily interdicted, so the Germans fighting at Canaryville are, in essence, on an island all by themselves, with little or no hope of outside assistance. They are, however, “hidden” at the start and in many places are “dug in.” Also, during the night, German pioneers, assisted by infantrymen, managed to sow hasty minefields across much of the front. The 3” x 3” cloth patches seen in the pictures represent either live or dummy “hasty” mine fields. Continue reading

HMGS-PSW Aero Hobby Day

Been a while since WR posted a short report on the local gaming scene here in Los Angeles. So to catch up WR posts a quick report on the HMGS-PSW Aero Hobby Gaming day recently held 1st Sunday of April. Each 1st Sunday HMGS-PSW runs a gaming day at Aero Hobbies in Santa Monica CA…. somewhat near the beach…. couple of miles at most.

Three different games were on tap that sunday. WR ran a small French Republican war scenario with revolutionary French vs. their constant opponent Austria. Basic scenario or meeting engagement on a 6×4 foot terraced battlefield in Italy. In our group gaming terms,  the scenario worked out at 1800 points per team side with the Republican French having two infantry commands (divisions) and two small cavalry commands (brigades)… on each flank. The Austrians roster two main battle-line infantry commands, an advance guard type command, and their reserve of grenadier battalions with a cuirassier regiment.

A few photos of the games in progress. WR will write-up a more detailed report on the Franco-Austrian republican wars scenario on the next blog post.


Franco-Austrian scenario at start. Austrians in foreground, French distant.


Engagement outside the village. Austrian grenadier battalion mass, awaiting the attack orders to assault the buildings while French demi-brigade columns lurk outside of musketry range.

On the center table was a Lion Rampart scenario with several players pushing their faction units in somewhat of a team side environment. Described as a Viking norse or similar raiders against the local shire “impressed defenders”… those so named or chosen to be left outside the local defended stronghold or town. Continue reading

Aero Hobbies November games – Napoleonics, WAB, and FOW

Under the direction and excellent organization of Adam H., another Aero hobbies (Santa Monica CA) game day has come and gone. With several events planned, even the rainy day didn’t prevent active gamers from their appointed dice rolling.

Game presentations: WR’s 25mm /28mm Napoleonic game representing a 1805 Elchingen like action, a 28mm WAB Siege and Conquest game (storming the old french castle), and a 15mm FOW desert battle. Three different game write ups given below.

WR’s Napoleonic game was a scenario loosely based upon the battle of Elchingen 1805. Dan brought his early Imperial French so WR rostered up a 1805 Austrian force for tabletop action.

French Lannes V corps: Two French divisions of line and legere regiments (9-10 battalions). One battery of 8lb artillery for each division. Attached light cavalry brigade of three regiments (2x hussar, 1x chasseur a cheval) and 4lb horse battery. Small reserve artillery command of 2x 12lb positional batteries.

Austrian Column under FML Riesch: 8 line regiments (8×3 btns.), 3 grenadier battalions (3×6), small hussar half regiment, my 1790’s carabinier regt for favor, 2x 6lb positional artillery, 1x cavalry batteries.

Table overview with Austrian forces deployed on the hillside (Abbey of Elchingen) and along the right side of photo.

Austrian deployment at start.

Austrian plan….hold the hillside with the abbey position, then push the French right flank with strong Austrian force.Even an Austrian can follow those orders.

Austrian massed forces on Austrian left flank await the french appearance…

French arrive. Their deployment was one command per turn….so the order of appearance was…French infantry division, French light cavalry brigade, French infantry division, reserve artillery (2x 12lb) if required. First French division arrives below. Two legere and two-line regiments with their 8lb battery. Continue reading

Aero Hobbies Game Day: French vs. Russian Napoleonics

Early in June, WR travelled to Adam’s Aero Hobbies (Santa Monica CA) Game day for a pick up massed cavalry game of 25/28mm Napoleonics.

Forces involved: French infantry and Saxon cavalry from the collection of Dan. Russians, the French cavalry, and terrain from the collection of WR. Table size 6×4 feet. Check out the Nap TV tab for details on rules used.

French Army: French infantry Division, French reserve cavalry (1x cuirassier and dragoon Divisions) and a light cavalry Division….in short…massed cavalry faced off by the Russians.

Russian Army: Russians had a Russian infantry Division, a kuirassier Division, a dragoon & light cavalry Division along with the cossacks.

Game start setup….Russians on left, French on right side of photo. This game was going to be fast paced with all the cavalry present.Turn #1 completed. Both sides had surged forward towards their opposite number. Infantry along the center road, heavy cavalry at top of photo and light cavalry in foreground. Russians draw 1st blood on Saxon hussar regiment. Continue reading